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Runners, Let Us Issue Insincere Apologies to Our Legs

I’m a runner so I’m pretty sure my legs hate me. I take advantage of them, I use them more than they’d like me to. If you catch them on a particularly brutal day they may even try to convince … Continue reading


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No One Is ‘Born’ a Runner: Don’t use ‘bad’ genetics as an excuse not to try

So often I’ve heard people lament, “I’m just not a runner.” Like it’s a fact, something you’re born with like red hair or green eyes, and there’s just no point in even trying to put up a fight. Lost cause, … Continue reading


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Protect That Runner Noggin: Ambler Heat Beanies Give-away

Every runner head is pretty stinking awesome. The cranium, the noggin, the noodle; while our legs do most of the PHYSICAL work the mentality of a runner defines how well he or she will actually preform. A runner’s head can … Continue reading


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To Run Great You Have To Trust Yourself, To Do That You Put Trust In Others

Running is one of those sports that is pretty much you against yourself. But that’s not quite right because running FORCES you, if you want to be your absolute best, to rely on a few key other people as well. … Continue reading


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Introducing The NEWEST Design For My Running Shirt Line

Because this is as close as I can get to having Runner tattooed across my face. I love this design because it pretty much sums it all up. Succinct. To the point. For once, the runner/writer who is forever using … Continue reading


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Steph’s Miles Recipe: Healthy Buffalo Chicken Burgers

Today this runnerchick has a special treat for you! I’m so excited to share with you this blog’s very first guest blogger, Stephanie from Steph’s Miles! Check out this girl’s awesome blog; I instantly loved her because she’s not only … Continue reading


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Running With Sass

I confess, as of late I’ve been running with quite a bit of sass. I was running with sass when some idiot in a car thought it funny to start hollering at a runner minding her own business. This guy … Continue reading


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The Dual Personalities of Runners: Switching from ‘life’ mode to ‘race’ mode

Runners have a kind of dual personality thing going on, which is really quite interesting. Not the doctors in white coats and clipboards kind of multiple personalities, but rather, a stark difference between ‘life’ and ‘training/racing mode’ personalities. The ‘life’ … Continue reading


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How Runners Can Stuff Their Face At Restaurants But Still Perform At Their Best

We run so we can eat, right? Okay, okay, I do toss that around here quite frequently because, yes, being a runner entitles us to be a little more gluttonous than our slothy counterparts. BUT at the same time it … Continue reading


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A Peek Into My Runner Mind: We’re all mad, our thoughts should be too

All of us runners are a bit mad, that’s established. That’s okay with me…I’ll share the madness that ran through my mind while my feet were doing what they do this morning. Right outside my house a pair of running … Continue reading


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