A Quick Comic for Runners- Runner’s Strip: Marathon Dad

Happy Sunday to all! What does Sunday mean? Well, if you answered chocolate chip pancakes and comics then at least I can deliver on one. I’m introducing my own quick little comic strip, Runner’s Strip, here for you guys that I hope you enjoy.
running comic
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Happy runnings peeps, and here’s to devouring all the food in the house! 🙂

1) Do you often find you’ve got a belly that’s a beast and refuses to be satisfied? After which kinds of workouts do you tend to feel the hungriest after?
My stomach usually works on a bit of a lag time, right after hard workouts I’m not hungry but then later in the day it kicks in.

2) What’s your favorite pick for refuel?
Depends…I make sure to get in my ‘healified’ quota and then allow the treats to follow. 🙂

3) Food braggage…let’s hear it folks…tales of tables past. Your Runner vs. Food accomplishment so to speak.
I’m not entirely ashamed to admit I have eaten whole pizzas, a couple boxes of Pop-Tarts, and an Entemann’s coffee cake on various occasions…not all at once, different times. Not that I recommend it as nutritionally sound…

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14 thoughts on “A Quick Comic for Runners- Runner’s Strip: Marathon Dad

  1. LOL!!!! bahahaha so, so true. Your comics are great! I think you should make it a sunday tradition. I’ll supply my own chocolate chip pancakes :-D. My stomach also works on “lag time” , and it talks most the day after a long run. I do try my best to get in as much refuel as possible during the recovery window…I think the most satisfying thing I ever had was scrambled eggs made with chicken sausage, plus a cinnamon raisin bagel, followed about 2 hours later with a giant pumpkin scone from starbucks, and then baked ziti + galric bread for dinner lol. Food braggage….I’ve eaten almost all of a whole 12 inch pizza once. My boyfriend at the time and I ordered it, he ate one slice but then spent too much time taking a phone call and when he was done I’d eaten the rest….he was like “WTF” but hey, tyou snooze you lose with me hahaha

  2. I loved the comic! Haha, for me after running there’s usually a lag time of half an hour or so (perfect about of time for me to get to class before I get super hungry). And then for swimming it’s pretty much as soon as I get back to my house I’m starving.
    I like to eat carbs and proteins after I workout. My body craves them!
    I’ve out eaten a few of my guy friends with large amounts of food after a big workout or somthing. I definitly was given some new found respect 😛

  3. Cait, I love your blogs, and the comics!!! They amaze me! Ever and again you touch a note that resonates with (even) me! I turn 75, (Yeah! Years!) in a few days! Resonant examples: “… sleep and I have a fickle relationship:!! – (Often find myself at 3:00am, up reading your stuff ); AND “… connecting with other runners and those sweat obsessed …” – (I am a half-century passed my running heyday, yet you make that connection!!!)

    While my form of fitness has ‘devolved’ (?) to a bicycle, I LOVE it! To the tune of averaging and hour a day for the past eight years!
    Thanks to the “Arty Runner Chick” and following some of the world best, I feel like I’m “connecting with other runners…”

  4. Haha Cait you are a comedy GENIUS and never fail to make me laugh!! 😀

    I am always crazy hungry the day after a long run, and on rest days! I think my appetite is slightly supressed when I run, but on rest days it is INSANE and I eat everything in sight! I AM THAT MAN IN THE FRIDGE! 😛

  5. Hahahaha I love it! Does a pint of Ben and Jerry’s count as a food accomplishment? That was technically after my first round of finals in college, not after a run, but it’s one of my prouder moments. 🙂

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