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5 Ways to Make Sure Your Race Doesn’t Suck

Ah, the thrill of race day is what some runners live for. Take all that adrenaline and exited-nervousness and it’s a schmorgesborg of energy. With race day comes the (hopefully mostly) self-imposed pressure, expectations and hopes to run your best. … Continue reading


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Downing Donuts and Crunching Carrots: Runners balancing their nutrition

In case you needed an excuse to hit up Krispy Kreme, today is National Buy a Donut Day; please runners, by all means indulge, let’s just make sure it’s of the 100% whole wheat vareity. Let’s talk runner eats. I’m … Continue reading


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Runner-Speak: A runner’s unsaid language defined

Runners, we really have our own language. True there are the actual words: fartlek, tempo, IT band, nip-guards, chaffage, etc. that we toss around. But there is the running BODY language that sometimes emotes much more than anything that could … Continue reading


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Quick Tips to Improve Your Running in 10 Minutes or Less

I cringe slightly because that headline sounds borderline Runner’s World, but I’m NOT going to say that by eating such-and-such you’ll drop your running PR’s by 2 minutes. Rather that with running there are SO many little, ‘extra’ things that … Continue reading


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Runners Deserve Equipment Managers: Because attending to our needs is just that important

Running is different from most other sports, namely it’s better. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think I deserve to have an equipment manager around here attending to my needs like the football and basketball players get. What about MY … Continue reading


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Running Consistency: It’s a sum of all the miles between the PR’s

With running, those shining races, performances worth remembering and runs where everything clicks are more just a representation of all the crappy runs, slog-fests, and uneventful miles before them. The highlights are always outnumbered by the runs done where no … Continue reading


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Running All Over the Place: Humor, Shirts and Ultra Running Gluttony

I think my brain’s been running in a million more directions than my feet could keep pace with as of late. So today’s post is going to be a bit of Arty Runnerchick updates, link loving, and randomness. It’s getting … Continue reading


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I Spy a Runner

Etched across your face are the words you choose to define yourself by. Select them carefully, for while you can change them later, some are harder to rub off than others. Labels may be controversial, are they good, are they … Continue reading


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Adrenaline and Endorphins Are My Drugs

The act of running floods the brain and body with endorphins, the rush of these feel-good hormones isn’t all that different from a drug-induced high. Those drugs being the ones you get on the streets; there are other kinds of … Continue reading


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Runner Bones

When you’re a runner you know it in your bones. Despite the times of injury, cross-training purgatory, and miles withdrawals, you know in your heart you are a runner. When the track workouts and intervals gnaw at your fortitude, your … Continue reading


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