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The Apathetic Runner: Are you stuck running in the ‘meh’ zone too long?

Runner apathy? I read an article about apathy as it applied to ‘normal’ life and as per usual there is a running parallel. It’s reportedly becoming more common that people are stuck in a sort of happiness limbo; they aren’t … Continue reading


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Fix Your Form, Drop Your Shoulder: The ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ runners should clean-up their form (ie: get faster)

“Drop your flipping shoulders!” is pretty much what I had to yell to myself as I was running for years. Add to that list, “Stand up tall,” “Right elbow, tuck in that right elbow, idiot!” Oh the beautiful language of … Continue reading


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Runners Eat REAL Carbs: Don’t let me catch you ordering a burrito bowl

When a runner walks into Chipotle they da**-straight don’t order a burrito bowl! If a runner comes back from a long run and sits down at a burger joint, they aren’t going to be ordering up something that comes wrapped … Continue reading


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Warning: Runners in mirror are stronger than they appear

Don’t mess with me, I’m a runner. Looks may be a bit deceiving, I’ve had people call me ‘hummingbird arms’ or ‘wishbone’ but I can pack a punch. Runners come in all shapes and sizes, a few of us (okay, … Continue reading


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The GI Issue Cursed Runner: Tackling those great, poopy disasters

This runner has had burritos on the brain. That being said, tucking into a 5lb burrito bomb and taking off on a 5 mile tempo isn’t such a hot idea. Actually, going for any run after that may be iffy… … Continue reading


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Runner’s Strip: Runner’s Math

Let me school you in a bit of my runner logic… If math isn’t your forte, we’ll just blame it on an oxygen deprived brain. I mean, c’mon, all of that precious O2 is going to our muscles where it’s … Continue reading


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The Complimented Runner: Why numbers will always trump words

What’s the ultimate compliment for a runner? Good form. Stellar kick. Awesome smile atop that podium. A little old lady remarked to me as I set off on my run this morning, “You look cold.” “I’ll warm up fast,” I … Continue reading


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Runner’s Strip: Dog Park

I’ve passed plenty of dogs while out running and whenever I see one of the HUGE ones, the kind that probably weigh more than a few runnerchicks I know, I can’t help but imagine riding that furry beast like a … Continue reading


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A Runner’s Selective Amnesia: Push out memories of the crappy runs to keep room for the epic ones

Runners need to live in a constant state of selective amnesia. Namely, we need to push from our minds the runs that feel like we are dragging lead bricks behind us or the times when our legs decide to pretend … Continue reading


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Hey, Lance, you just got chicked!

Running is hard. “Thank you, Captain Obvious!” It’s hard for everyone and competing is even harder. So, I have absolutely no respect for cheaters. There, I said it, I stand by that. Now that Lance Armstrong wants to go around … Continue reading


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