The Running Tax: What would Uncle SaMiles as you as payment of your annual running?

So for all of us in the US of A, April brings taxes and it got me wondering what if there were a similar sort of taxing system that was applied to our running and working out. Would you have to rack up a yearly total of our miles? A tally of the minutes, hours, eternities spent sweating…then pay back some kind of dividend?

thank you

I'm sooo happy to pay taxes!! Umm...not. (Art: Cait Chock)

* Total yearly miles: Calculate just how many of those 1,609 meter’ers you busted out and you will be asked to pay back 15% on top of a set base rate of 100 miles.

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Back to Running After a Long Hiatus and Tackling GI Distress For Runners

Here’s what you relearn every time you get back to running after a long hiatus:

female runner

When you hit that slap of back to running reality it's a combo of pain and ecstasy to be back. 🙂

* Cross-training is just that.
Nothing is the same as running, mentally and physically, and while you’re a world better off doing that tedious cross-training, it’s still a cold slap of reality when you get back to the real deal. Hello, muscles, almost forgot about you until you were sore again.

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Runners are Hot: Staying hydrated and running when the temperatures rise

You’re starting to sweat and you haven’t even started running yet.It’s hot. Summer is fast approaching and good old, Mr. Sun is making his appearance. It doesn’t feel like long ago you were suited up in full running tights, long-sleeves, and gloves and now you’re donning a sports bra, shorts, and still feel over-dressed.

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The Boston Marathon, Treadmill Marathons, and *Gasp* I Ran…

Is there some kind of race going on in Boston this weekend? Just kidding, as this Sunday Monday (wow, sorry for the total brainfart there!) will be of course the Boston Marathon. This race is rich in history and has a running legacy all it’s own.
In the minds of many marathon runners it’s an epitome of sorts as they chase the entry times just to get to the line. From the mid-packers excited just to BE there to the elites, Boston also often promises fast times, which became quite the controversy last year with the fastest ever marathon times run but then not being counted as ‘official’ World Records. Not that there hasn’t been controversy with Boston times in the past; because Boston’s course, while noted for some epic uphills, overall has an elevation drop. You can get some awesome Boston Coverage HERE and HERE.
Michael Wardian en route to attempting treadmill marathon World Record
But today in Boston Michael Wardian is attempting the World Record for the treadmill marathon, that record time is set at 2:21:40. As of now the results are staying tight lipped, but I’m going to venture to guess he beat it…the man’s a beast in all the best ways.

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How Did I Get Roped Into This Whole Running Thing? – Why We Run and a Sweaty Announcement

Why do you do it? I’m sitting here just finishing off a piece on my ‘Aha Fitness Moment’ and trying to pinpoint the moment I fell in love with running. I’ll share a bit more on why I’m writing this in a minute, but bear with me for a second.
pink runner
I was really stuck on the ‘Aha Moment’ thing because I don’t really think of it like a single, angels singing in the background, moment of clarity that struck me like one of Zeus’s lightening bolts. (How many cliches could I work in there? Hehe) I’d say for me it was more of a transition…

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Do This, Not That the Running Edition Part I: Simple Tips But They Make a Big Difference

Some guy is off making millions off of his ‘Do This/Not That’ style books, well I think I’ll take the premise and apply it to running and training.
peacock runner
* Instead of…crying every time you have to shell out the big bucks for a new pair of running shoes, DO THIS: buy your shoes two at a time then alternate between the two. Why? Doing this will prolong the life of both of the shoes and in the end save you the green stuff. Don’t know the ‘life span’ of your shoe, revisit my post on that HERE. Bonus, if your favorite pair of shoes happen to be on sale, stock up and buy even more than two.

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The Rainbow of Running: Sweating out each mile by the color

A rainbow is built color by color, not unlike your training. Here’s the running rainbow breakdown:
rainbow bird

Red is Consistency. There is no super secret to getting better, it’s just hard work done day in and day out over months, years…you get the picture. Dedication and self-motivation are two the biggest things that will determine the amount you success you achieve, that really goes with anything. You can’t fake it, do what you love; if that’s running then set your goals and run for them. But be prepared for all of the curmudgeony, blah, tedious days too; they will be there and in those times you have to remember WHY you run and then get out there and do it.

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Know Your Weak Spots and Care For Them: All about strengthening your calf muscles and keeping your achilles tendons healthy

As I write this I’m icing my right calf muscle; the little bugger has been a bit cranky as of late so I’m being proactive and giving it a little TLC. Let’s be honest, a runner’s reality (or regular worker-outer) comes with the creaks and squeaks, the moans and groans from the muscles and body, we’re like our own Tin Men and Tin Women. To keep those creaks from turning into the full on screams of injury we’ve got our oil cans in the way of icing, massage, stretching, and the like.

yodeler on a yak

That's your calf muscles and achilles tendon thanking you for some TLC. 😉

Everyone is different and after awhile we get to know where our squeaks tend to lie; for some it’s the perpetually tight hamstring, the plantar fascia that rears its ugly head now and then, the achilles, the IT band and so forth. Knowing our weak points is important because we can focus on being extra diligent with these areas and do all we can to prevent a flare-up.

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I’m a Runner and I’m Not Complaining, But…

I’m a runner and I’m not complaining, but…
road runner
…if you’re going to build a community track but them install those guard rail arms that reach all the way out to lane four on each straight-away it sort of defeats the purpose. I mean doing 400 meter repeats where you have to swing wide on each stretch really is a hassle and adds extra meters when I’m already tired.

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Plyometrics for Runners Part II – Jumps and Hops: I caught the Easter Bunny hopping away plyo style

Let’s talk some plyometrics.If you’re reading this and your face is already smeared with chocolate and Peeps sugar residue, you’ve done the Easter Bunny thing right. 😉 Just kidding…Happy Easter to those who celebrate and Happy Sunday to those who don’t.

jelly bean runner

Jelly beans also work their way into those eggs! 😉

But because we have bunnies on the brain today I thought it fitting we revisit the topic of plyometrics, this time covering hops and jumps. You can read the Part I on bounds and skips.

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