Boston Marathon 2014 in a Word: Epic

If you’re a runner and you’re not still reeling after the Boston Marathon maybe check your pulse. Epic.

Sorry my International friends, but as an American, seeing Meb Keflezighi take the title and bring Boston back is spine-tingly. Scroll through some of the pictures that have been shared of him crossing the line, the poignant olive wreath placed upon his head, medal around his neck, eyes moist. Raw emotion. An image captures so much more than thousands and thousands of word could ever portray. I’ll only waste an effort with two: #meb #epic

Meb Keflezighi

Photo Credit: tdurden6 Click image for Source

Along with all other runners I’ve devoured the race coverage with the insatiable appetite of, well, a runner. There’s no OD’ing on Boston Marathon coverage thankfully. HERE and HERE are two really great articles, though there are myriads. Having not been there, I can only get my fix vicariously but will share some of my thoughts:

A Tale of Two Leaders

Both Meb and Shalane Flanagan in the women’s race took the lead from the gun. People can argue until they’re blue in the face over whether this is the kiss of death move or not. Meb held on until the end, unfortunately for all her American supporters Shalane did not.

However, regardless, both runners prove this: they were HUNGRY. Tenacious. Willing to put it ALL out there. Shalane quoted HERE, “I literally ran as hard as I could…I feel pretty ill right now…I’m proud of how I ran.” Rightfully she’s probably pissed she didn’t win but she’s NOT left with lingering questions over whether or not she put it all out there on the course. She crossed the line, 3-minute PR, physically ill later her body proving as such, no questions in her mind. She’s also sure as hell going to be back. Quoted from Competitor, “I will be back here until I win it,” Flanagan affirms.

Meb was just as hell-bound to win, but surprised he was left to lead most of the race. Marathons can be tactical just as much a test of fitness. He knew he didn’t boast of the fastest PR going into the race but he proved today he was the smartest racer.

Loved this quote found HERE from him;”I knew it was a loaded field. I didn’t have a 2:04, 2:05 PR, but guess what? I have the Boston Marathon title.”

To Hell With Age and Doubters

Meb is just about to turn 40. People were shocked and amazed when he won the 2012 Olympic Trials Marathon and he’s now older. He runs in Sketchers. Sorta enough said. There’s a lot changing in the world of running sponsorships and contracts which is a whole different matter…but the point is Meb had doubters.

Everyone has doubters, but he also had supporters and trust in himself. So he ran in Sketchers, put in the work, and just stepped away the Boston Marathon Champ. “I was delighted to have 99.9 percent of my career fulfilled, but today – 110 percent,” he’s quoted HERE.

Shalane has still got plenty of years. She makes it quite clear she’s still just as hungry for the Boston Marathon title. Her fans are only going to be cheering louder and louder.

Everyone, us mortal runners of the world, should take a cue from both harriers. Both of them are confident as hell…they are humans so do have moments of doubt like the rest of us…but they tell those doubts and their doubters to suck it.

Then they step to the line as fierce competitors, and go.

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6 thoughts on “Boston Marathon 2014 in a Word: Epic

  1. It was awesome to watch!!
    Shalane should feel so proud – 3 minutes is a huge PR and she ran her heart out!!! She will get it – she has an entire country cheering her on!

    • soooo awesome! and yes, the times for the women were fast as all heck, and i believe that’s all thanks to shalane getting out there and running with guts. she’ll get it! 🙂

  2. I was so happy and so proud to see Meb win. Even as a non-American. This is what your nation, and the city of Boston, needed after last year. They needed to be reminded of the good that can rise from the ashes of the tragedy, of the heroes that stand in our midst, of the superhumans that walk and run among us. I loved the photos of Meb, but I must say this one of two survivors of last year’s event crossing the line together this year, is my favourite

    • awww, and just another prime example that u’ve got more than a bit of American in ya! 😉 that is quite a poignant picture as well…hadn’t seen that one, thanks for sharing it!

  3. I watched the TV coverage of Boston, and loved every minute of it! I loved how both Meb and Shalade ran from the front, Pre-style. For Meb, he was sticking to his planned pace and ignoring what the rest of the pack was doing. During the final mile, as the second place finisher started closing the gap, I was yelling at the TV for him to ruuuuun!

    As for Shalane, she ran an amazing PR and that is awesome. Plus, her time would have won in any year from 2003 to 2013, so that really says something about the women who finished before her.

    All around an epic and inspiring day 🙂

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