Baby, It’s Gettin Cold Out…Runners Beware

Is winter here yet?! Well, at least for me I’m saying it’s cold out! (I know, I know, I’m a big weather weenie and acknowledge that I don’t even have a ‘real winter’ compared to most states!)

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As with our summer season there are things you need to remember come winter…so let’s have a little refresher course to all us runners out there. And if you see a big, fat man in a red suit chasing you…I hate to break it to you but he’s not really Santa and I’d suggest you make like a record-holder and RUN!

* Think layers!! I know, this sounds like an obvious, but I’ve been guilty of this in the past; I tend to heat up rather quickly and I don’t want a bunch of extra clothes bogging me down. But, it’s far better to go in overdressed than underdressed…your muscles do NOT like the shock of cold weather and you put yourself at risk of an injury.

* Keep drinking. Even though you might not feel like it, you’re losing a lot of sweat and moisture; you won’t see the big pit stains because the cold weather causes it to evaporate, but trust me it’s there. You also lose water through respiration…do don’t let the hydration slack during this time.

* Don’t stretch. Wow, that sounds wrong, doesn’t it?! What I mean is DO NOT stretch cold muscles; you’ll rip, tear, pull something. You should only be stretching after you’ve warmed up (run for at least 10 minutes) or AFTER your run…not before. Finally, if it’s really cold out stretch real fast because your temperature will drop fast and your muscles will then, in effect, be cold again. ๐Ÿ™‚

* Get back in. If you do have a real winter, there are times when running on the treadmill is the SMART thing to do. You’re not a ‘weenie’…you won’t be too happy if you go out and slip on some black ice or other winter hazard and wind up injured. Plus, indoors you can sometimes get in a better quality workout. (ie: if you’re planning on a tempo run but the roads are slicked over with ice or snow and there are gale force winds, I’ll bet you’ll be able to run faster/safer indoors.)

So, winter is blowing in and let’s not let it pelt us with any injuries or other sorts. Sorry, I was reaching for a bad pun or something to close with and am seriously lacking.

1) Words of advice for winter running/working out?

2) Do you have a ‘real winter’? Also, any crazy winter running stories?

3) What are you most looking forward to this winter?

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6 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Gettin Cold Out…Runners Beware

  1. Oh, well I have absolutely no expertise in this area, nor should I complain about Brisbane winter (even though I do, constantly from April to October).
    All I will say is – bring a hankie. Everytime I run outside in the colder months my sinus tract goes crazy. Therefore to be a lady (and because there is only so much my sleeves can take) I pack a handkerchief into my sports bra (I should use two, that might actually have extra benefits…) and use this while I am running.
    Do I get laughed at? Yup.
    Do I care? No.
    If I was in the beautiful USA during a ‘real winter’ I would most definitely be looking forward to seeing snow for the first time! I still have yet to check this one off my bucket list.
    Also, Cait, thank you so much for your gorgeously sweet comments on my blog. I wish I could send you a thousand cupcakes! (In assorted varieties of course ๐Ÿ™‚ )

    • haha…i complain too even tho it isn’t a ‘real winter’! u’ve NEVER seen snow?? well, don’t feel too bad, it is purdy but then after about two minutes i get cold and think, “okay, been there, seen this, let’s get warm.” ๐Ÿ˜‰
      PS-awww, and know how much i smile and appreciate ur comments on my blog as well! ๐Ÿ™‚

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