A Neurotic Runner?

I’m not neurotic, I’m a runner.
I’m not obsessed, I just can’t sleep unless I did my run for the day.

Don’t call me crazy but if on Sunday night I total my miles for the week and see they are at 59…it takes some self-restraint to not go out and run one more mile. Even if it’s 11pm.

Jenny Craig can count her calories, points or whatever; but I’d rather count miles and minutes. Sure those miles may seem to pass faster if I’m dreaming about cookies and cakes. Hey, Jenny, back off I earned those!
runner eating donuts
Sometimes I wonder how much I could save on my electric bill if I were to figure out a way to use my treadmill as my home power-source. Take that PGE!!

Stopping RIGHT on the dot of a mile bugs me; if my Garmin says 6.0 I have to run just a little bit further. It makes me feel safe.

I’m a runner. Come to think of it I may be neurotic though too.

1) If a Garmin or treadmill is ticking off your miles, do you have a weird quirk about where you like to stop?

2) Last foodage you dreamed about on your run…if it was a long run, how many miles were you drooling in anticipation?

3) What’s something else you are a bit neurotic about when it comes to running?

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14 thoughts on “A Neurotic Runner?

  1. Haha! You make me smile. Love the thought of you jumping back on the treadmill for an extra km.

    I just need to hit that km mark, and then it’s cool-down run time. I have no need at all to go over! But you’d better believe it bugs me to run short. I’d rather walk it out than turn around.

  2. I am neurotic about checking off my running goals for the week. If my Wednesday said 4 miles tempo, and I don’t get those 4 miles in my little brain keeps yammering at me until I reach that goal. So maybe a running calendar runs my life…? I’m not suffering.
    I also have a thing about logging all my runs in my diary for the year. I like to tally up the miles and such things at the end of the week just to see how I am doing. It is nice to know that all of us runners are just as neurotic as each other though. Welcome to the loony bin 🙂

    • okay, i’m totally anal about doing my daily/weekly training log but i don’t do a total for the whole year…i think it comes down to being too lazy at looking back over it all. 😉 hehe…but then come Jan i read everyone doing their totals and i wonder! hehe. that said, i’m warming up the straight jacket for u…then we can have tea. 😉

  3. In regards to my Garmin, sometimes I want to stop right on the dot and then other times I feel daring to stop on a weird number like 3.56 lol Then other times I have a run planned and I end up running more or less and so I just stop it wherever the run ends which is usually not a whole number.
    I know what you mean about being neurotic, I think all runners are! lol

  4. I do the same thing! Every time that I schedule a run, I will always go over the miles that I have set for that day. Plan 4 miles, go 4.2. Plan 1 mile, go 2! 🙂

  5. i am neurotic about far toooo many things. i have to have everything JUST perfect and ready the night before a LR or I feel so out of it the first few miles. I also really like even miles. odd miles make me anxious. haha! i also think about ALL food…especially chocolate and soda…that i cant wait to have that night:)

    • haha…i’ve got the same thing with those odd numbers. forget u 5, 7 and 9…i don’t care if i’m tired rather run the extra mile than deal with my quirky brain! 😉

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