Check Out My Trash Bag and Altitude Running

So it turns out a nice little form of cross-training is to fall on the pavement like a dork…who knew?! Just kidding, it’s just that my stupid arms are sore and it feels like I was hefting around some dumbbells. Funny how a millisecond of impact can put a weight workout to shame.

Speaking of, today I did my usual recovery/easy run of 8 miles and change followed by my core and abs routine. I on was on the treadmill today, okay Oregon is worst than a menopausal woman when it comes to it’s weather. Yesterday was beautiful out there, dare I even say warm, and today it’s rainy and gross.

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Please, A Standing Round of Applause for Klutz of the Year

Sorry for being so late to the post today! I always do my best to be a positive person but today really was a bit stinky. Started off pretty good, I’ve got another blog I’m really loving, Shut Up and Run, as if the name alone wasn’t good enough reason to pull me in right?!?!

But this morning was a really great post about doing something that scares you. As I read it, I knew there was something that I’ve been putting off, saying I’ll do it tomorrow. But tomorrow really never came. It’s getting off the d*** treadmill and running outside again. Ever since my car accident I’ve never really gotten back to the ‘old me’ in that sense.

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Stretch or Become a Tight@$$ Like Me

Okay I’m going to have to try and keep this one short today. Why? Procrastination. Yup, I’m the queen of it, but I will say I NEVER miss a deadline and in fact with work type things I tend to be early. I also say I work the best under pressure, I guess forced productivity and all. But this time I’ve procrastinated in getting the whole Father’s Day things in order and two days after that is my bro’s birthday so I’ve got to get cracking on things.

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A Raging Anti-Smokite And Entering Freakdom

What sound did I wake up to today? Alarm clock? No. Birds harmoniously chirping? No. My cat licking himself incessantly, that sort of constant slurp slurp that while I love my cat really grosses me out? No. It was the hacking of my neighbor…think a phlegm coated throat, trying to work up a loogie but nothing is quite coming up, oh wait, there it comes!

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Random Seinfeld Conspiracy and Cross-training Workouts

So I kept seeing this commercial and something about it has been bugging me. This has been going on for days! You know that feeling when you recognize someone but you don’t know exactly from where? Well, this also happens to me when I recognize an actor on TV, not the big name actors though. I’m talking about the ones who have the one time appearances on a show, they sort of drift around in the background of the usual sitcoms like the leftovers passed from one table to the next.

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Negative Splits Rule or it Might Get Ug-LY

Up and at ’em early today. Got up and put in my easy 8 and change on the tread this morning. Sundays kind of stink TV wise so it was Nick at Nite (bleeding over into Nick Early Morn would be more correct) and Family Matters was on. I’ve never been a huge Urkel fan myself, and when he was on TGIF I put up with the half hour block but looked forward to the Full Houses and Step-by-Steps on later.

Finished up with abs and core work and on with the day! Yesterday I noted how there are tons of races going on now that summer’s here; for some these are their first races and for others it’s their bizzillionth. Newer runners often ask for tips before their first races, or perhaps they’ve raced shorter distances but are now signing up for the longer ones. I think one of the biggest lessons that most of us have learned the hard way is this: DO NOT GO OUT TOO FAST!!

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I’m Clearly Making a Fool of Myself and Saturday at the Races

Wow, so today I had the incredible urge to really push the limits of my dorkdom. I may have reached an all-time high, and to be quite honest I’m still a little on the fence about just how much I will actually show. Time will tell.

What am I babbling on about? Well, I’ve made a few little videos that might loosely qualify as humorous. I’ll call them workout video spoofs. I made four in total, each one more heinously embarrassing for me than the last. I decided to post this one, probably the one I’m the least shy about, and figured that if nothing else it might offer a couple haha’s for some folks on this fine Saturday morning. So I hope you enjoy. 😛

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A Cheeky Debate – To Bun or Not to Bun…

Do you bun? I’m talking about bunhuggers of course! Okay, so two things got me thinking about his post. First, over on Emma’s blog she had announced that for the first time ever she had worn only a sports bra while working out. The second thing was a few days ago Katy (darn girl, I’m bringing you up like crazy, I hope this isn’t coming across as creeper/obsessedo! haha) commented on one of my pages about how the kids she coached would DIE if they had to wear the uniforms my high school team was wearing.

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