What the Heck Has Luck Got to Do With it? – Running is hardly a sport for the lucky

“Good luck.” In the flurry of races this weekend, even I was guilty of rattling this phrase off to lots of my friends who were about to toe the line. Written, said, Tweeted, Facebooked…you name it, when someone we know is about to race these are our go-to words. The ‘bon voyage to vacationers.

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Run Towards Your Goals: Don’t let anything stand in your way, that includes yourself

Don’t let anything, including yourself, stand in your way.
get out of my way
Today will be short and sweet. Remember also, that running is incredibly mental and usually the biggest limiting factor is YOUR OWN mind. Don’t let your mind out-thinking yourself from your goals…next time that little voice in your head says, “Stop, you can’t do this, it’s too hard, slow down, ease back.” Respond by ignoring it and plowing forward. 🙂
I’m also excited to share that one of my pictures is featured today on the Run The Edge Facebook page! If you haven’t checked it out, head on over. While you’re there be sure to see what other awesome things are going on at Run The Edge…there’s even continued updates on Kara Goucher’s road to the London Olympics. Talk about some awesome goals to run towards. 🙂

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Comics for Runners- Runner’s Strip: Exciting New Running Products!

In case you’ve missed the commercials, these are just a few of some awesome running products to be released soon!
running cartoon
(Click to enlarge image)
Just some running humor for today…feel free to get caught up on previous Runner’s Strip cartoons HERE and HERE!

1) Got any hot leads for new items for runners we should all be excited for?

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Smoothies Aren’t the ONLY Way to Go: Eating those fruits and veggies rather than sipping

I don’t like smoothies. Now, before all you smoothie loving masses stop reading here and immediately black-ball me, at least let me explain my case. I don’t get a lot of trendy things, I don’t even drink coffee, for shame! But I’m hyper enough as myself, caffeine would probably end up effecting me like cocaine.

fresh food sprouts

I prefer to eat my food fresh, or at least not blended. (Just some design inspiration I tossed to Sprouts, they just opened a store near me.)

The running realm and the healthy living world are interconnected and whenever people find out I’m a runner and the conversation drifts to food and nutrition, the topic of smoothies seems to inevitably come up. They rave about their protein powders, their spinach combos leaving their glass looking like the Swamp Thing, they start spouting off their must-try recipes and I nod and smile. But in the back of my mind I’m thinking, “I still have teeth and I plan on doing as much chewing as I can until I lose them and then I’ll turn to your smoothies along with Jell-O and applesauce.”

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Don’t Try So Hard: Trying to Force Your Running Won’t Work…Relax

Don’t force it. This applies not just to running but in other areas of life too. Trying too hard can hold you back, it is the self-imposed weight vest of extra pressure and stress.

track runner

Was stuck for a background inspiration for this one...wasn't liking attempt #1

Some pressure is a good thing; Type A neurotic runners tend to excel because they don’t settle and want to push themselves to reach for higher goals. But as with many gifts they can also be your greatest undoing if taken too far. Getting too wrapped up and focusing on what you AREN’T doing or achieving can lead to overlooking the positive gains you may have made.

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London Done and Come Early: What us mortal runners can take away from the elites

Yes we’re all excited for the London Olympics this summer but there’s plenty of action over there prior to that with today’s London Marathon. I know I can’t be the only person who feels like a total slacker, slow-poke reading and watching all these amazing races; odd how it’s a mixture of that and then of course jaw-dropping inspiration, right? 😉
track runner
In case you missed it there’s plenty of motivation to vicariously soak up (try not to feel too much like a slacker, slow poke…instead, channel these amazing athletes as examples to reach higher in your own goals.) on both the men’s and women’s side.

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Running, Racing, Tapering, Peaking and Avoiding the Burn-out Factor

Bring on track season! All us track nerds and nerdettes are no doubt loving that those high energy, big draw events are kicking off, all culminating in the grand daddy of them all which we wait for every four years, the Summer Olympics. I’m partial here, but the Summer Games are so much better than the Winter ones, am I right? 😉
hayward field runner
Still, even though Mt. Sac, Stanford, and Hayward Field are hosting some pretty big ticket track meets that always boast a quality field, awesome races, and packed stadiums, technically it is still really early in the season. We’ve yet to even hit May here and while it’s always nice to have a fast time under your belt the important thing is to be running your best at the END of the season for those championship races. (An exception can be if you need a qualifying time, which is always nice to get done earlier rather than later because it can be a huge stress reliever.)

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A Big Arty Runnerchick Announcement: The Start of the Get Chicking Movement

So I’ve got some exciting news…at least it is for me.I’d like to reveal to you the very first Arty Runnerchick designed (aka Cait Chock) running shirt *imagined overly dramatic drapes being pulled*:

arty runnerchick shirts

Support the Get Chicking Movement

This is a project I’ve been brainstorming and working on for quite some time, I’ve always dreamed of being able to sport my own little running shirt but wasn’t really sure how to go out about that or had the full security of believing anyone other than myself would, in fact, be interested in wearing a similar version. Cut to me with a box full of shirts in various sizes, I’d then be donning the same style shirt for years and then living out of the cardboard box. 😉 Anyways, if that’s the route that ends up happening so be it.

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To Tote or Not to Tote: Running with a water bottle…Clean Bottle Review and Giveaway

Seems like the hot topic of as late is hydration. You can revisit my post earlier in the week about hydration tips for runners and wouldn’t you know that when I popped on over to the Running Times website there was an article just posted about the very same thing. Great minds think alike, maybe? I’ll kid myself into believing that even if it’s not true…hehe.

friend running

That's Running Times and me running with the same great idea...it's a stretch but roll with that. 🙂

Their article got really scientific about the whole ‘weigh yourself pre and post-run’ and then take the percentage of sweat lost from your entire body weight and apply that to the amount lost…etc. I sometimes feel that getting too wrapped up in these calculations and conversions may be a little much; certainly more knowledge can be better but at what point is it just over complicating things? In the end the article sums up that even outside of the fanciest tests, scientific equations, lab results and simulations everyone is different and should get to know their body and how they react to certain stressors. Isn’t that pretty much across the board in anything, hydration and training alike?

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