5 Running Flash-Factoids Part II: Spare your eye muscles and save your energy working your legs

Runners should save their energy for putting those legs to good use, not straining eye ball muscles. 😉 If you liked last week’s 5 Flash-Factoids post then I hope you enjoy round two just as much!
runner sitting
* Remember Your Weaknesses: We all have our ‘weak’ spots, the injuries that seem to creep back time and time again. There are rehab and proactive TLC exercises/stretches you can do to keep those injuries at bay. Don’t get too cozy during periods where you’re injury free and slack on those things, stay current with your runner up-keep and care.

* Make Your Mileage Work For You: Knowing how much running your body can handle is key to your longevity; if you’re a runner with a lower threshold when it comes to total weekly mileage, that’s okay, but just make those miles you do run count. ‘Save’ those miles for hard workouts and your long runs and substitute cross-training for the easy run days. The miles you do run, be stingy with them and make them faster.

* Treadmills Aren’t a Weakness: Some die-hard runners have the line of thought that treadmills are for weenies. But treadmills are a training tool and they have their time and place; sometimes it’s safer to go indoors and in some cases you can get a better workout in too.
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* But Sometimes You Need the Elements: That said, races are run outside and at times you should condition yourself to brave the outdoors even when an indoor run would be more comfortable. This is especially true if the race you’re going to run will be really hot and humid, or cold and windy…you want to prepare your body for running in those kinds of conditions and still being able to perform. Keep in mind you may have to adjust times and run for effort.

* Wear the Right Gear: If you’re going out for a run in super hot and humid conditions and you’re rocking a cotton tee, be prepared to be chugging home with about 5 extra pounds of shirt sweat. Suit up in the right gear for the elements; when it’s cold layers are your friend not just to keep warm but for the safety of your muscles too. To avoid chaffing and shirt sweat poundage, running shirts and clothes made from technical materials are your friends…hey, speaking of tech tees there is an AWESOME one I’ve got that you should be outfitting yourself with. 😉

1) Have you learned your body’s mileage threshold? How do you make that mileage work for you?

2) What is your chronic ‘squeaky wheel’ or weak point in your body?
My darn hamstrings and left foot at the moment.

3) Favorite kind of running shorts?
Either the Tempo shorts or ones with a split.

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13 thoughts on “5 Running Flash-Factoids Part II: Spare your eye muscles and save your energy working your legs

  1. I am learning the balance between treadmill training and outside running. After training for my first half marathon completely on the treadmill I am now learning the mental benefits of heading outdoors!
    I love my knee-length running tights. These legs are strong but the world isn’t ready for thighs this white to be seen in public….
    My squeaky wheel is definitely my feet. I am re-learning my body’s mileage threshold at the moment as I have just started training for my next half marathon. Plenty of time though because it isn’t until January!
    Thanks for the sweet tweet as well gorgeous lady 🙂

  2. I agree with Amy that there’s a balance between treadmill and the outdoors – which is exactly what you were getting at. I have a feeling that if you’re prone to injury, treadmill once or twice a week is beneficial for a softer surface and more even run. BUT nothing beats going outside!

    Shorts irritate me, I still haven’t found a pair that really feel comfortable. I’m going with leggings for now!

    How’s that foot treating you?

    • really?!?!? not one pair of shorts…well, don’t lose hope yet! have u ever tried one of the split styles, i really am mad they phased those out for women’s…i’ve actually bought some men’s splits shorts. 🙂

  3. Well, I’m still learning my body’s threshold because I don’t think I’ve really reached it yet.
    My left knee and somtimes my calves (ususally just sore).
    I love spandex shorts!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I have not learned what type of mileage is best for my body. I would love to be one of those runners that run 100 miles a week but I just can’t find the time to see if that is actually possible for me. But it sounds like fun.
    As for shorts I really don’e have a favorite short type, I love running in running skirts.

  5. Running is still so new to me 🙂 I am learning to take interest in my mileage, learning to find what I am most comfortable in (the tighter, the better), learning that sports bras ARE important when it comes to running, learning that what my knees can take and what they can’t. So much! 🙂 Most of my running is done on the treadmill, mainly because I live kind of in the woods and it freaks me out to run early in the morning…. 🙂
    Great post Cait!

    • one of the most exciting parts of running is figuring these things out…and u’re doing amazing with it! i’m so stoked u just got a new treaddy…yea, running in the woods sans sun would freak me the heck out too!!

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