And Then The Police Kicked Me Off the Track

Apparently I must be rather threatening while running 800’s around the track? I guess that high school tracks are off-limits during school hours, but I was told by plenty they have seen people using the track if no classes were using it. I know I’ve used other tracks with no problems in the past and that when I was in high school, community members would even walk their dogs on the track.

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Pregnant Running’s All the Rage

Everyone’s talking about it so now I will too, the woman who gave birth after the Chicago marathon. I’ve read people making jokes, being outraged, and some people I guess just plain don’t care, they’ve got bigger things to occupy themselves.

pregnant mom
I did read a really funny one that I will cite from our own TX Runner Girl, “running a marathon = your uterus falling out.”

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No Shame…

Yesterday I finished my long run and proceeded to do my sets of squats and lunges right outside on the sidewalk. Why not, it was sunny, I was already a sweaty mess, the sidewalk is long enough for my lunges so I don’t have to awkwardly try and turn, and I wanted to do it while the motivation was still there?! Midway through my second set I hear from behind me, “Oh my gosh…look right there…right THERE! Look at her…hahahaha!”

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Reinstituting the Long Run and the Debate on How to Run Them

Hello, good friend, oh how I’ve missed you. I knew today was coming since last week and I looked to it with both eager anticipation and trepidation. I’ve been running pretty much all outside the last two weeks, and it was high time to do an outside long run.

I have been doing quite a bit of weekly road miles, for me, so I wanted to be smart and gradually up the distance of my long run so I didn’t wind up injured and all that jazz. So today I added 2 miles to the 11 miles I’ve been covering outside…so let’s be smarter than a first grader and make that 13 miles.

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Alien Legs and Lime Green Walls

We have FINALLY reached the rainy and cool weather I have missed so much! It’s a little crazy to think that I was left pitting out my shirts less than a week ago and not two minutes ago there was rain pouring down.

Too bad all of my rainy weather running (and normal people) clothes are stuffed in a box as yet to be found. Time to do some digging.

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Pillars of Support – Do You Believe it Can Happen?

Who do you tell your hopes and dreams to? Who do you feel comfortable putting it all out there, saying something that you know may make you sound totally insane, crazy, off-the-wall, even egocentric?

running dream

When there is something niggling in your mind, a far-reach; do you actually voice that little hope, the dim glint that lurks in the back of your brainspace? Sometimes yes, sometimes no, would be my honest answer. Do I sound like a politician or what?

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A Question of Etiquette on the ‘Bike Trail’ — Let’s NOT make it runners vs bikers

So, I have a question for you. Being a runner I do feel a little biased, so I think it’s fair to ask for the perspective of others and people who may be on the ‘other’ side of the debate: bikers.

When you’re a runner and you are running along on a ‘bike trail’ do you not deserve SOME space? Now, yes, the name denotes that it’s for bikers but I sort of feel that also encompasses some foot traffic; more like it’s a place for riders/runners that is free of cars.

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