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Runners Rock and Camaraderie

One of the great things about our sport is the sense of belonging and camaraderie. How many times have you found out a person is a runner and it doesn’t matter if they are a total stranger or not, you … Continue reading


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Running Hard: Outward Appearances Can Be Misleading When You Give it Your All

Now, it’s interesting how different people act after finishing races, or hard workouts too. Outside observers then tend to assess just how hard the athlete ran depending on the looks of anguish, falling to a heap, or tossing their cookies. … Continue reading


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Indoor Track: Race it or Skip it…AND Falling into Pinterest

I feel into Pinterest. Actually apparently now you have to beg your way into the site and actually get invited…wow, the egos on these social media sites! So I now have another way to waste ungodly amounts of time toss … Continue reading


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P90X: A Bit Overhyped and Do Runners Actually Do This Thing?

You too may be guilty of letting those annoying, yet oddly entrancing, informercials for the P90X training system run a little longer than you’d like to admit. Though, the same sort of effect does occur when the Shake Weight or … Continue reading


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Defining Your ‘It’: Dreaming, Thinking, Setting Goals

What is ‘IT’ to you? Do you know what you want? Is there an inkling in there? Are you not totally sure that it’s what will make you happy, but it might? Are you afraid to say it…maybe even think … Continue reading


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My Adventure in Cryotherapy: The treatment that’s reportedly 4 times better than ice baths (read: FREEZING!!)

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit US Cryotherapy. I’d been hearing a bit about cryotherapy from a few places (ie: Oregon Project Runners getting a Cryosauna and more comically Usain Bolt’s little foot and frostbite situation) and the … Continue reading


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Superstitions, Stupidstitions, Rituals and Routines…

Do you have any superstitions? Any little routines that you like have to do before a race? Some little secret good luck charms or habits that for whatever reason you do; you probably know on some level they are ‘dumb’ … Continue reading


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Running the Numbers: When to Eat High and Low on the Glycemic Index

Is this bagel high or low on the glycemic index? Am I supposed to be eating low glycemic foods or are it the high ones that are better? Wait, what the heck is the glycemic index anyways? I’m a runner … Continue reading


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Some Running Motivation…

For the next time you feel like skipping your workout. Yes, you may or may not harbor Olympic aspirations, but all of us have our goals that we are striving towards…stay the course! ———— If you’re a fan of mine … Continue reading


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Running Stereotypes…Are You guilty of Some?

Running stereotypes…the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s hear them and I’ll even go so far as to own up to the ones I’m guilty of. 1) Wearing sweats or workout gear like they are ‘normal’ clothes. (I do … Continue reading


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