I’m Back and Busy Watching the Pro’s Bring Fire to the Track at World Champs

Goodness, me! Wow, sorry to have been gone for a few days there, don’t you hate it when work and life stuff gets in the way of the real important things? Blogging that is. I would say that it’s a pain in the butt should ANYTHING get in the way of running or working out, but we all know that would be a lie since there isn’t anything that I’d let get in the way of that one. 😉

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Warning: Lurker in Car Watching Runners on the Road

I had a couple funny thoughts yesterday as I was driving. I was coming up on a local community college (actually before they were stinkers and paved over it in lieu of a giant parking lot, there was a cross-country course that I probably ran the most races on during all of my entire high school school years) and as I was nearing the campus I see a looooong trail of guys running on the side of the road.

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New Friends and Things I’ve Learned About Running

So kind of a hectic Tuesday. Forget the whole song and dance about Manic Mondays. Actually, I’ve always hated the part in that song where she is singing the praises of Sundays and says, “My I don’t have to run days…” forget that noise. Yes, I’m nitpicky and if I want to hate the song just because it’s hating on running I’ll do that.

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When Garmins Turn into Gremlins and a Month of Fartleking Workouts to Refresh You Mentally

Happy Saturfarts to you all!! If anyone has raced, I expect some bragging on your fine selves below pahleeez! 🙂

My workout was…surprise…9.5 miles on the treadmill to the distraction of Freaks and Geeks on the tube, followed by core and abs today. I know, I really am such a crazy person living on the edge and you never know what my workouts will be. 😉 Again, do as I say, not as I do, I know I should mix it up more.

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The Story of Lane One…

Lane 1 was the baby of the family. Her siblings liked to remind her of this fact as often as possible, mostly because they were jealous. The story goes that when she was paved, Papa Grand Stand put a little something special into her mix. It was a golden spike that he had carried with him and saved special for his baby girl.

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What I’m Doing This Wednesday…

Happy Wednesday everyone! So I’ve noticed that tons of people take part in some kind of ‘What I…’ themed post on Wednesdays. (Why all the love to Wednesday, is there a reason this day of the week seems to get so much more attention than the rest? Jk.)

I have yet to take part in any of them for a few reasons: 1) At first I just didn’t catch on to the whole acronym thing, I started to see it popping up everywhere, and it confused me. Yes, I’m lame, but then when I did figure out what the things stood for it again took some time for it to sink in that there was a trend and not something specific to just one blogger.

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I’m a Runner So I Can Be Lazy

I’m a runner so that means I can be selectively lazy.

runner on beach

On a typical day I’ll run at least 9 miles but if I’m driving I’ll be darned if I won’t scope out the closest possible parking spot.

I will also feel no guilt if on my way home I will pull up to the curb where my mailbox is, crane out the window and get it, and then drive across the street home.

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Flies Stink and an Epic Length Post on the Benefits of Bad Races

Flies, what are their deal? They are attracted to all things refuse, decaying and dirty then at the same time feel like it’s okay to roll around in said filth and THEN come  schmoozing up on me and my food? How wrong and to coin an annoying blonde haired child, “How rude?” (Stephanie was always my least favorite Tanner.)

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Gettin Your Fight Club On – We Play by My Rules Though

Happy Friday!! I hope you all are ready to kick off a fun weekend. Things around here have felt a little too ‘seriousy’ for me, so we obviously need to inject some kind of immaturity.

I’m also sitting on the verge of a minor/not-so-minor Hulk style flip out. Why? My computer and this slow butt internet has been working my last nerve!!!!! That whole Office Space scene of them just kicking the shiznit out of that piece of equipment, I wish I could do just that.

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Summer’s Over and High Schools Need to Stop Messing Around With Our Sports Programs!

I’m typing this while coming down off of a Sharpie induced brain fog. I’ve been doing art work for the past three plus hours and because I’m still old school and draw/sketch, then ink my stuff out with actual pens, I’m blessed with pen headache.

That’s okay, I’m over it. Today was also the very first day of high school for my littlest brother!! He’s the fourth and last (by word, he better be the last at this point…haha) of the Chock kiddlets to work their way through GB High. My sister is also a Junior there now…cut to picture…

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