Abs in Full Sluggy Glory

So I’ve become a slug. Not because I’m lazy (but, not gonna lie I’m guilty of not going to get my mail sometimes because I’m too lazy to walk down the two flights of stairs and down the hallway to get it) but because I’m leaving a nasty sweat trail behind me. Sorry, yes I’m gross too.

Finished my easy run of a bit over 8.5 miles and there was no drippier slug to be found. As I was doing my Pedestal core routine I was dripping my trail of sweat until it became a nice little slippery pool. I was even having trouble getting enough traction between my forearm and the ground to stay steady…I was a mess. Thankfully no one else was around to witness me in fully sluggy glory and I swear I mopped up after myself.

Standing in front of the fan for a few minutes did a nice job of airing me out before I moved to the bench to do my ab routine. I used to be really anal about doing abs every single day, mostly out of habit and my stomach area is my ‘thing.’ That thing you always compare to other peoples’. Anyways, I did them every day even though I KNEW you shouldn’t train the same muscle group day in and day out. They never get a chance to fully recover and then never build up as strong as they can be. In fact I knew I’d get better results AND they’d look better if I did them every other day, but still I did them my way. Well, I always know my way is the best way after all. 😉

Finally I got to the point in recognizing I’m a dork and so I do them every other day. I mean you don’t go to the weight room and train the same muscle groups (ie: shoulders, quads, etc) every day so why is it that abs are the exception to the rule? I know I’m not the only one guilty of this one, lots of people overdo the ab thing and I think that’s for the very same reason I did/do it, (I admit that on the days that I don’t do my full ab routine I still do a quick round of crunches on the stability ball…I’m only human after all) everyone wants a kick@$$ stomach.

The other big mistake people do with abs is that they assume working on ab specific exercises WILL get them the six pack. Well the bummer is that the ab muscles won’t even be seen if there is a that nice layer of adipose tissue covering them. Read: fat layer. So if you’ve got poundage to drop hit up the cardio baby and then worry about all them crunches. hehe.

Off of my tangent there and sorry if you don’t want a rambling on all things abs. But, so after blowing myself to a quasi-slug stain state I did my ab routine:

* 15 Butt Bridges: Lie on back, place feet about a foot and a half in front of your bum with your knees bent. Raise your bum up until your quads and torso are in a line and then lower back down. Repeat.

* 20 Leg Lifts: Lie on back, legs straight in front of you. Keeping your legs straight, raise them up into the air until they are perpendicular to the floor and then lower back down. Repeat. (this works on the lower abs; I’ve got some variations on this one I’ll share later)

* 30 Crunches

* 15 Butt Bridges

* 20 Leg Lifts

* 40 Bicycle Crunches: Alternate bringing your left elbow to your right knee and then your right elbow to your left knee as you crunch.

* 15 Butt Bridges

* 20 Leg Lifts

* 30 Crunches

* 30 Crunches on stability ball
(I move my slug train to the stability ball for these, you can get a little more out of your crunches on the ball but if you don’t have one ’tis okay)

* 30 Side Crunches on stability ball: Just crunch but alternate going to the left and right side as you go up.

* 30 Crunches on stability ball

* 15 Hamstring Ball Rolls:
Lie with your back flat on the ground and place your feet/ankles on top of the ball. Raise up like you were doing a butt bridge so that your legs are straight, your lower back is off the ground and balance on your shoulder blades. With your ankles resting on the ball, roll the ball in by pulling your feet towards you until the ball is by your bum and then roll it back out.

*10 Ball Bridges: Just like the butt bridge but this time your feet are on the ball, lift up until your legs are in alignment with your torso, you will go until your lower back is off the ground and only your shoulder blades are still flat on the floor. Lower back down and repeat. (you can modify this one to be a little easier by resting your knees on the ball and raising up)

* 15 Hamstring Ball Rolls

* 10 Ball Bridges

* 15 Hamstring Ball Rolls

Then the slug train wiped off the rest of the equipment. The last bit I do because of my darn adductor and so the hamstring rolls are supposed to help me with that problem. It’s not necessarily ab work but I do it because I’m there and the ball is ready, willing, and able.

That said, nothing much else to share for today. I hope you’re all doing just dandy on yet another hump day!

1) Have to pick: would you rather be a slug or a snail?

Snail. They have those cool houses. I guess slugs are really just hobo snails.

2) Favorite ab exercises?

I also really like pilates.

3) What do you do that you know is ‘wrong’ but you do it anyways? Or I guess you know that doing it a different way would get you better results but you do it your way just because?

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10 thoughts on “Abs in Full Sluggy Glory

  1. Holy damn girl, that is an AWESOME core workout! I love the Pedestal one too!! And my stomach is SO my thing that I compare to other people- ALL the time. It's funny, because it's my most self-conscious area, yet people will always tell me how lucky I am to have legs/arms/back that I do… and all I can see are my lovehandles! I wish I had you to run with (and when I say this, I mean run way the hell in front of me so I can stare at you).
    I'd rather be a snail, their shells can be fab.
    My favourite ab exercise: running plank! In a plank (on your hands), start stomping your feet left and right. Then add the SAME hand to your stomp and alternate left and right!! Killer!!! I also love partner leg push downs!
    I know that I shouldn't do any oblique workouts where I don't twist… but I love doing side bends sometimes 🙂

  2. look who stopped by, it's some smoking @$$ chick who puts all that hoopla over hilary swank's training for million dollar baby to shame! 😉 that was a mouthful…lol. thanks for the feedback on the workouts and i'm the EXACT same way as you. the first thing i look at on anyone is their stomach and then i get a mean case of stomach envy on those flat as a pancake girls. don't make me name names here. but like u i've gotten compliments on my legs/butt but it doesn't do anything for me. side note, u and i need to work on that one…lol.

    ok i'd LUV to be ur runner buddy if u act as my yoga yoda and my core master. i've never even thought of the running plank! omg i love it, it's sort of like those ski-runners but kicked up a notch. those things where you just alternate bringing your feet up by your hands then back…but i like yours more, gonna steal it! 😉

  3. ahhhh. blogger deleted my comment. that was rude. basically i just said that you ab workout looks AWESOME and I really want to give it a try. Second…mail story. I hate walking to get the mail even though it is a mere 50 ft away. So, I park at the mailboxes on my way home and then drive the 50 ft back to my parking spot after i have gotten it. pretty lazy and i am pretty sure I am the only one that does this. i get weird looks. I do not care. haha!

    i agree with your snail reasoning! cool house wins.

  4. dang that blogger! i'm sorry and thanks for posting again! :/ glad u like the core workout and omg ur mailbox story is the EXACT same thing my mom does! (i would do too if they let me drive down the hallways in this complex.) 🙂

  5. This ab workout looks like a killer! Something to incorporate into my new routine after the half marathon is over 🙂
    Love the 'Low Intensity Complainer' you would not believe how many times I hear the exact same comment from some of my patients. Bless their little cotton (and non-sweaty or sluggy) socks.

  6. thanks amy and glad u like the workout! let me know wat u think but AFTER your race, don't want to mess with what's already working there. 🙂
    oh i know, sometimes i feel bad about the cute little old man doing about one pedal a minute on the bike, like u said, bless their hearts but they need to kick it up just a tad. 🙂

  7. Haha oooh, slug or a snail…I'm not sure I could pick one of those! But with your definition of slug above, I'd definitely say that I'm more that way. I SWEAT when I workout!

    I LOVE pilates for abs but with my back injury I haven't done enough of it lately. I might have to try to get back into it – thanks for the reminder 🙂

    I've definitely been known to run too many days in a row and not give myself a rest day. Can't help it though! When you love it, you love it 🙂

  8. haha…maybe super sweaty powers is something all cait's posses…it's just part of our coolness. 😉 i hope that back of urs is behaving, maybe some of those pilates moves will actually help it too? oh and i agree with you 110% about the running. 😉

  9. Um who spends this much time on their abs?!?! I really need to start focusing more on my stomach. It's probably the one area I neglect the most, probably because I feel it's where I need the least work. I don't have a 6-pack by any means but I tend to spend more time on my legs and arms.

    When I have 7 hours to spare I will try your workout because that's how long it'll take me!

  10. haha…i SWEAR it really doesn't take all that long it just looks like a lot because i over-explain things way too much! lol. shush, i'm sure u're able to crush cans on ur abs, but core work is really for you, and not just the abs. a stronger core will make u faster, more resistant to injuries, avoid back issues, and parlay into better strength in other parts of ur bod. all stuff katy can tell ya or u prolly know, but a quicker thing u can do is the pedestal core routine i do…under 10 mins i promise.

    that said, i've seen some of those leg/arm workouts u've got going on, and i need to take notes! 🙂

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