Fear Factor Recasting – Overcoming the Fears We Battle

Cue Joe Rogan. So I am bringing you this post as a major alert: CHECK OUT DIS CHIC CHICKPEA…do it now!! Haha, now I usually try not to bust out the all caps in multi-word format that often because it is annoying, but Amy over there posted a poem she wrote that really is too amazing to ignore.

It’s about fear. It is ever-present but needs to be pushed out of our lives. She really puts it best, but it also got me thinking about fear and so now, as always, I can’t just shush-up and will ramble on with my two cents.

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In a Galaxy Far, Far Away I Picked Up Some Racing Tips

Okay, I sort of feel wonky about doing this post because it’s been about a zillion years since I last actually raced. But I was talking with some friends of mine and the whole subject of race tactics and such came up. That, and I know that a lot of my bloggy friends have big races coming up or they are training for, so I thought it might benefit a few folks out there to offer up some things that I’ve learned along the way. There is way too much to go on and on about regarding races, so I’ll probably have to make this a topic to return to again later. (Look there, every now and again when you come here you might actually be able to take something of worth away…haha)

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Seven Links to Runnerpeeps and Some Things Shouldn’t be Cooked

Hello writer’s block. I have no idea where this post will go, nor something funny to open with…not that I ever really am able to open up rather quippy. So let’s see where this stray brain will lead us…

girl sunk

I'm sunk...no inspiration...

We’ll start with this: the running world is crazy small, I mean it’s dinky. I say this because it seems like every runner somehow, some way knows a person, who trained with so-and-so, coached so-and-so, or something like that. Forget the whole Kevin Bacon thing, I think there should be something like a seven links to Bill Squires. Don’t know who that is, Google, baby. 😉

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Running Skirts — Crossing a Thin, Frilly Line?

Happy Saturfarts to all! I hope you are having a great weekend thus far, and for those that raced do feel free to brag on your fine selves, I want to hear all about it!

Today, I think I finally need to bring something up. I hope it doesn’t offend any of my lovely lady bloggers because I think it’s something that may be a little touchy subject. Running skirts.

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Mary Decker Slaney’s Birthday and Bringing ‘it’ to the Track

So today I think I need to start with a little tribute to one of the most amazing female runners…it’s Mary Decker Slaney’s birthday today and I was reminded of this by a FB friend who posted this AMAZINGLY inspiring 3000 meter race from the 1983 World Championships.

mary decker and ruth wysocki

Toonicized 1984 US Olympic Trials 1500m


Now, I’m a bit too young to have been lucky enough to really watch her races when she was the she-fire on the track, but growing up my mom made it clear that Mary was one of ‘those’ people. The people that to us distance runners, are true idols. Who, to the common mainstream public, may be their Kim K’s, Justin B’s, Harrison Fords…you get the picture. I’m also lame because I’m grappling for the ‘right’ kind of celeb to parallel to our distance running idols but am coming up short.

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Quick Crawl Out of the Cave, Running Memories, and Juk

Hey there friends!! I appreciate that you guys haven’t abandoned me while I’m totally lame-o and not being able to comment as much as I want/need to, they say those who don’t leave you during your snotty/poopy pants moments are the keepers!! 🙂

And do know that this whole situation is just plain not gonna fly for this sista so I’m working on it. Back on track here, let’s see, so I really appreciate that feedback I got on the whole training log and the motivational quotes. I do think that for those who use their blog as their training log that is a nice little double-whammy punch, and I think that whatever keeps you accountable is awesome!

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Bummin on no Froyo and Training Logs are A for Awesome

Do you see it? It’s my curmudgeonly, scowly look of utter disappointment. Why? Well, for reasons that I can’t fully explain (one, because it’s a long backstory and telling it might wind me up with one of those cyber-faux pas where the thing you write about gets back to people you don’t want it to…second, because it’s sort of ridiculous to the amount you might not really believe me) I missed out on a chance for a real, live, in the flesh froyo date with Margs!!

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