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Raise the Red, White, and Blue…And the Contradiction of ‘Easy Days’

Happy Memorial Day!! Okay, it’s a little late in the day but I can still yell it out there! Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday, maybe getting a little BBQ action, a little pool party, some nice food grubbing. If … Continue reading


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Gurgly Guts and Aussies

Fair warning, this post may be a little bit gross and hopefully not TMI. So if you don’t want to read about gurgly guts, complaining intestines, or tummy woes while running then turn back now. If you’re still reading this … Continue reading


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Kicking Core Work and Saturfarts

Hope you are having a happy Saturday so far! For those people who are chained to a school schedule I know some are out for the year (my little sis has already dived headlong into summer break!), some are still … Continue reading


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Insanity By Way of Twinkies and HATING Short Intervals

Last night I watched a funny movie from the 90′s called ‘Trial and Error,’ I’m a cheap-o and was trolling through the free movies section available from Comcast and figured I’d give it a shot. It had Jeff Daniels, Micheal … Continue reading


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My Name is Cait…I Have a Problem…I’ve Become Addicted…

Sooo, I think it’s safe to say I’ve become addicted. Constantly pushing the refresh button in case there are new updates. New pictures of people going about their lives, sharing what they ate for lunch, what random thoughts are trolling … Continue reading


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One Hungry Boston Terrier and Caving to Peer Pressure

Whoa baby…I’ve gotten a little headachy thanks to working with that blasted Sharpie. No, I wasn’t trying to be the ‘cool’ kid in 4th grade who thinks that the awesome thing to do in arts and crafts is to attempt … Continue reading


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Flashback! Living Like a Kid

Hello there! Well, today when I got up I felt a little out of sorts. I always have really vivid dreams and I also have this crazy sleep problem where I wake up literally every 90 minutes or so in … Continue reading


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Mondays are for Birthdays and Running Workouts…the Perfect Combo, Right?!

So what have I learned on this fine Monday so far? 1) All that excitement about seeing a peek of sunshine on Saturday apparently scared it back into hiding. 2) Doing a hard workout on the treadmill is made all … Continue reading


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Clumsiness is a Curse and SatuRACEs

That was what I looked like last night. Well, not necessarily the ‘roided out Hulkette look, but in my mind that was me. There are a few times that you want to shake your fists at the heavens above and … Continue reading


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Our Second Superhero and It’s Friday, Baby!

Yay it’s Friday! AND the sun is shining. I must say it’s nice to wake up and see some rays of light poking out through those blinds. I’m also really stoked that with the warmer weather I can really stick … Continue reading


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