To Yogurtopia We Go — Part III where all things get tied up in a nice little, sugary licorice bow

*****Here is the ending to our fine fairy tale, but in case you need to be caught up, check out Part I and Part II, there are also some pictures of our lovely ladies that even if you’ve seen already are still worth a second glance at…unless of course you’re some pervy old man. ;)

Cait was about to go on and list the rest of the array of flavors when suddenly from the top of the peanut butter flavored yogurt serving vat sprang up a person!

“What is the…?!” Vanessa couldn’t even finish her thought on that one.

“Hey there, Julie!” Cait nonchalantly greeted the woman licking peanut butter fro-yo off her…well, everywhere. Apparently this was just business as usual at Yogurtopia.

peanut butter fingers julie

“Thanks for letting me take a dip, I think I’ve just about satisfied my craving,” Peanut Butter Fingers Julie replied, a big smile on her face. Amazingly her hair had somehow managed to avoid getting fro-yo-fied and fell in loose waves around her shoulders; the runners also noticed that PB Julie certainly had some wicked fashion sense.

“I’ve gotta check out what kind of shoes that girl’s wearing,” Katy muttered under her breath, for only a split second distracted from the Biebs, but just as fast turned her attention right back to him.

katy and the biebs

“I have the peanut butter chips and chocolate chips on hand if you’d like me to toss a few in?” Cait continued addressing Julie.

“I think I’m good, for now,” Julie had emerged and worked her way to the counter and group of runners. “Hi, I’m Julie, nice to meet you all!”

“Hey,” SkinnyRunner was the first to speak, “I like your dress.”

“Thanks a bunch,” Julie replied and then from out of the chocolate fro-yo vat a dog suddenly popped up, leaped out of the vat and in a second was at Julie’s side licking the sweet treat from the tip of it’s nose. “And this is Sadie! I promised her a walk, so I’ve got to get going, but it’s been great meeting you all!” Julie smiled and with that the pair walked out of Yougurtopia.

“She’s a regular,” Cait turned back to the runners. “Don’t worry, we take care of our vats so that you can always take a hop into them if your bowls just aren’t quite big enough. Feel free to let me know if any of you would like jump in.”

“Ya I would, but I wouldn’t be so hip on all those freaking calories,” SkinnyRunner said what all of them were thinking.

“Oh, don’t even worry about any of that, all the calories in everything here have been sucked out. Actually, this stuff is all Leanne Rimes has been eating lately,” Cait answered back.

“Where do all the calories go?” Julia asked the obvious.

“Well, it varies,” Cait explained, “we have a calorie shunt that sucks them out, but they do have to go somewhere so we pick a ‘worthy’ person to donate them too. Right now we’ve managed to wrangle up Bentley…”

“THE Bentley from The Bachelorette?!” Margs shouted in most apparent glee. Actually, all of the women smiled at that and even Riley barked in approval.

“The one and only,” Cait smiled back. “We have our guests nominate people they feel are worthy calorie recipients and then everyone votes on them. Over there behind the bus we have the ballots, so be sure to cast your votes for the next candidate on your way out.”

“So can I board the mix-in bus now?” Hungry Runner Girl asked, unable to wait a moment longer…mix-in’s were of course her favorite.

“You got it! Load those bowls up and let me know if there is anything else I can do for you. The bus really has anything in the world you can imagine, so pop over to the spigots, fill up on the fro-yo and get to scooping!” Cait could barely finish before all runners were off in fro-yo fueled mayhem.
julia and riley

By the time they were done the yogurt spigots had been through a beating, the mix-in bus abused, and everything inside Yogurtopia was bathed in excitement. “I can tell you that’s the best bus I’ve even been on, and that’s saying a lot, I’ve accompanied students on plenty of field trips,” Hungry Runner Girl professed as they all collected around one of the tables.

“So you finally decided to join us?” Christina asked as Katy took a seat to her right.

“Well, he said something about Selena not being all too thrilled having to finish up her fro-yo with me sitting on her boyfriend’s lap,” Katy replied with more than a hint of disappointment in her voice. “They also had to go because he’s got a concert to get ready for…but look who scored tickets…this girl!!”

“Do you guys mind if I take a seat?” from behind the runners a sweet voice rang. “My name is Emma, I hope it’s okay, but since I take it you guys are big running fans, I’d love to meet you.”
sweet tooth runner emma

“But of course!” Vanessa warmly greeted, some of that Southern Georgia charm obviously rubbing off on her.

“Thanks,” Emma smiled and took a seat. “Is this your guys’ first time to Yogurtopia? It’s mine, I live in another kingdom but I’m seriously considering on moving! This place is like heaven!”

“Ya it is,” Margs agreed between bites.

“I’m glad it’s all you could imagine,” Christina replied with a shy grin on her face, “it’s what I dreamed up, and I’m happy you like The Athletarian Kingdom so much.”

“Wait, are you the princess?” Emma exclaimed.

“Ya she is!” Katy touted.

“I also hear you’ve got an obsession with oats, is that true?” Emma’s excited raised up another couple of notches if that was possible.

“Oh, Oatmania, I went there yesterday for breakfast!” Christina returned and then continued, “and lunch…and maybe a snack too.” She finished with a laugh.

“I’m obsessed with my oats too!” Emma shouted before raising a shovel-sized-spoon to her lips. After a lick she went on, “There’s no better way to refuel after putting Betty through a beating…”

“Betty through a beating?” SkinnyRunner asked a little alarmed.

“Oh, Betty,” Emma laughed, “that’s the name of my treadmill, sorry, I should have clarified that one!”

“Gotcha,” SkinnyRunner said before getting up to visit the mix-in bus again.

“The only day I don’t eat oats for breakfast is on Sundays when I have pancakes. But even then I usually work a serving or two, or three in during the rest of the day,” explained Emma.

And so, our band of runners had made it to Yogurtopia and we leave them to polish off whatever they can fit into their bellies. And after SkinnyRunner’s report of 16.83 miles that certainly calls for plenty of fro-yo and mix-ins! We’ll leave them to their treats, but as we do we will catch one last glimpse of each fabulous character in our story.
the faster bunny margs

Margs laughing just a wee bit maliciously as she stands in front of the now morbidly, overly-obese Bentley tied to a pole. As she spoons more fro-yo into her mouth she watches his ever-expanding waistline get bigger and bigger.

SkinnyRunner, upon her trip to the mix-in bus, met up with Leanne where she told her that if there was ever someone who should be sporting a SkinnyRunner shirt it would be her waifish self. Leanne agreed, forked over the dough, and joined the masses of other runners donning said shirts.

Julia made her way to the chocolate spigot where Riley had been furiously licking since they’d gotten there. She pet the little guy on the head and sat down next to him to eat the rest of her fro-yo. She pulled out her phone and between bites decided this place was just too good of a place for her sister, Jenn, to miss out on. Never fear, Jenn would come running right away and be there shortly.

Katy caught up on eating the amount of fro-yo that she missed out on thanks to her Bieber distraction, doing so only while staring fixidly at the tickets in front of her. A bit of fro-yo happened to land unnoticed on her shirt but it hardly broke her gaze; still, she looked as fashionably glamorous as always. Later, when she did realize the drop she thought to herself that maybe it would then give her the perfect excuse to just ask Justin for his shirt.
gourmet runner vanessa

Vanessa’s stove woes had long ago drifted from her mind. She relished every spoonful of fro-yo and decided that her house hadn’t yet been perfect, but she knew exactly how to take care of that. She’d merely ask Cait for an extra fro-yo spigot and some mix-in bins…she had a spare room that had yet to be furnished, and who really needed another guest bedroom?

Hungry Runner Girl had been able to put away the most mix-in’s, even making up a new ideal ratio of mix-in’s to fro-yo in her head. This would be posted later on her blog as well as the new record number of Swedish Fish consumed. Her husband Billy would be proud, the doctors just as proud that she was able to someone manage to avoid a sugar induced coma. No doubt it was due to years of building up a tolerance.

Christina of course welcomed the newest member to her Kingdom. She thought back fondly of Dream…err, Dean at the palace and decided that perhaps after she got back they would go to the park. No one was ever too old to enjoy a swing on the swings! Maybe she’d challenge him to a push-up contest, she’d been getting crazy strong these days and been busting them out like a champ.

Emma was just as excited to join The Athletarain Kingdom and was already making plans to have Betty shipped out ASAP. She made Christina promise to take her to Oatsmania first thing in the morning, of course she also made her promise the two would go on a run together. Come Sunday Emma would cook everyone chocolate chip pancakes…don’t worry, they’d be vegan. :)

Peanut Butter Fingers Julie had taken Sadie on that nice, long walk. They actually made their way to the lake and noticed the oven halfway in and out of the water. Julie smiled as it seemed that some baby swans had decided to make a jungle gym out of the evil appliance. Julie also grinned because the sight of the oven suddenly inspired her with the perfect dinner recipe she’d fix that night. Said dinner would of course be written up, photographed, and documented so all could enjoy. Sadie barked.

Cait, well, Cait was just happy she could spend yet another day in Yogurtpia. She always loved seeing who would stop by. Today was especially nice though, and she hoped all of these fine ladies would stop by again soon.

Thank you for getting your fill at the one and only Yogurtopia.

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A Horse Doesn’t Need Internet, But I Do!!

Holy sweet baby Moses!! Okay, first off, I need to come up with a new better phrase to express extreme frustration or on the flip side over the top excitement. I’ve gone through phases of ‘holy cow,’ ‘holy moley,’ and I even did the ‘holy moley cow’ bit, all equally as granny panties. So I’m up for suggestions here, what do you people catch yourself saying?

yodeler on yak

Okay, she's on a yak not a horse, but close enough...

Before my wild tangent ride there, the reason for this exclamation is because of extreme and utter frustration. The place that I am renting at is in Loomis, CA and is about as ‘in the sticks’ as I’ve ever lived. *Hold for people who live in true rural areas and farm houses to laugh and sneer.* But for a girl who has been a suburbanite all her life I had no idea that you just can’t get a ‘real’ internet connection when you have neighbors that are horses…this is KILLING ME!!!

I’ve talked to the humatoid neighbors and they just seem to deal with it…ummm, that’s not an option. Is it insane to say that I’d never move to a place permanently like this because of internet access alone? I’m about to go AWOL after two weeks! Well, I don’t feel too bad because when I was talking with one of my really good friends (He’s into Halo big time) he said there was, “No freaking way I’d be there.”

So I’m camped out at a Barnes and Noble mooching off of their free Wi-Fi. Thank you. :) Do I feel sorta bad that at the table I’m sitting at there is a sign that reads: “For the courtesy and convenience of all our guests; This seating is intended for customers who have purchased food and beverages in our cafe.” I would feel bad, but there is a grammatical error there that makes me feel sort of less guilty. Mwahaha.

So Happy Hump Day to all. I need to express also my ongoing apologies for being lame-o in my commenting and blog reading action…it’s because I’m living sicks style and can’t get a flipping page to load on my computer so I’m firing on about .000000001 cylinders and will try to cram in as much as I can at B&N’s while I can.

froyo princess

In non-internet related news I am giving you my promise that the final chapter in the Yogurtopia Fairy Tale will go up soon. A forewarning it’ll be a long post but I want to get the full story up and ‘read’ for you. Last night I inked out all the final illustrations and will colorize ASAP.

We haven’t had any running talk yet, that’s crazy, so I’ll correct that now. Yesterday I did another moderate style run and today was yet another tour of duty on the treaddy. 9 miles put in, am I getting a little predictable? Now, I was alerted to this race first by Margs, but it came up again on Sunday: this January is the inaugural Tinkerbell Half Marathon at D-Land and for anyone who has seen the insane amount of Tink things I posses would tell you I love me my Tink! Well, I found out that the Nappy Mamma and Pappa (PS-these are my adopted family…I liked them so much I smuggled my way into their crew, I double dip like that.) are both heading down and will take part (there is the Lost Boys 5k the Fri before the Tink race for the fellas), and Mamma Nappy is urging me to take part.

Brace yourself here folks, she told me the cost of entry for just the Tink race alone is something like $120 and maybe more!!! Hold the pintos and beans, say what?!?! I haven’t raced in an eternity, but where in the heck do race directors get off charging so much?! It gets worse, there are ‘deal’ packages to race both the 5k and half which will grant you access for half a day to the park, and that is over $200.

hot dawg!

"Hot dawg that's way too much for a race fee!" It's a stretch, but bear with me...

So, wow, I would love to find any reason to head to D-Land but maybe I should promise them my first born…the joke is on them because I’m not gonna be popping out any kids. But my resolve is waning, I do love Tink and all things Disney, my birthday is in Jan…so who the heck knows. Maybe I’ll find a Lost Boy to smuggle me into the race.


Two quick shouts! If you’ve downloaded, used, or are using any kind of running/workout apps, techie devices, iPod workout syncing thingy, please share you’re thoughts…you’d be helping me out with an article. :)

AND…I still want those ugly running shots…I’ve only gotten a few brave souls, so c’mon peeps! ;)


1) Would you, could you live without internet?
I’ve talked about this before, and it turns out I brought it on myself by tempting fate. I can’t live without internet, what am I to do?!

2) Can you catch the grammo-wacko mistake from the Barnes and Noble sign?

3) What in the world is up with race fees, is that the norm, or is more because it’s Disney and all that jazz?

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Sandy Pants, Racing for Your Cookies, and Techie Apps

And we’ve worked our way back to a Monday! Well, sorry for being a bit lame with the posts the past two days and I’ll catch you up to speed. Nothing too crazy exciting to report for Saturday, so I’ll use this as a chance to follow up on my mom’s bird story and share a picture of my lovely sis having fun at the lake up in Twain Harte.


Sis and BF at the lake

First off cute pic…oooh, and awww time. PS-she’s with her boyfriend.

hawaii 2007

The sun...oh how it burns my eyes out

Actually, right about now I’ll use this as a chance to throw up another beach picture (wow, I wish I were at the beach right now!) but this one is from Hawaii back in 2007 I think. That little guy in the front is my youngest bro and he’s doing that ‘hang loose’ sign with his hands not trying to flash some rando gang sign. I’m the one on the far, top right looking like the sun is about ready to burn out my retinas…that’s because it was and my mom was on about take 50 of this photo.

On to the bird story…now, I warn you animal lovers that this one is not a happy ending type thing so you might just want to skip this paragraph. Anyways, the drive between Gramp’s house and my family’s house is about 2 hours and it’s through the woodsy, curvy NorCal district. Well, my mom and bro drove back from their trip later at night and when they got home they just ate and went to bed. The next day my mom went out to run some errands and there was a note pasted to her window shield that read, “You got a dead bird stuck in your car grill :)” (see picture below) Yes, somehow a poor birdie was hit by the car and wound up stuck on the car for probably about 12 hours…how did no one smell that? My dad had to tackle clean up duties for that one. I want to say that I’m NOT saying the actual event is funny, in fact sad for the birdier, but what I found comical was the fact that my mom totally didn’t notice it and had to have some stranger alert her to this nasty display going on on the front of her car…with a smiley at the end no less. I also laugh because it’s something that would totally happen to me. I’ll spare you any visual of said bird.

bird note

Bird note

Sunday night was SUPER fun because I paid a visit to one of my all favorite families…I’ll tell you they wind in a very close second. ;) I actually have begged my way into being a floater adoptee child, thankfully they didn’t turn me away at the door. Mamma Nappy is actually the one for who I made up the little Cookie Race design for the day when she hosts her own race.

Cookie Race

Today I got in my tready run, just over 9 miles, hit the core and abs and got nice and sweaty. Now, I have something that I’d like some of your thoughts on. I got to thinking about how the whole social media and digital world has effected fitness, running, and training. There are a plethora of downloadable apps, online training coaches and trackers, iPod workouts, and even Facebook running apps. Not to mention the little sidebar widgets I see on many blogs announcing the latest workouts completed and all that fun stuff.

Now these apps run the gambit, those that can act as GPS trackers for pace, speed, distance, calories burned, the works, but there are also those that tout the ability to actually coach you to a faster PR. So what I’m curious about it just how reliable and for lack of a better term, good, are these things? As with everything you have to consider the source, and certainly some apps are better than others, but I was hoping to hear from anyone who’s used some of these things to share your experiences. I think that some of the apps for Facebook/blogs/etc where you can post your most recent workouts can offer a person up some positive feedback, encouragement, and maybe even a little bragging rights. That’s cool if it keeps them motivated to stick to their training and get er done. I’ve never downloaded one of those iPod workouts, with music and encouragement while you’re on the treadmill or elliptical, I wonder if hearing Jillian Michaels shout at me would be a kick in the tush to work harder or be just plain annoying.

Let’s hear the good, the bad, the ugly, and the cool things you’ve found in all things apps/widget/downloadable! I want to sort of revisit this whole online coaching thing later in another post, so stay tuned as I’ll be wanting to hear from any of you who have done/taken advantage of any sort of online coaching. :) PS-these are all things that I’m writing an article about, so I could really use and would REALLY love any and all kinds of feedback!

Well, that’s that for now. I hope your week is off to a great start!

1) How do you handle sand getting everywhere at the beach?

Not gonna lie, I really don’t like feeling nitty gritty for days after I go to the beach, but I really don’t think there is any way to avoid it. That and a nice butt full of sandypants.

2) Have you ever hit anything (that was living) while driving? If so how did you react?

I’m SO thankful I’ve never (to my knowledge) hit anything, but if I did I think the guilt would just about eat me alive. My aunt once hit an armadillo while in Texas and she swore she had nightmares of its little beady eyes staring back at her.

3) Have you used any of these apps or techie things, if so, which ones? What are you experiences with some of them?

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Errand Friday, Old People Lovin’, and I Seem to be Lucky!

Did you think I forgot about my blog today? Like I was going to just not post? Well, if you were hoping for a break from me then I’m sorry to disappoint…and now I’m hoping that I can barely squeak in here before midnight and thus miss Friday! Hehe.

I have a few things that I’ve got rolling around in my head that I didn’t want to forget to put down, but before that, I have to explain my tardiness. I just got back from hanging out the parental’s house, before that hit up my Costco/Winco food supply tour of duty, and prior to that I was showing my treadmill some love. I’m now uber hungry, have foodage cooking up as I type, so will need to keep this short, so here goes.

Happy dancing

Thanks Christina! :)

FIRST thing, I have to say I was more than surprised when I was greeted with a lovely Tweet from our fav fro-yo Princess Christina, saying that I won her contest!! Woot woot! I’m mostly surprised because when it comes to luck in these types of things I usually wind up with nil. So thank you very much random generator (I’ll pretend the real reason was because I’m just so cool like that) and I’m excited to be sporting my new Road ID band. :) Once again, thanks to my one of my all-time fav vegans with an insane amount of energy and workout stamina!!


That's usualy my amount of luck.

Next thing, treadmill run today…wow, to coin a phrase from Katy, this one was a major gut rot day. I won’t tread the fine line between TMI and not, but I’ll just say that every mile felt much longer and I got an extra booty workout with some butt clenches.

I wanted to do another medium effort run like I did on Wednesday, and I am mostly proud that I made it all the way through the 6 miles medium without having to take a run to the loo. I HATE having to pause the treadmill, but got er did, and hopped back on to finish off the rest of the run. Came in at 9.8 miles, did arm weights, then had some dog sitting duties to fulfill.

On to Costco and Winco, nothing too enthralling to report except that for now my replacement for my beloved blueberry english muffins are going to have to be cinnamon raisin ones. Never the same, but is a Toaster Pastry sometimes all we can get in lieu of a Pop-Tart?

As for the fam, my mom and little bro came back from a trip they took up to visit my gramps. Gramps lives in Twain Harte and it’s in NorCal, there is a golf course for him and the thing to do is hang out at the lake. My little sis is still up there with a few other friends, but I got to hear some dish from the mommy-o and little Wes.

ageless woman

That's right, Mommy-O! :)

Funny how since everyone up there is working on 80 my mom comes back feeling about 30 years younger, nothing like a free option to a time machine and tons of plastic surgery to lift a girl’s spirits. After visiting, I keep surprising myself with new reasons to be so happy to live close to my ‘old house.’

*Being able to mooch off of their DVD supply. Before my dad got to downloading and burning nearly any and all movies and shows from the computer (FYI- he’s in some kind of select club or whatnot that he joined, it’s not the illegal stuff, so don’t send the troops in on him) they were into buying all the new releases. Cheapy me now gets to take advantage.

*I also have been able to borrow my sis’s car while she’s out of town…and since she’s staying longer I’ve got wheels for an extra day until I buy one!! No worries, I’m of course paying her for gas. Also, isn’t it fun to check out what other people listen to in their car, the CD’s they’ve got and such…you know you do it.

*I can steal stories from them and post them here. I’ve said I’m boring too many times to count so now I can just swipe from them. I could do the sketch thing and just pretend it happened to me, I mean who would really know, right, but I’m an honest girl and the guilt would eat away at me. Anyways, after a while you’d notice the sharp spike in the entertainment value and start to question any of the validity…I won’t lie, that’s how I roll. (PS-do I have a doosie one from my mom…let’s just say a dead bird, swirly girl written note, and my dad with a trash bag.)

old woman with depends

No, my grandpa doesn't actually have a walker...but I'm sure some of his friends do.

*Juicy family gossip. We all have it, who doesn’t love it? Gramps, my grandma died a few years back, is now seeing a ‘new lady friend’…how cute is love with walkers and depends?!?

*More pix to steal. I don’t take many pix of myself, everyone else in bloggyworld does, so I feel like the loser at the uncool lunch table. Now I can at least promise you’ll be seeing more pictures of the people around me…I may or may not sneak in there. I also may or may not try to pretend my sister (or heck, even my mom) is me.

Wow, okay, so much for keeping it short. Again, the blog/site is still being worked on. The internet here at my new place SUCKS and is spotty, and if it works it is uber slow…hence my less than desired amount of commenting and blog trolling. I’m working on it though. Nighty Nite!

1) Funniest knock-off brand item you’ve seen?

I think the restaurant I saw in Podunk, CO takes it with Dairy King. They even had the same DQ style headerboard…I mean who are they trying to fool here?

2) Best thing about bulk style stores?

Prices, duh, but the fact that they carry some random things too. I saw a foldable mountain bike in there today.

3) If you lived (or if you do live) close to any of your family, is there something you always swipe from them? We’ll call it borrowing just so we don’t feel too bad about it.

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If I Can Move From Blogger to Self-Hosted WordPress a Deaf, Blind, Mute Naked Mole Rat Can

Yes, I’ve done it, I’ve officially switched to WordPressand I’m happy about it. No lost love amongst my Blogger buddies, though, I think the tipping point was really the whole personal comment reply issues that I’ve been having with Blogger. That and I kept hearing that they were deleting some of the comments readers were trying to post…and I will have NONE of that!!

That's kicking Blogger in the face.

Trust me, I know how frustrating it is to type out a whole message and have it deleted, I’m probably still the only person on the planet with a Hotmail account and I’ve been in the position of cursing the heck out of my computer when I lose a long email that I spent FOREVER typing. But I digress…here’s the story:
I’ve actually owned my own little domain name for quite a while, I was using it though as more of an art portfolio type thing for my freelancing. Well, the more I thought about it I figured that I might as well just combine all that I was doing into one spot. My reasoning was that I display lots of my work within my posts anyways and I can still have a separate page dedicated solely to more of my samples.

It would also make keeping up on both the site and blog easier, I was slacking on updating the website so I hoped that by combing them it would give me a kick in the rear to spruce it up. Now I hesitated because I’m not the most tech savvy person around, and even that is being generous. I get excited about the most ridiculously easy HTML coding things that I can muster so I assumed a blog move would be torturous…and I’m way too cheapo to pay someone to do it.

Then, Crazy Running Legs (If you might remember, not too long ago I just awarded her the One Lovely Blog Award!) did an awesome post about how switching over from Blogger to WordPress was NOT as difficult as I had built it up to be in my mind. (Isn’t that the case with so many other things in life?!) Now she moved blog platforms and isn’t self-hosted (that was what I was doing) but in her post she directed me to plenty of other places that had step-by-step directions on how to do it. I ended up at Katy’s blog and I got to reading and if anyone is interested, here is what I did:

*I had already owned the domain name and was self-hosted over at I’m not doing some paid advertisement here or getting any what’s what for referring things, but I went to HostGator. I had signed up for the Baby Gator account…I got some deal at the time and it was $23 to start and $10 to get the domain name. Now I pay $10 a month and that’s it.

*I had WordPress installed to the site, I admit that was done over a year ago and by a friend of mine who was helping me out, but I looked at HostGator and there is a little icon that says: ‘QuickInstall WordPress to Site’ so I’m thinking it can’t be too insanely difficult.

*I’d already been using the WordPress (albeit sporadically) account but for my art, so it was a matter of then importing all of my Blogger content to WordPress. I was walked through most of that here:

Fit Blogger’s Guide – The Ultimate Blogger to Self-Hosted WordPress Transition Guide
This is AWESOME and not only with written directions, but scroll to the bottom and lots of the steps are on video too. I followed this single post up until Step number 4 (I struggled for a time with the whole FTP client thing…again I’m lame, but FileZilla was pretty easy to work with.) I’m also thinking that you probably don’t need to do the Step 3 in the first link because I think that is taken care of by the next one I’ll give you, I did it but I think it’s probably not necessary.

flexing muscles

Is it okay to feel like a Superwoman for doing minimal tech stuff??

But for the part about redirecting Blogger traffic to your new site I actually found it easier to just do what was explained here:

ExaBytes – How to Move Blogger to Self-Hosted WordPress
and skip down to their way to do it. With this you only have a small bit of HTML to insert into your Blogger template, I was sort of scared to delete the entire HTML thing like the first link said, I’m sure it would be fine but I was just hesitant and I’ll tell you why.

When you import your Blogger blog to WordPress it will import posts and comments on posts, but it will NOT import any Pages or Page comments that you create. That is something that is in the newer versions of Blogger and at least from all of my searches and asking around there has yet to be a way to move those over easily. What I’ve done is just copied all of the HTML of the pages I made and pasted them into separate WordPress pages. The bummer is that the images of course won’t work and it will just be a matter of re-uploading those…annoying but it is what it is.

So the reason I was iffy on deleting all HTML code and also reverting it back to Classic Template in Blogger is because I didn’t know if it would delete my pages too. Of course I had them saved on a word document but you know me, I still didn’t want them poof and gone.

Finally, I finished up reading the second link about checking the slugs, but to be honest I checked the top of my posts and saw that they were already reading correctly as-is so I didn’t change anything. Maybe I’m wrong but it looked fine to me.

So I jumped back to the first link and read the part about Feeds, watched some more of the videos and that’s it. You can scroll to the way bottom and see I was the dork who posted the comment about the missing Blogger Pages! :)

Still, I have things to work out and trust me that will probably be slow going…the reason I went with Blogger to begin with was that I’m familiar with it! So bear with me…oh, and I’m bummed I guess I ‘lost’ my followers, does WordPress not have something like that? I feel like I just blew off the only kids on the playground who were willing to admit to being my friend.

birthday cake

You're invited to my WordPress welcome home party...can't promise it'll be all that great though.

Enough tech talk…I’m sick of it, but I’m also talk/typed out!! Haha. So I’ll just spurt out that I did my 9.2 miler on the tread, I’m super stoked because my dad ROCKS and is currently getting me am amazing array of shows and movies that you awesome readers suggested, and hopefully soon I’ll be working my way through all of those mile by mile…on ‘As the Treadmill Turns.’ It was also a core and abs day…and yes, Julia, really all I should have done was sit on that big red ball, I mean that is the REAL way to get a six-pack. ;)
I STILL want those ugly running shots, I’ve gotten a few brave souls but don’t make me start going all paparazzi on you guys!! ;)
1) Lets have a blogger smack-down (does anyone remember that show Celebrity Death Match?) are you a Blogger or WordPresser?
2) Does HTML and all that jazz freak you out, and do you get proportionately way too proud of yourself whenever you do something in that arena?
3) What was one of your favorite toys as a child?
I had a PeeWee Herman doll that talked when you pulled the string…I seriously want to find that thing!!!

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Bye-bye Blogger Update!!

So just a really quick update here, if you are wondering what in the heck is going on over here I’m in the process of kissing Blogger good-bye and doing the whole self-hosting thing. Not because I think I’m oh so important and deserve a new house of my own in cyberworld without the .blogger doormat but for other reasons that I can explain in more detail later! I only say that so you don’t think I’ve somehow let my ego get out of control…haha.

But I’m a total techie lame-o and have been doing this all on my own so it took me way longer than it should have to get to even this point, but I did it all today. And as you can see there are still plenty of kinks to work out. So if you click on any of the page tabs, you’ll see a  HTML where the pictures should be, I’m sorry, and I’m working on that. You’ll also note that if you were directed here off of my old Blogger account, but tried to click over via the old Blogger page tabs some of them won’t load…again, work in progress. But once you’re at the main site you can then navigate to the page tabs.

(I’m finding that WordPress won’t import Blogger Pages at all, I’ve looked forever but if anyone does know how to do this PLEASE email me or comment…I’d forever be in your debt!)

So PLEASE bear with me here and tomorrow I’ve got plenty of link love to share to all the people/places who helped walk me through it, and TRUST me if I can do it anyone can. Also the catalyst post that gave me the kick in the butt to try this! Did I make it much more difficult than it had to be? Yes. Will you probably be able to follow the dummie directions and accomplish the same task much faster…you can bet your bottom dollar, but I’m not out to break records here.

More tomorrow, but at least for now all of my posts, comments on posts, and pictures there are working so feel free to peruse at will!

PS-and one kicker was that I’ve HAD it with not being able to respond personally to comments because I love them! And I’ll get to the ones from today tomorrow…right now my head hurts and my eyes are blurry…AAAAND I’m hungry. :)

A Shiny Red Ball for Bouncing! (oh, and I guess abs and core too!)

So first off, thanks to those of you who entertained me with reading my little ongoing fairy tale…clearly I have nothing better to do with my time than blog troll and dream up a fantasy world revolving around running and frozen yogurt. I will post up the rest of it soon, actually I’ve gotten it all written out I just need to get my slacker butt in gear and do more illustrations, those take longer!

Okay, but in other news, if you remember my little ab routine I do, I like to do my crunches on the ball instead of doing them on the floor. Not that I have anything against laying prone on a gross gym floor (just kidding, that’s what mats and showers are for!) but on a ball you can get just a little more uumph from your crunches and work them a bit deeper.

At my new place I’ve been without a ball so it was one of the first orders of business to correct this situation. Now, cheapo me could have just gone to a Sports Authority or something but some of the prices these places have are redic…forget that noise. I just needed a ball, not any other of the related gear they try to slap into a variety pack and I don’t need a DVD or book…just give me the dang ball!

Because I have a couple gift cards to Borders AND I even had a coupon I high-tailed it over there and went to their health and fitness section. Success. I got the cheapest, most pared down box that had me my ball. Yes, it did come with a wonky DVD and book but with the total cost under $16 with my coupon, and being that I paid with a gift card I can sort of tell myself that in effect it was free. Shall we take a look-see into what this nice little book suggests I try? (PS-I feel kinda bad because a nice random lady who saw me scoop up the last ball box said to me, “Oh, I’ve got that book and DVD and love it! What are you going to do with your ball?” I had to restrain myself from saying, “Ummm…well, I don’t plan on cracking open the book and I’m gonna do my own thang with this ball!” Though I guess I lied because I did skim the book but only for kicks and giggles.)

Well, here we have the strenuous ball sit, sitting erect on the ball will work on posture and core muscles…ya, so would actual core work. The book also suggests the gentle spinal twist with you laying on the floor, knees on the ball, and then in a relaxing rocking move roll your legs from side to side…rock-a-bye-baby…and I wanted a ball to get off of the floor. Just kidding, wow, am I in a snarky mood today??! :)

Now outside of just your standard crunch on a ball here are some things that I actually DO like to do on a ball, so let’s ditch the book and do our own thang:

*Ball Roll-In: For this one you’ll actually get in a push-up position with your feet back on the ball and your arms straight, supporting you. Roll the ball in towards you, think about dragging the ball forward until your thighs/knees are under your hips and roll out.

*Supermans: Position yourself so you’re laying facing the ball with it tucked back under your pelvis, extend your legs back behind you for support. You want your shoulders over the top of the ball, hands behind your head. Start by laying on the ball and then lift up, getting your chest off the top of the ball, then lower back down. You want to feel this in your back.

*Ball Push-ups: We all know the drill here, but with a ball you can make push-ups a little tougher depending on how far back you place the ball. Ball under your knees and doing a push-up is kinda like the ‘girlie’ version, putting the ball around shin-level is getting tougher, and with the ball under your feet you can then do a decline push-up which is tougher than doing regular push-ups on the floor.

*Pelvic raise on ball: This one is part of the ab/core routine I already wrote up so go ahead and take a gander there. But it will work your bum and back.

*Reverse crunch: Lie on your back, bend at the waist, and put your lower legs up on the ball. Squeeze the ball between your hamstrings and calfs and then lift the ball up and off the ground until your lower back is also off the ground. Lower back down and repeat. You want to feel this in your lower abs.

*Side Crunches: Lest we forget this one, crunches on a ball, but instead of going just up and down crunch to the left, down, crunch to the right…yes it’s rocket science. :P

(Insert random toon I drew here. Hey, who doesn’t love some Mac ‘n Cheese loving?!)

Well, I didn’t find any of those in the book but you’re more than welcome to just sit on the ball instead…actually, bouncing up and down is REALLY fun!! In other news, I had a nice run today, I just did 9.7 on the tready but I’d call the middle 6 at a moderate type effort run…not fast enough to be deemed a tempo but it wasn’t quite an easy run either. I didn’t really aim to make it a hard workout per se but it was nice to just get the bum moving a little faster than usual.

Hope you all are having a great day!

1) Do you sometimes laugh at workout type books, DVD’s, programs, and plans if they are sort of what I’d call ‘fluffy’? Am I mean for asking this and outing myself as I guess what could be called a fitness snob? PS-by no means am I implying there aren’t hard core programs out there, but let’s face it there is a lot of this fluff stuff too!

2) Do you have some favorite ball moves? I mean I AM rocking a new $16 shiny red ball. (PS-brownie points to anyone who just had a mental picture of Peter Griffin right there.)

3) Watcha up to today? What was/is/will be your workout?

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To Yogurtopia We Go — Part II

When we last left our band of runners, they numbered in six…well six humatoids and one furry friend! They were well on their way to making it to Yogurtopia and already were salivating over thoughts of choosing their mix-ins.

“They’ll have Swedish Fish there, won’t they?” Hungry Runner Girl asked, just a hint of concern in her voice.

“Of course they will! This is my dream kingdom and being as such I wouldn’t imagine Yogurtopia any other way…don’t you worry!” Christina assured her sugar-crazed friend. “They’ve got anything you can imagine: fruits, all things chocolate, nuts if you please, peppermints for your pleasure, cereal for crunch, granola…well, you get the picture,” she finished off with a laugh.

“Awesome! Can’t wait to load that puppy up, but I’ll definitely be passing on the Whoppers,” quipped Hungry Runner Girl.

“Hey, do you mind if we stop at the lake to let Riley get a drink?” asked Julia as they neared glistening blue waters. By this point they had ventured out of the urbanscape of Athletarian Kingdom and were getting far into the country.

“What in the jank is going on over there?” SkinnyRunner exclaimed. All the harriers turned towards the direction she was pointing and low and behold there was a petite woman hucking what seemed to be an oven into the lake.

The runners all dashed towards the woman and as they neared they could make out what she was saying, “You darn thing, I waited ALL this time to get this house perfect, you included, and this is how you repay me?! I’m done with you!”

“What’s going on over here?” asked Katy.

“Oh,” this mighty pretty woman replied startled, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know anyone else was here. My name’s Vanessa, and this stove has been working my last nerve! It’s suddenly given out and I’ve waited so long, wanted my new house to be perfect, and I love cooking…and…and…”

“It’s okay,” Katy moved to embrace the obviously shaken Vanessa, “stoves can suck it. But don’t waste any more time with it, we’re off in search of a much cooler treat. We’re going to Yogurtopia, you in?”

“That would be amazing!” Vanessa instantly replied, a smile working its way to her face, “Thank you so much!” And they were off, with another member in tow and the dilapidated oven disappearing in the distance. Well, after Riley was able to get his drink that is.

“At flipping LAST!” Margs shouted as finally the glorious sight of Yogurtopia appeared before them.

“Yup, another 16.84 miles in for the day. Rolling hills, no music,” SkinnyRunner succinctly summed up the run.

“Epic,” was the only word Christina needed to say and a with that, there was a collective nodding of heads from everyone else…even the pooch.

Hungry Runner Girl was the first to break the trance, the rumble in her stomach broke the silence and she lunged for the door. The second that it opened all seven of them were bathed with the cool breeze of euphoric yogurt bliss. From there it was a stampede of feet, paws, and Garmins; they dashed to the counter and were greeted with a chipper, “Hey there, welcome to Yogurtopia, my name is Cait, what can we get you guys today?” Cait’s smile was way too big for her face and she spoke so fast it sounded like a chipmunk on crack, but she was genuinely friendly and they forgave her.

“Holy smokes, look at this place,” Margs couldn’t help but say in utter awe. There were spigots lining the walls and there wasn’t just a toppings bar but a topping bus. The bus lined the entire left side of the place, with offerings in trough sized containers under each window…the expanse of Yogurtopia was indescribable. But to these runners it was akin to a teenage boy’s fantasies of the Playboy Mansion.

“Holy sh**, it’s the freakin Biebs!” Katy screamed at a decibel level that probably only Riley’s ears could pick up. She full on rocketed towards the mini-mogul with perfect hair and nearly toppled him over.

“Umm, she’ll be getting her yogurt after she collects herself a bit,” Christina laughed.

“That’s fine,” Cait continued from behind the counter, “here at Yogurtopia you’re free to do, eat, and be as you please. How it works is I’ll give you these bowls,” she slid across the counter not bowls, but rather containers that looked like buckets with bright pink spoons that could double as shovels. “Actually, we also offer bowls that come with waffle cones inside if you please, some are dipped in chocolate and have sprinkles or nuts on them. So let me know if you’d like any of those.”

The group was in stunned silence and could only nod ‘yes’ as their answer as ginormous waffle cones were slid into the bowls. “Alright well, from there it’s pretty self explanatory. The spigots on this side dish out the yogurt, we have really every flavor you could imagine: chocolate, vanilla, choc-vanilla swirl, strawberry, mint, berry bliss, peanut butter…”

DUM-DUM-DUM….come back next time for Part III!! And more pix of our new favorite fairy tale characters! :)

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Runner Buddies Unite! We’ll kick the butt of stupid injuries and make the world a better place ;)

As per usual the day started off with this: debate about rolling over again and spending more time with my pillow (Since I’d already done that a few times I knew it was time to peel myself out of bed…lazy bones!!), swing myself over to the laptop, loaded up the emails, and then go my blog crawl on.

One of the fist posts I came across was over at The Hungry Runner Girl and Janae was talking about her current running situation…or more that because she’s coming back from another injury the lack of actual running. Trust me, the girl is still training like a champ it’s just of the cross-training variety.

But the thing is, and I myself can fully relate, as runners, even if we’re logging hours on the elliptical, bike, pool, weight room, whatever, we still feel like slackers. Heck, we could be a drippy sweaty mess and so obviously putting the work and effort in, but it just doesn’t ‘feel’ the same. It’s then really easy to get down on ourselves and sucked into that whole ‘I’ll never get back to it’ black hole.

(Injuries flipping SUCK!)

But Janae was doing the smart thing: she had her vent session (totally warranted and I think we ALL deserve those now and again, because the thing is, sometimes in life things just plain suck!!) but then she looked at things from a rational perspective and got proactive.

I tell people to have a window of letting yourself sort of ‘wallow’ in whatever the suckiness is in your life, get it all out there, but then stop. You have to purge those feelings because you can’t ignore them, but then you HAVE to cut it off because if you don’t shut that window you’ll never pull yourself out of the depressive cycle. From there you need to be as positive as possible, even to the almost-it’s-getting-annoying point.

(I hope you enjoy the little toon I have, maybe it can put a smile on your face, but feel free to pin it up and throw darts at it when the last thing you wanna see is a rainbowy unicorn trying to force you into staying positive! hehe)

I try to be a positive person about as much as I can, but trust me that’s not always easy and I’d be lying if I said it’s ALWAYS completely genuine. The thing is, I have to make myself think positive…fake it til you make it…and in this instance it’s okay to lie to yourself. Don’t worry, I won’t tell.

Going through injuries, and just bad times in life, is really tough but if you don’t try to look for the light you might not make it through. And if you do, when you come out the other end you might look like a rat that crawled through the sewers. I use humor, I make jokes about anything and everything, I still like calling myself a gimp and am thinking of having a shirt made up that reads: Kankles 4 Life!

Getting hit by the car aside, I’ve had other obstacles in my life (usually self-imposed) and shiznit, we ALL do, but as dark as it seems at that time the world goes on. The sun will always rise in the morning…not saying you won’t want to curse that sun, but it will come up regardless.

Back to my Hungry Runner Girl friend, before I continue to veer off course like mad, runners get injured. Our sport is one of the most demanding on the old bones and bod, unfortunately injuries can come up out of nowhere, they can come at the worst possible time, and they can come at you wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am-right-after-the-other. Spending weeks, months, seasons on a cross-training machine can feel like he!! and it can demoralize even the strongest of folks. Honestly, I think coming back and battling through those things are what can really make you mentally stronger AND make you all that more hungry when you finally get back.

When you have running ripped away from you, you start to appreciate it more when you do finally get it back. And you will…trust me, it might feel like forever but you will get back.

But then when you are able to run and haven’t had an injury for awhile (lordy you never want to admit that though because you feel like you’re only tempting fate!!!) you can sort of forget that and start to take those miles for granted again. So, when I read Janae’s post it was a little reminder to me too, that I still need to remember how grateful I am for being able to run. (PS-that was only after I of course was sad for my at the moment injured runner friend, and I KNOW she’ll get back to tearing it up very soon!! Hang in there, girl!)

Not that I forgot that, but just that you know how everyday life is, when you have something around all the time it’s easy to just sort of expect it to be there tomorrow. Yet a little refresher is sometimes needed and so today on my run I was really present…I really enjoyed it…and I remembered how much I worked my butt off to get back to being able to do it.

So, I hope all you out there had a great workout today, regardless of if it was a run or if you busted your bum cross-training. And TRUST me, if you are injured or cross-training, that by NO MEANS robs you of your runner status…and it also does not make you a slacker, you can seriously kick your own butt in plenty of non-running ways. :P


I still wanna see those nasty-@$ running shots I KNOW you people have out there…hehe. :) Please, don’t be shy and send some to me so I can do this fun little montage thang! ;)


1) What is your favorite cross-training method of choice?

I’m all about the elliptical. I’m like a cat and hate the water and my butt goes numb on the bike after about T-minus 30 seconds.

2) How do you stay motivated through an injury if the time seems to stretch on for ages?

I’ve done things like making picture collages that I’d put on the front of my elliptical to look at and playlists that keep things fun, but there are always times when you wake up and want to burn that elliptical or bike to the ground…just kidding. No, but the best trick for me is to take it day by day, workout by workout, and not even think about tomorrow or how much ‘longer you’re in for’ because then it does seem like it might just stretch on forever. Focus on that single workout and do the same thing tomorrow than the days have a way of slipping by.

3) What’s the first thing you do when you wake-up?

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Grunting on the Backswing and Pictures of the Snot Queen

Yesterday I met a woman and got to talking, it came up that I was a runner, “So I hear you’re a crazy, crazy runner. Like you run a crazy lot.” I laughed and told her that, “Yes, I’m crazy but not because I run a lot.”

She looked fit and trim so I asked her if she was a runner, she laughed a lot and told me that there was no way she’d run but she really liked tennis. Cool beans, I told her my Po-Po plays a lot of tennis. It then came up about the whole tennis grunting thing.

She was telling me that there is a big controversy now about people who say players should limit their grunts. My response? “What, it’s tennis, not golf or something.”

In my book, if you’re working your butt off and giving your all into your sport you probably won’t be looking pretty the whole time. Same goes if you make a noise or two. I admit if someone was running behind me and starting gorilla grunting I’d be a little peeved, that can get a little annoying, but I think the difference is that the motions and exertions are different enough between running and tennis so that if you’re on the court and you bust a big thrust, hit the ball hard…let the grunts fly.

(Warning: this is gonna soon turn into a horrible running photos post, so proceed at your own risk)

Actually, when I was younger my brother and I used to watch tennis (forced into it by Po-Po) and we’d perfect our grunts. To the woman, I sort of paralleled the tennis grunts to running. Can I have a raise of hands of people who have had really beautiful running photos taken of them?

If you’re raising your hand, you are a stinker and ruining my point. At least for me, the few running shots I’ve got fall into these categories: 1) My quad is in that awkward landing point so it makes my muscle look like it belongs on the hulk 2) the same sort of position was caught on camera but this time it’s so that my face is sort of sagging on impact, like it looks as if my flesh is sort of melting off of my face 3) for some reason I’m always fiddling with my hands or fingers and 4) facial expressions are always the best, when I look back at some of these pictures I wonder if I’m as disturbing to the crowd as I am to myself viewing the pix.

How do I manage to swing my arm across my body and make my left leg swing behind me? Bad form girl!

The thing is though, when your running, at least for me, and racing the last thing I’m thinking about it how I look. I’m trying to zone out really and, if anything, focus on keeping my form. Heck, I’m also a grossy who spits, I’m sure boogers have worked their way out if my nose is running, when it’s really hot I get this white salt all over me, I’m one hot mess. But I’d worry about that after I cross the line.

Not even enough words for this one. Yikes. PS-arm thing, total waste of energy and horrendous form

Running races hurts, especially the closer you get to the end, so I’m the first to admit it’s possible to look like total he!! and the only thing that really matters is getting to that flipping line ASAP. People bag on runners looking all crazy, wild eyes nearly all white as they dig for that final gear down the homestretch, I don’t mind agreeing that yes, it is not gonna win America’s Next Top Model, but what’s more important to me is, “Did they win?”

So ya, I love to laugh at my own horrible looking self the few times I’m caught on camera (thankfully I’m actually a vampire and so you won’t be seeing me turn up on film anytime soon) and I really don’t care that I look like shiznit…all part of the game.

Deadly triple threat: melting face, gross quad, funky arms. Don’t blame the photographers. PPS-Sorry, these pix are archaically old

Do I think we need to start strapping muzzles on and silencing these grunting tennis players? Heck no, in this instance I think it’s just natural to make a sound when you whack a ball full force. Grunt away.

That said, I think the sounds/cases of what’s acceptable behavior is different between sports and activities…the creepo ‘I think I’m the Most Macho Man Ever’ gorilla grunting at the gym is totally different…let’s put a muzzle on him!

1) What say you? Grunting in tennis, okay or not?

2) Horrible running pictures, if you send some to me, I’d love to do a little montage tribute! But regardless, what do you usually look like?

3) Do you have that grunter dude at the gym? If so, what is your stance on all that noise?


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