Be Fierce, Be Strong, Be a Competitor

Racing is a fierce sport. Take no prisoners. Competition.
Racing is
Pain. fighting. lactic acid.
skulls on a track
Running is a test. Against yourself. Your competitors are there to PUSH you to your best.
Competition is a gift. THEY will elevate you, take you places you didn’t think you could go. PUSH you past pain thresholds your mind told you you’d never go.

Racing is fierce. It’s better than a blood sport, it’s a game of wills. You are the pawn, the King, the Queen, and dictator.
You control what the body puts out. Be fierce. Be strong.
Be a competitor.

You amped yet? Good luck to anyone and everyone racing this weekend…track season is always so freaking exciting! 🙂

NEVER fear your competition…they are there to help you. Read more…
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1) Finish these sentences: Race day is…
2) When I think of my competition, I…
3) I am in control of my race, I know I’ve put my best out there by…

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6 thoughts on “Be Fierce, Be Strong, Be a Competitor

  1. Well, more often than not these days, my competition is myself!!! There is a part of me that really misses those track days but it’s been awhile!!!

    • sometimes there is no better competition than yourself…and you’re doing SOO awesome!! i’m just bummed you’re far away, we could totally meet up for some track sessions.

  2. I am in control of my own race and I know I’ve done my best when I cross the line having left it all on the road. My mental refrain during a race is always “no day but today”. You only have this one chance to give it all and make it the best race you can. I run for myself and my own nourishment so I am my only competitor.

  3. I’m amped! I had a 10K race last spring where instead of focusing on my pace, I just focused on picking people off one at a time. It was awesome and I felt great passing person after person. I need to run more races like that 🙂

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