Runners Rock and Camaraderie

One of the great things about our sport is the sense of belonging and camaraderie. How many times have you found out a person is a runner and it doesn’t matter if they are a total stranger or not, you instantly feel a connection? You ‘get’ them and they ‘get’ you.
guy running
People sometimes think that running really isn’t all the much of a team sport. More-so in track where it could be certainly argued it’s more individual; but that’s really not the case because even though you ARE out there and performing as an individual you aren’t really alone. Even if you don’t belong to an actual team or worrying about a team scoring, you are a member of the team of runners.

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Running Hard: Outward Appearances Can Be Misleading When You Give it Your All

Now, it’s interesting how different people act after finishing races, or hard workouts too. Outside observers then tend to assess just how hard the athlete ran depending on the looks of anguish, falling to a heap, or tossing their cookies.

girl on track

Cross the finish line and drop to the track...

Though I sort of think that can be really misleading…

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Indoor Track: Race it or Skip it…AND Falling into Pinterest

I feel into Pinterest. Actually apparently now you have to beg your way into the site and actually get invited…wow, the egos on these social media sites!


Pinterest even rode in on a unicorn and handed me the invite. 😉

So I now have another way to waste ungodly amounts of time toss up my work, so please come follow me! Overt plug…yes, but I’ve got other boards too where I’m not hogging the spotlight, I spread the love. 😉 Come pin me!

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P90X: A Bit Overhyped and Do Runners Actually Do This Thing?

You too may be guilty of letting those annoying, yet oddly entrancing, informercials for the P90X training system run a little longer than you’d like to admit. Though, the same sort of effect does occur when the Shake Weight or Ab Zapper comes on…they pull you in and by the time you realize you’re watching there’s a little bit of drool on the remote.
muscle girl
Back on track here…the P90X training thing looked to me like just another twist on in-home fitness. A trainer looking to be the new Jane Fonda so to speak…only meatier, musclier, and with a bit of the army-esque ‘gggrrr’ appeal. They have the clips of sweat drenched men in cut-off’s busting out burpees and ladies with abs that could grate cheese.

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Defining Your ‘It’: Dreaming, Thinking, Setting Goals

What is ‘IT’ to you?
running motivation
Do you know what you want? Is there an inkling in there? Are you not totally sure that it’s what will make you happy, but it might? Are you afraid to say it…maybe even think it?

Setting our sights on something can be scary…sometimes speaking goals puts too much weight on them. But it still could be worth putting the weight on the words and striving towards ‘It’…striving towards something.

Having a concrete goal and writing it down has proven to be one of the most effective ways of actually achieving something…funny how the a remarkably ‘simple’ act is instrumental in a potentially insurmountable outcome.

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My Adventure in Cryotherapy: The treatment that’s reportedly 4 times better than ice baths (read: FREEZING!!)

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit US Cryotherapy. I’d been hearing a bit about cryotherapy from a few places (ie: Oregon Project Runners getting a Cryosauna and more comically Usain Bolt’s little foot and frostbite situation) and the gist I’d gotten was that it was supposed to be more effective in speeding along muscle recovery than ice baths.

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Superstitions, Stupidstitions, Rituals and Routines…

Do you have any superstitions? Any little routines that you like have to do before a race? Some little secret good luck charms or habits that for whatever reason you do; you probably know on some level they are ‘dumb’ or silly and don’t reeaaally promise a good outcome, but you do it anyways…better safe than sorry, right? 😉
running racer
To a degree getting into a routine is a good thing:

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Running the Numbers: When to Eat High and Low on the Glycemic Index

Is this bagel high or low on the glycemic index? Am I supposed to be eating low glycemic foods or are it the high ones that are better? Wait, what the heck is the glycemic index anyways?
runner on track
I’m a runner and I love carbs. By now I think we’ve all learned that multi-grain breads are better than the standard white and we should veer towards brown rice over white. But in the flood of ongoing studies and information shoved down our throats it’s sometimes tough to stay up to date on what the latest word is about the stuff that goes in our mouth.

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Some Running Motivation…

kara goucher and shalane flanagan

For the next time you feel like skipping your workout.

Yes, you may or may not harbor Olympic aspirations, but all of us have our goals that we are striving towards…stay the course! 🙂

If you’re a fan of mine on Facebook you already got a sneak peek of this poster! So if you’re not liking me yet, you’re missing out. 😉 (Sorry for the overt plug…haha)

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Running Stereotypes…Are You guilty of Some?

Running stereotypes…the good, the bad, and the ugly. Let’s hear them and I’ll even go so far as to own up to the ones I’m guilty of.

1) Wearing sweats or workout gear like they are ‘normal’ clothes.
(I do want it to be known I DO own ‘normal people clothes’ and have been known to actually wear them!)
sweat pants
2) Having far too much of your income being spent on food.
Guilty…I go through sleeves of bagels and english muffins.

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