A Running First: The run/swim wade

I’ve run in some pretty crappy conditions, but today marked a first for this runnerchick. I literally had to run/swim, like stop the watch and doggie paddle kinda stuff! California goes from the golden winter to flash-flooding my bike trail today…it was craaaazy!

Actually the episode was actually quite comical. I almost tripped and went full-submersion style. [side-note: I have a phobia of leeches, visions of them stuck to my legs and torso riddled my mind the whole run] So a toast to you, Winter, you pulled a fast one on me today. You done good, but I still won out. I’m pretty sure that was hail there between those bullet rain-drops and I came out looking like a wet, sewer rat but I got that run done.
running through the rain cartoon
And hey, I’d still take a bucket of rain over some of those well-below zero temperature readings from other states. You runners over there, good gracious, seeing icicles in your beards, eyelashes, and hair!! But I did have to make a cartoon for my run today because, quite honestly, I’m not doing one BIT of over-exaggeration for comedic effect.

Sometimes reality, in it’s own sickly sense, is way more hilarious.

Go on, run on…run/swim on?? 😉
HUGE NEWS!! If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw the Spoiler Alert! My latest running shirt design has dropped! The Peacock Runner…check out my Mommy-O model, the first runnerchick to don this one.

peacock runner shirt
Full details on this one to come and it will be available to buy at my store soon…but my excitement bubbled over and I had to give you the sneak peek. 😉

1) What’s the deepest water you’ve had to cut through during a run?
Today was well above my waist.
2) Worst conditions you’ve ever run in?
3) Are you pretty good at keeping a secret if you’re excited?

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4 thoughts on “A Running First: The run/swim wade

  1. I love the new shirt!!! and what a gorgeous model you have! (Hi Mrs Chock).
    I’m glad to hear you didn’t hurt yourself in the sudden downpour. A soaking wet injured runner would not have been a good outcome.
    The worst conditions I have run in was with a running group I was part of. We turned up for a 10km run at 5am and it was pouring. We goaded each other into going and it was a long soggy run, but at the end we did feel pretty hardcore 🙂
    I wish we could have some rainy runs around here at the moment. We sure could use the water!
    Also, I’m really bad at keeping secrets too 🙂

    • thank you!! 🙂
      oh man, yea, running together in groups makes those horrible runs even more, “i can’t believe we’re this crazy!” funny. 🙂

  2. Wow waist-deep!? That is some crazy flooding. I think the deepest water I’ve gone through is shin-deep. The trail I often run on has a low water bridge and sometimes it gets flooded. But when that happens the water is rushing over it, so I don’t cross it because I don’t think it would be safe. No matter how good of a swimmer I am. I’m glad you didn’t encounter any leeches! They gross me out.

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