A Comic For Runners – Runner’s Strip: Meet Your Brain

Sunday is comic time!! All about the Runner’s Strip today…

running brain
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In case you missed our last comic, revisit Runner’s Strip: Twitter Addict.

Hope you’re having a great weekend!

1) What’s the last geeky running thought to pulse through your brain?

2) How did you spend your Sunday?

3) Corny joke time…if you have one, spill it! 😉
Why did the elephant bring toilet paper to the party? …Well, he was a party pooper of course!

I like this one better: Why did the runner shove some toilet paper in their sock? 😉

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4 thoughts on “A Comic For Runners – Runner’s Strip: Meet Your Brain

  1. Laugh out loud hilarious and scarily accurate at the same time – as always!
    I spent my Sunday on a 6 mile run, then reading a book for uni (how great that I can call reading “homework”) and then preparing and eating a feast with my best friend.
    My geeky running thought ? Wondering why the treadmill at the gym has to stop at 60min and doesn’t recognise that some of us like to exercise for longer than that! (It was too hot to run outside)

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