National Nutrition Month With a Turkey Feast?! Okay, Let’s Roll With That…

Wow, I was unaware of this but apparently November is National Nutrition Month. And they lump Thanksgiving in there…does anyone else find that ironic?

I don’t like to harp on the ‘this is what you should eat’ thing too much because as I’ve said before I live by the workout hard, eat hard creed. Still, that doesn’t mean I totally throw caution to the wind and get gluttonous on only fried Twinkies and drink mayo by the tub. To be honest some of that stuff just plain doesn’t appeal to me.

ice cream girl

Actually ice cream is totally fine by the tub!

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Redlining and the All Important ‘E’

Warning: you are approaching empty.
runner tired
This post is inspired by two things, so bear with me. The first is this hilarious picture from SkinnyRunner’s blog…who amongst us hasn’t played chicken with that empty gas alert gauge on our car? (okay Seinfeld fans smile at the flashback to Kramer here)

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Giving Thanks…The Runner’s Edition

I was inspired by this list of 10 Little Things to be Thankful For – Running Edition by Adam Goucher and Tim Catalano. I really liked what they added, but I wanted to add a few more of mine as well. So here are a few more:
friends running
* Training partners sans the drama-rama: let’s be frank, girls especially can get a little catty, BUT you find the right kind of people and it can make for an AWESOME training group! Group dynamics can by tricky no matter the gender, so when you find a group that clicks…throw a party and don’t question. Having a partner to share the pacing workload is always a major plus: you’ll usually end up going faster but it will feel eaiser…crazy, I know. Plus, having someone to help pass mile after mile is always great too. 🙂

farting warthog

Well, I might draw the line here...

* Check stereotypes at the door: hack a loogie, pop a squat in a bush, let the gas pass from both ends. It happens when we’re running…we’ve all been there so it’s nice to have people that don’t pass judgement.

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‘Twas the Night Before Some High School Cross Meets

Cross-country champs comes but once a year. 🙂 Okay, I won’t go too crazy on that sentiment because technically there are LOTS of things that come but once a year…for instance 9:36 on 11/25/11 only comes but once a year too, right? Haha.

But because there are plenty of seasons wrapping up here I wanted to do a post. Yes, for all the NCAA fans those cross champs happened on Monday. Congrats to all the great college showings there! Living in California, during high school I really associated Thanksgiving weekend with the State Championships; California likes to be all special and be the VERY last state to hold their champs and it is tomorrow.
boy cross country runner
Along with that, the National High School meets are starting the rounds; there will be Nike Team Cross Champs (NXN) as well as the first few Footlocker Regional Meets. Now, even though I’m FAR graduated and becoming a geriatric, I still get a little excited buzz when I think about all these meets.

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Turkey Trots, Charity Bets, and Some Holiday Tomorrow…

Fair warning, this post will be all over the place. It’ll be dishing up a fine slew of sides, sort of it’s own little bloggy feast. In a break from any kind of tradition, we’ll start with the main course.
turkey trot
Gobble, Gobble, turkey wobble. Yes, Thanksgiving is tomorrow for those of us in the States and I’ll break out the festivities early. I’m pretty sure that yes, indeed, the first Thanksgiving involved a mad dash for the bird, racing bibs and all.

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Run, Little Graham Crackers, Run!!

If graham crackers had legs, I’m pretty sure they’d put them to good use. 🙂
graham crackers running
I did this one as a design for a running club; their ‘torturous’ mentor/leader is the graham in the front with the bite out of his head. 🙂 While it may look like the crew of bitty grahams are in varying degrees of torture, that is NOT the truth…they are learning that running takes some sweat, and maybe a tear or two at times? 😉

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Tune-in to Your Happy Meal? – McDonald’s Lands a TV Show

I admit I’m guilty of two things here: 1) a poorly punny title, sorry, and 2) chiming in here a little late. But regardless, McDonald’s is getting their own TV station? I want one! 🙂

I’m sort of torn on what to think here…at first it’s sort of a sigh and a lowered head. I mean don’t get me started on the whole obesity thing; visions of kids scarfing down fries and McNuggets until they are wedged in the booth and can’t change the station on the TV…oh wait, even if they did change the station it’s all McD’s all the time. 😉

fat runner

Hey, at least he's running. 😛

But mostly for me it’s the exercies of the obesity problem that really gets me fired up; or the lack thereof. I’m the sort of runnerchick that believes if you workout like a champ, strap on the feedbag! 🙂 That said, I’m not a big McD’s fan myself, I am more of the Pop-Tarts and Chipotle variety, but to each their own. The other part is intensity: if you are logging a lot of miles you have the freedom to eat ‘harder’ than someone who just puts in a stroll around the block…that is a huge part. People need to be realistic with themsevles with exercise…
walker on treadmill
…and with food. So if you are of the sedetary variety, maybe a couple extra trips through the Drive-thru isn’t warranted. Secondly, common sense people…do you need to eat your weight in fries? The choices you make when you hit up McD’s comes down to you. To make smart choices you need information I know, so be informed if you are needing to lose a few, Rondald isn’t coming into your house, strapping you down and shoveling McNugget lovlies down your gullet. Though, I really like the mental picture.

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Oh You Twilight Peeps — What Would You Get Up Early For?

So apparently the Twilight mayhem is upon us. I’m not a Team Vamp or Werwolf, and I’ve never seen/read of the movies/books but I don’t live in a cave. A cardboard box when time get really lean but never a cave.

count chocula dog

Does Team Count Chocula count? (Art: Cait Chock)

But, as I’ve lived in Oregon, I do know that apparently these Twilight fans are about as loyal and feisty as Ducks vs. Beaver fans. There will be masses camped out in line, the token people who dress up, and it got me thinking, what would I camp out for, or get up an unholy hour for?

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A Blanket Apology

I am told I apologize too much. For that I’m sorry. But here is a blanket apology for all the times I KNOW I am not myself (we’ll call it the subhuman form of myself that is fully okay with being a royal b****). I know it is not okay, so here are just a list of the times quasi-human makes an appearance:
girl on steroids
*I don’t get to do my workout first thing. (Okay, actually second thing, we all know I need to make a stop to my favorite flush-bucket first.)

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A Case of Hearts — Heart Rate Monitors, Use Them or Lose Them?

Remember how I said there was a difference between running and training? Watch this video interview with Shalane Flanagan and that’ll be the only further explanation needed. 🙂

That said, I came across an article all about heart rate monitors. Now, coincidently I had a discussion about these contraptions not so long ago and here is what I’ve come to realize: you either love them or hate them.

couple working out

Ummm, if his heart rate monitor started beeping maybe it could double as a pick-up device too?

Here is what I think about them:
* Pro: they can be a great learning tool if you are new to running. Sometimes people just aren’t familiar with what a tempo or hard effort feels like…they need a slight nudge to ‘eh, pick it up buddy.’ Conversely, people can get overzealous and not go easy enough on their easy days and so a heart rate monitor can help them stay in check.

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