There Aren’t Any Ref’s for Running: Rules of the track and running etiquette

There aren’t any ref’s in track or cross country, or road races for that matter, but should there be?


Check out my little bro on the left, yo! 😉

I know there are plenty of elbows being jabbed in some of those tight, jostling packs of harriers. Sure there is a general code of conduct but truth be told some of those European and high stakes track races can get downright cagey. Runners fighting for their personal space, positioning, afraid of getting boxed in and a part of racing is being tactical and making sure that you ARE in the position to make a move if you need to be.

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Pi Day the Runner’s Way: Adding a Sweaty Twist to 3.14159

Pi day. It’s nearly over and I’m late to catch on to this Twitter trending holiday but now that I have, how could I not do a post? Confession: in addition to being a running nerd I’m actually not too shabby in the mathematical geekdom. So you could in fact wake me up in the dead of night and I’d be able to rattle off 3.14159in a beat.

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The Case of the 500 Mile Shoe: How Often Do You Really Need to Replace Your Shoes Before You Call Them Dead?

We’ve all heard that a shoe is dead once it hits 500 miles, right? But as with any ‘rule of thumb’ that’s a generalization and just as we are each individuals with individual running quirks, these rules need to be tailored to fit the runner.
running shoes
Keeping tabs on how many miles we have run in our shoes is important because it gives us a gauge of when we need to remember to replace them. As in we can remember to get a new pair of shoes BEFORE our body starts to send us reminders in the way of aches, pains, and injuries. As ‘small potatoes’ as it may sound, running in the wrong pair of shoes or a dead pair of shoes account for a high percentage of running injuries. One simple shoe change would solves so many maladies but this ‘minor detail’ often gets overlooked.

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I CAN’T Cook So Let’s Celebrate Frozen Foods Month!

I am not a food blogger. This much could probably be gathered in about five minutes of reading posts; I do love food, eat pretty healthy, know quite a bit about sports nutrition, but play by the ‘run hard, eat hard’ game as well…if I want me my Pop-Tarts I’m going to eat them by the package-full and have my Ben & Jerry’s by the pints.
eating cotton candy
The catch…I can’t cook. When I say I can’t cook that in itself is an understatement, I was told by my Ugandan friend, Grace, that I’ll never, ever get married because of this. (Oh, the beauty of the cultural gender gap.)

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A Comic For Runners – Runner’s Strip: Meet Your Brain

Sunday is comic time!! All about the Runner’s Strip today…

running brain
(Click image to enlarge)

In case you missed our last comic, revisit Runner’s Strip: Twitter Addict.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

1) What’s the last geeky running thought to pulse through your brain?

2) How did you spend your Sunday?

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Missing Sleep and Cursing Daylight Savings For All I Could Have Done With That Hour

So tonight we lose an hour.Daylight savings, curse you for depriving me of those precious 60 minutes of sleep!! Sure, I’m not going to lie, seeing the sun past 4pm is going to be wonderful but I’ll still hold a bit of a grudge on the jyped pillow time.

track runner

She wishes she had had more sleep. 😉

Sleep is vital for recovery, though it’s often times one of the first things that people skimp on due to hectic schedules. It is during sleep that the body restores itself, releasing hormones to repair (growth hormone) and build back the muscles and other tissues stronger after we tear them down during training. Not only that but sleep patterns directly impact mood and a myriad of other bodily functions. Have you talked to a caffeine crazed college student during finals after day and night cram-fests?

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More Than a Sport: How running changes lives and gives hope to Ugandan orphans

I truly believe that running is much more powerful than merely a sport or, dare I even say, a hobby. It holds the power to transform lives, instill lessons for nearly all other areas of life, it connects people, and is my first choice of feel good drugs. (The Hungry Runner Girl just did an excellent post today about endorphins and running.)
happy rainbow
Running has impacted my own life quite a bit, it’s taken me places, it’s introduced me to people, it’s to the point where I know if I weren’t a runner I’d be a completely different person.

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The Salty and Sweet of Running: Follow Your Taste Buds and Get Both

There were literally two things on my mind the entire time I was getting my workout on: pizza and chocolate chip pancakes swimming in syrup. Fact: that whole bait a horse with a carrot trick is true, I know I’m not the only runner who’s daydreaming of post-run foodage to get through the miles…only I do want to point out I’m sure none of us are thinking of carrots!
Back to my own little daydream, pizza and pancakes, how’s that for salty and sweet? Now I’m a sweets person in general, I live and die by all things doughy and sugary. The world is divided not only between runners and non-runners but sweet toothed runners and salty toothed runners. Which one are you?

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Running Through Time: Fashions, Records, and Harriers

Oh, to be running in the 70’s and 80’s.We should all do a collective moment of silence in thanks for technical fibers and moisture wicking clothing. The chaffage and sweat stains that some of those polyester shorts would inflict upon us almost makes my thighs burn just thinking about it.

70s workout fashion

Oh beautiful workout fashions of decades past. 🙂

I’m probably the least fashion savvy person, but being that I use any excuse to don sweats and workout clothing this is an area I can take a little more of a stance on. It’s interesting to watch the clothing and shoes change through the years…along with the records and times dropping.

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Living to Answer the ‘What if’ Questions and ‘Chasing Ghosts’ Book Review

In talking about visualization in my last post, I also touched on goals. It’s important to have them, setting them can be tricky though. You don’t want to aim too low because where’s the satisfaction in that, but it can be scary to put yourself out there and voice a goal if you’re afraid it might sound insanely out of your reach.

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