An Injured Runner’s Psyche: The Sybil Effect

I’m a runner, I’m injured, I’m not held accountable for my actions.
injured runner art
I’m pretty sure this would hold up in court. A runner deprived of their endorphins isn’t quite themselves. Be warned, handle their delicate psyche with care…

Staying POSITIVE through an injury is the only way to get through it…my post HERE is all about that.

More post ALL about INJURIES

Posts for CROSS-TRAINING (trust me, cross-train while you’re injured so you can come back to running stronger! doing nothing will be a cold slap of reality…take some of the sting out. 😉 )

When not injured, sometimes you need to remind yourself how lucky you are. Don’t take your running for granted.

1) The last time you were injured, what was a ‘casualty’ of war?
I may or may not have bitten a few heads off. 😉
2) If you’re injured right now, you’re allowed one vent sentence. Then follow it up with a positive affirmation that will get you through your injury.
3) For all you NOT injured, write a sentence on how you’re GRATEFUL for your ability to run and remind yourself never to take that for granted.

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6 thoughts on “An Injured Runner’s Psyche: The Sybil Effect

  1. Thankfully right now I’m in the non-injured camp!!
    I’m 100% thankful every single morning when I get out of bed and head down to run and workout – and my family is grateful that I get a good sweat going to start each day, too.

    • well at least you have an AWESOME reason for not running. it still sucks not running, i know, but at least you’ve got one epic reward waiting for you! 🙂

  2. I’m a happier and more levelheaded person when I run, so when I get injured and can’t run that all goes out the window. My dear husband is usually the first casualty.

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