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An Ode to Cross-country

Cross-country. When I first started running it was after not being able to make any other sports team and my mom suggested I go out for the cross-country team. I thought it was some kind of traveling group. When I … Continue reading


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Setting a Warm-up Routine – You’ll Run Better and Feel Better Doing it

I don’t want to waste energy. I’m really late and the gun is JUST about to go off. I don’t really need to. I’m just plain lazy. All reasons, ahem excuses, that people give for not wanting to do a … Continue reading


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I’m a Runner…Don’t Drop the J-Word

Don’t call me a jogger. You can call me any other kind of name, throw insults at me like rapid fire, but once you bust out the J-word it’s on. Okay, okay, that may seem a little extreme and I … Continue reading


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What NOT to do When Running — All or Nothing is Not Smart

At least I didn’t step in it! Yes, this girl with no coordination was at least able to dodge the steamy pile of horse doodoo on the bike trail today. My friend, no so lucky in the poop department and … Continue reading


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Women’s Marathon Records Under Scrutitny and Reverted to Times of Decades Past

Are you joking me, IAAF?! In case you haven’t heard, apparently the new rule is that if a woman runs a world best time in a race that has men in it, the time WON’T count as a legitimate World … Continue reading


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I’m De-Awsome Apparently and Carrying Water on Runs

I’ve been informed that as of yesterday I am no longer awesome. This is coming from my friend (and new housemate) in reference to the fact that for the very first time I ran with a Garmin. “Well, that was … Continue reading


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A Beeping Street With a Kankled Runner on it

Beep. Honk. Squeal. Ya, there was a car that peeled out and the squeal sent me jumping out of my skin (mind you the car was probably about 50 meters away and nowhere coming near me! haha),  but I did … Continue reading


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Two Days in a Row…My Bum is Feeling It

They say that putting the treadmill at 1.5% grade makes it equivalent to running outside. I don’t care who ‘they’ are but I’m telling you that running outside is harder, one and a half, schmone and a half. Okay, no, … Continue reading


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When Treadmills Revolt and Walking

Temporarily out of service. This is what my treadmill has informed me; I guess that whole saying of, “If you don’t give something a break it will devise a method of its own to get one” is true. Actually, I … Continue reading


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A Tribute to Kikko and a Confession

It’s so easy to take people for granted, that they will always be there. This applies to pets too. Dogs have a way of working their way into a family I think that is unlike other pets…though this is admittedly … Continue reading


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