Just Because I Love You: Running is the Ever Constant Cupid

Whether you are single or with a special someone, never fret because even if the fat, little Cupid didn’t come visit you with chocolates and arrows, running’s got you covered. True, it may not be able to spoon you in the middle of the night, but running can be an ideal partner in plenty of other ways. It will bring you presents all year round, not just one day in February…
Running will surprise you with…

* A dozen sweaty socks littered throughout your house. Actually these sneaky stinkers will pop up darn near everywhere, in your car, in your bag, maybe even static clung to your pants. Who can keep track of them all? Anti-blister, moisture wicking sentiments of miles past. Is that one clean or dirty?

* Running shoes as far as the eyes can see. Or at least you can drool over them in the rainbow of colors…ghosts of runs past.

* A foot-full of callouses and blisters.
Really, who needs a box full of chocolates when you can look at these puppies?

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Eating the Heart Out of Life: Digging for Positives and WHY the Journey is Worth it to You

How do you ‘eat the heart out’ of life? How do you celebrate the positives in life? Cherish even the little, fleeting moments, soak up what the moment may bring, and savor the deliciousness of what makes you smile?
eating cotton candy
Sometimes we can all get stuck in the hustle and madness that is our day to day schedule and blitz through a day without really even having ‘lived’ it…or sat down for that matter.

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Racing Re-Cap: Things We Can All Learn From This Weekend

In case you’ve lived in a bit of a running cave, or don’t follow running all that much, there were some pretty big time races going on this weekend. We saw American Records being broken left and right, the family tradition of a running legacy continued, and even some late season cross country races.

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Runners Have Legs For…

legs for miles

Today is short and to the point.

Running gives us oh so many perks in life, be it the physical benefit of a strong body or the mental boost from endorphins. And ya, the high after a PR or gut busting run is hard to beat too!

For all the miles we put in we’re getting plenty back as well. We just gotta work for dem miles!! 😉

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Adjusting ‘The Plan’: A Training Plan is Etched in Stone, More Like an Outline

When it comes to workouts and training I like plans. I like knowing what I’m going to be doing ahead of time. I feel most productive if I know where I am, know where I want to end up, and have the outline of how I’m going to be getting there.
trail runner
Training plans aren’t etched in stone, I know that, but I like at least an outline, the gist of what’s in store for me tomorrow. But sometimes you CAN’T know and have to just roll with the punches so to speak.

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Motivation and Self-Deception: Sometimes it’s a matter of talking yourself up or lying yourself into a run

Running and getting sweaty is tough business…it’s hard work to get out there and consistently kick your own tush. Don’t get me wrong it comes with plenty of rewards, (nothing can beat the feeling of shaking legs and a new PR and the perk of inhaling unholy amounts of sweets isn’t bad either!) but keeping pace with the motivation factor is an ongoing battle.

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Proper Running Form and the Freakshow Running Circus

Does anyone else stare at runners just a little begrudgingly when they are injured? Sort of like that happy runner out there is just trying to stick it to me…they can do it and I cant! Ahhh, I’ll call it runner envy. So while I may be a little jealous in staring I’ll at least put these observations to good use.
sassy dog
Let’s talk running form. Sure the action of putting one foot in front of the other sounds easy, but have you noticed how some people can really take that ‘simple’ act and make it look crazy? There’s the hunchback, the arm swinger maniac, the shuffler, the head-bobber…get them all together and we could have a real carnival side show going on here.

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Keeping it in the Family: What Age is Appropriate for Kids to Start Running Competitively?

Are you the only runner in your family? Did you start running because an older sibling got into it and because you thought anything they did was cool, you laced up to go run too? Or did you come from a family of runners?
family running
Everyone starts for different reasons and some fall into the sport (or get cut from everything else and decide to give running a whirl, like this girl!). If you are the only runner your family may just collectively think you’re crazy but allow you your quirk.

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Warning: Injured Runners May Bite

angry runner
Today’s post is short and to the point. To all my injured, grumpy runners…it may only be fair to warn those who must coexist among us until we’re back and able to put in the miles. 🙂

1) Best stay happy thought during an injury?
Be grateful I can at least do SOMETHING (ie: cross-train), take it day by day, and know that when I get back to running I’ll appreciate it all the more!

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