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The September Miles Madness Competition: Team Cait vs. Team Ashley

Who’s ready to run their butt of this September? Scratch that, we already know your answer. But are you ready to run your butt of AND take part in a little September Miles Madness Competition? Ashley and Cait have made … Continue reading


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There’s Miles and Madness About to Ensue and You Don’t Want to Miss it!

Runners, miles, smack-talk…it’s September Miles Madness!! Because all great things need to be hyped up to Twilight proportions (but please, everyone agree to like us more! hehe) Ashley and I present to you this Fall’s most talked about and by … Continue reading


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Lights, Camera, Action…Core and Flexibility!! Video demonstrations for your running and entertainment

Turns out this runner is taking herself to Hollywood to become a movie star! If you believed me even for a second then I’m sorry. However, to make it up to you I will let you point at laugh at … Continue reading


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The Imbalanced Runner: Pinpoint your weaknesses and avoid injuries

Every runner is imbalanced. I’m not talking mentally (although we’ve all got our quirks!) but physically; your body isn’t two perfect mirror images between right and left, some muscles are naturally stronger than others, some areas tighter and others looser. … Continue reading


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The Legs That Cried Wolf: Learning to decide when to listen and when to tune out your body’s messages

I didn’t ask for your comments. This isn’t exactly a democracy here, sure you’re allowed to use your voice but don’t always expect that I’m going to be listening. Don’t you know who’s running the show around here? With running … Continue reading


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A Runner: A beautiful blur

All those miles you ran…they’re all just a blur. Or rather, you were just a blur. Blur of motion, speed, power, strength. Endurance. A streak filled of exertion, perseverance, dedication. Make your lines swift, movements efficient, cut through the air. … Continue reading


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I’m One of ‘Them’, They’re Some of ‘Those: A runner amongst weight-lifters

“Dude, I was so pumped. Yesterday, I squatted 375 after eating a crap-load, not even warming up and yea…my PR is 380, I did 375, so I was stoked,” I was standing next to a trio of what were obviously … Continue reading


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The Great Running Shirt Race!

It’s summer, we run, we sweat, but in an awesome running shirt even a drippy, sweaty beast like me looks cool. This Arty Runnerchick has been working away on new designs and is excited to announce that I’ll be expanding … Continue reading


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Finish Line Face: A runner’s grimace-smile as they head for home

You’re running toward the finish line, eyes dead ahead and your face is contorted into some kind of grimace-smile. You’re digging for that extra gear, the lactic acid feels about up to your eyeballs but you spot the line, incentive … Continue reading


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Hot Runner Deals!! Score at the Track and on the Cross-Country Course…but Beware of the Spit Zone

Have you checked out these signs lately, it sure looks like runners all over are getting offered some pretty sweet deals?! Watch out who you line up against at the track…nevermind, I’m sure you’ll be the one offering up the … Continue reading


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