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Runner’s Strip: The Pre-Run Routine – Get out the door and running before you grow a beard

Sometimes it feels like it can take an eternity before we actually get out the door for that run. Between taking care of all those creaks and squeaks, making sure the ‘guts’ and bladder are ready to roll, and WHY … Continue reading


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Super Secret, Amazing, Scientific Answer To Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain: RUN

Every year around this time I admit to getting up a little on my runner’s high horse and thinking, “Gosh dang, you people, shut up about all those ‘Avoid Holiday Weight Gain’ articles the answer is simple: RUN!” I’m not … Continue reading


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Runners, Get Your Confidence On: Workouts to build the confidence you need to race your best

I’ve talked a lot about how important confidence is for runners. When you step to the line of a race, and any workout too for that matter, it is confidence that helps quell those nerves. You tell yourself that you’ve … Continue reading


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Carpe the Run

Run every interval like it’s your last. Run every mile like it’s your last…and be grateful for it, even if in the moment it feels like he##. Step to the line of every race like you are among friends…well, the … Continue reading


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Straight Talking Iron For Runners: IV treatments, pills, doses, and runner norms

If you’re reading this and wiping steak blood juice from your lips because you’re a runner and know how important it is to get that iron into your blood, then this post is JUST perfect for you! Actually, my latest … Continue reading


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Garmin Forerunner 10 Review: Uh-Oh, now I’m stuck in a love triangle

Shhh, you CAN’T tell my Garmin Forerunner 410 but I’ve been cheating on him. It’s horrible, I know, because you all know how much I love him, but I find myself also in love with the Garmin Forerunner 10. Source … Continue reading


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Seuss Gets Hi-Jacked by a Runner

Move over Sam I Am, there’s a runner here about to tell her own story… …enter that darn fox… …you know you want to try this one… …a little running from with the Lorax… ..and of course the Grinch gets … Continue reading


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Running Can Be Scary As He**, Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

Running is scary sometimes. Not in the ‘BOO!’ the Oogittity-boogitty Monster is chasing you, though that would surely get that turn-over moving, but in the fact that with running you must constantly be putting yourself out there. Part of that … Continue reading


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Running and ‘Craming’: Race day ready with not as much time as you would have liked

The results for the ‘cramming method’ when it comes to running are a pretty mixed bag. Admittedly there are those lucky few blessed with a fair chunk of talent and with minimal training can whip out a rather remarkable performance … Continue reading


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We May Be Funny Runners But Call Us Joggers And The Laughing Stops There!

The other night one of my friends asked me, “When you see people running, what are some of the things you judge them on?” Okay, so first off I guess I DO have to admit to being maaaybe just a … Continue reading


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