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National Nutrition Month With a Turkey Feast?! Okay, Let’s Roll With That…

Wow, I was unaware of this but apparently November is National Nutrition Month. And they lump Thanksgiving in there…does anyone else find that ironic? I don’t like to harp on the ‘this is what you should eat’ thing too much … Continue reading


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Redlining and the All Important ‘E’

Warning: you are approaching empty. This post is inspired by two things, so bear with me. The first is this hilarious picture from SkinnyRunner’s blog…who amongst us hasn’t played chicken with that empty gas alert gauge on our car? (okay … Continue reading


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Giving Thanks…The Runner’s Edition

I was inspired by this list of 10 Little Things to be Thankful For – Running Edition by Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano. I really liked what they added, but I wanted to add a few more of mine as … Continue reading


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‘Twas the Night Before Some High School Cross Meets

Cross-country champs comes but once a year. Okay, I won’t go too crazy on that sentiment because technically there are LOTS of things that come but once a year…for instance 9:36 on 11/25/11 only comes but once a year too, … Continue reading


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Turkey Trots, Charity Bets, and Some Holiday Tomorrow…

Fair warning, this post will be all over the place. It’ll be dishing up a fine slew of sides, sort of it’s own little bloggy feast. In a break from any kind of tradition, we’ll start with the main course. … Continue reading


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Run, Little Graham Crackers, Run!!

If graham crackers had legs, I’m pretty sure they’d put them to good use. I did this one as a design for a running club; their ‘torturous’ mentor/leader is the graham in the front with the bite out of his … Continue reading


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Tune-in to Your Happy Meal? – McDonald’s Lands a TV Show

I admit I’m guilty of two things here: 1) a poorly punny title, sorry, and 2) chiming in here a little late. But regardless, McDonald’s is getting their own TV station? I want one! I’m sort of torn on what … Continue reading


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Oh You Twilight Peeps — What Would You Get Up Early For?

So apparently the Twilight mayhem is upon us. I’m not a Team Vamp or Werwolf, and I’ve never seen/read of the movies/books but I don’t live in a cave. A cardboard box when time get really lean but never a … Continue reading


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A Blanket Apology

I am told I apologize too much. For that I’m sorry. But here is a blanket apology for all the times I KNOW I am not myself (we’ll call it the subhuman form of myself that is fully okay with … Continue reading


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A Case of Hearts — Heart Rate Monitors, Use Them or Lose Them?

Remember how I said there was a difference between running and training? Watch this video interview with Shalane Flanagan and that’ll be the only further explanation needed. That said, I came across an article all about heart rate monitors. Now, … Continue reading


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