Being a Runner Makes Me Strange to ‘Normal’ Folks…But Just Normal to Runner Folks

Compared the the normal person I require an insane amount of miles run to retain my sanity. Though in fairness compared to other runners I’d say I’m just another of the crazy masses.
runner in forest
I sweat way more than you’d think possible for a person my size. I think if you were able to take a total surface area of my epidermis [Dang, look at me trying to impress with that two cent word…hehe! It’s just skin. :)] you’d find double the normal amount of sweat pores.

For a person who is only 5’5” I’m able to spew out more words than you’d consider reasonable for a person who is 10’10”. I also talk so fast you may have a hard time keeping up; I’ve got friends who get back to me after I leave them messages saying, “I see you called but have no idea what your message said, I couldn’t make out the blur or words.” It’s also been said that I talk like a chipmunk on crack.

If you were to take a scan of my brain activity I’m pretty sure it would look akin to Magic Mountain at night. Full color lighting up the night, neon sparks of flurried activity, so many things blitzing around at once you blink and you may miss it. You might try to write down these fleeting thoughts, you catch some, but then another one streaks by that’s more exciting and you lose track of the last one. The rides have you chuting around up, down, up up and up, anticipating the thrill of the descent. The biggest ride, the main attraction is the runner roller…the high is like none other, you can’t explain it. Here is where the most neon activity occurs, sort of like daily explosions of color that you can’t help but feel pulled into, mesmerized. You can’t look away. You don’t want to look away either, because if you look too far to the left you might see the black hole that is injury, so you just don’t look to the left and focus on the neon instead.
pop tart eater
For someone who isn’t morbidly obese I can easily consume a startling amount of Pop-Tarts. I say this half-joking but actually not at all. How did that entire box wind up empty during that movie, don’t look at me.

I only have a size 8.5 foot, though the horrors of looking at my runner feet would be more blinding than Big Foot rocking a size 23 and with his toes you might actually be poked to blindness, mine would just be more like the Medusa effect.

My body is a head situated on two legs. I have no torso or waist, they packed all of my guts and intestines into the top right of my quad’s. This is my excuse to why I can’t touch my toes, my poor arms never stood a chance against the leg length ratio. Though given the choice I’d choose legs over any other body part so it works.

I fidget like mad. I have an over-abundance of energy. I shutter to imagine what this would be like if I didn’t work it out running or cross-training.
runner legs
Compared the the normal person I require an insane amount of miles run to retain my sanity. Though in fairness compared to other runners I’d say I’m just another of the crazy masses.

1) What’s something unique to you? What can you pack more of than is to be expected in your epidermis package?

2) What’s something that makes you different from ‘normal’ people but probably just normal as a runner?

3) Are you a person with long legs and short torso, pretty even, or shorter legs and longer torso? Which is your favorite physical trait?

4) What’s your favorite trait about yourself overall?

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8 thoughts on “Being a Runner Makes Me Strange to ‘Normal’ Folks…But Just Normal to Runner Folks

  1. Great post. You can feel your jubilance shining through. And intestines in your thighs? that’s pretty hilarious.

    I can’t stop eating pizza. I can easily eat a small myself, and then need to have ice cream. I am the lightest male of my group during thanksgiving, but eat the most at dinner, and then make sure to have a slice of all available dessert options.

    What makes me different, but normal for a runner, is I tend to wear my calf sleeves everywhere in the summer.

    • haha…glad u liked the intestines positioning, i think it makes sense, right?? 😉
      oh pizza…wat is it that makes big, doughy, crust that much better when doused in melted cheese…sorry, it really stood no chance against my human black hole hunger monster. 🙂

  2. I actually have really really short legs and a long torso, still no waist though. Kind of box shaped I suppose with size 9 feet at only 5’3. Yikes thats scary!

    My hunger is gross, and people are often in amazement as to where it all goes. Box of pop tarts? Sure. Follow it up with a bag of SPK’s and 2 peanut butter sandwiches and maybe just maybe a giant bowl of pasta 😉

    I think we would be millionaires if I wasn’t a runner.

  3. Once again, I love the pictures.
    I actually have shorter legs but they are very strong. I sometimes complain about the size of my legs but in reality they are perfect for what I do on a day to day basis. But I probably will spend the rest of my life trying to shrink my thighs.
    love the comment about the poptarts. I am the same way with bread one minute the loaf is there the next it is gone. Love my bread for sure.

    • art is so much fun…a close second to running of course. 😉 hey, it aint about the length of the legs it’s the STRENGTH! love it!

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