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Running Through to the End: The Mental Benefits of Getting Through a ‘Bad’ Workout

Run to your happy place. But honestly the route to that happy place may not always exactly FEEL like you’re running on clouds, does it? Pretty sure my answer to that question between intervals 3 and 9.99 would have been … Continue reading


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Running a Mile a Minute: Multi-tasking and sneaking into your day ‘little’ things to improve your running

We live in some pretty manic times, and for most mortal runners that means fitting in training when it’s possible. Realistically this looks like runs at 5am, parents pushing jogging strollers or doing intervals around the track while their kids … Continue reading


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Run Like No One is Watching: Understand your pressure and use those race day nerves to your benefit

I love 80′s music, certain songs come on and instantly I feel compelled to yell horribly off key and bust into what I’d try to call moves. I’m the dork in the car who sings along to the music, jiggling … Continue reading


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One of the Biggest Culprits of Lost Time in a Race or Workout? A wandering mind…here’s how to catch it.

If I weren’t attached to my runner legs I’m pretty sure I’d lose them. I take the saying, “I’m the worst with directions” to an entirely new level…I make blondes look like GPS tracking whizzes I’m sure. Today I passed … Continue reading


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Track Your Rest – What’s the ‘Right’ Way to Recover Between Intervals

In training, when you’re running hard intervals the emphasis is naturally on the hard sessions. You want to hit the splits and push yourself all the way through to the end. True, these hard sessions are what are going to … Continue reading


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Runners Out Breaking All the Rules? Which crimes are you guilty of in the name of the run?

Runners, we may look like a pretty straight-laced bunch but don’t be fooled by the outward appearances. Sure, we generally off up quick smiles, have a few odd quirks and harbor an affection miles and miles that can appear rather … Continue reading


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No-Man’s Land – 5 Tips to Surviving the Runner’s Island of Desolation

Runners in lane one! I really wish there could just be a little track gnome with a megaphone who could shout this to clear out lane one from walkers and joggers so that any runners attempting to do speed-work wouldn’t … Continue reading


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Runner Legs Are Always in Style, They Just Look Best Running

I may be partial but I DO believe runner legs look great with everything…they just look their best doing, well, what they do best. Though it may be a stretch to believe I actually have that many ‘regular people clothes.’ … Continue reading


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Booty-Lock: The Runner’s Struggle Against Fire on the Butt

Run like your butt is on fire… Surely it FEELS like your butt is on fire at times, no? Nothing like the booty-lock shuffle induced from going out at a pace you probably shouldn’t have. Payback for making that pacing … Continue reading


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Warning: You’re talking to a runner and I might be secretly laughing at you on the inside

A runner goes through different phases the longer they are involved in the sport.They gradually start to slip away from the ‘norm’ in degrees, sometimes so slight it’s not even noticeable, until of course they reach the point of no … Continue reading


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