Approach the Pre-Run Runner At Your Own Risk

My ability to function as an individual relies quite heavily on my running. Perhaps more correctly my ability to function as a sane and friendly person does.
grumpy runner
I like to run first thing, I try to not go out into normal society until after my run…more out of a courtesy. I’m pretty sure I’m grouchier. It’s because something IS wrong with me, there’s a bit missing. It’s my ‘fix’ of miles and endorphins.

So please, for the sake of yourself and everyone else, don’t speak to me until after my run. I promise that I AM a kind, engaging, and humorous person. The pre-run version of myself…we’ll just think of that as my ugly, evil, non-running twin.

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1) When do you like to get your run in?

2) Do you definitely feel like you’re a different person pre and post run?

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14 thoughts on “Approach the Pre-Run Runner At Your Own Risk

  1. Many a spousal argument has been avoided when I zipped my lip and thought “dont’ speak on this until after you’ve run, you’ll feel better” and sure enough, the trivial things sweat away into such small stuff.

  2. Oh dear, this is SO me! At the first post-op checkup after my bilateral mastectomy/reconstruction, the first thing my husband asked the dr was, “When can she run???” Ha! Poor guy;)

  3. I like to run first thing in the morning…if 8:30 am rolls around and I haven’t run yet, it is already getting past my prime time lol….And can we add to this not talking to me until after my run to include don’t try and talk to me while I run? Lol Leave me alone people! Do I not look busy?

  4. I love to get my sweat session done early in the day, so that I can ride that endorphin wave all day long 🙂 In the case that I can’t get it done early I will go on my way home so that I’m a happy chickpea for my family that evening.
    I am definitely a happier woman post-run, and even Mama Chickpea knows that I need to get sweaty regularly so I stay smiling 🙂

    • you and i, as seems to be the trend…hehe, are alike! why jype ourselves of the most endorphin-high time?? 😉
      gotta love mama chickpea, she may think we’re crazy for running, but at least she ‘gets it’ and knows it keeps us on this side of sane(r). 😉

  5. I have always been an evening runner. I am not 100 % in the morning. Races are tough for me. The only problem is that by the time I shower and wind down, I am wide awake and don’t sleep well.

  6. During the week I prefer to run in the evening after work, but on the weekends it’s all about the morning run. I’m a much nicer and happier person after my long run 🙂

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