Bring It: Runners live for a challenge

Runners are tough, we thrive under challenges.
tough runner
Need more reasons why runners are tough? No shortage HERE, HERE, and HERE!

More cartoons HERE!

1) What challenge are you working towards?
2) What is a memorable horrible weather run you have?
3) How do you make it through really though moments in a run?
Tell myself to make it 5 minutes more…just keep going.

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10 thoughts on “Bring It: Runners live for a challenge

  1. Love the toon. I swear I’ve had that face on before!!! I have to admit I don’t feel tough or much of a runner for that matter at the moment… Something a run will fix no doubt.

    My number 1 to “get through” is thinking about the times when I can’t run. Helps me to be grateful to be running even when it’s ugly.

  2. I don’t mind rain one bit, now that I’m living in the tropics. I’d take a rainy run every day!

    But I remember very vividly one cold, misty evening I set out for a run in Rochester, NY. The day had been cool, but humid – and I didn’t wear enough layers. My route took me out on a very windy road. It was cold, dark, windy, and misty – I think it took my arms a few hours to thaw after an hour long run in a thin shirt!

    Mostly I make it through by reminding myself that finishing the darned thing is the fastest way to be done!

  3. My most challenging run was during a downpour earlier this spring. When I started the run it was only sprinkling but soon progressed into a mega storm. With the rain and getting splashed by the crazy waves coming off Lake Michigan, I ended up completely drenched, but it was a fun time.

  4. The most challenging weather I’ve ran in during the terrible heat wave last summer in St. Louis. The highs were over 110 for many consecutive days, and because of my work schedule, I frequently went running around 4-5pm. I struggled to stay hydrated and run through the heat. I must say, running in the heat was worth it, because it definitely made me stronger! That’s what I tell myself when I am struggling.
    Haha I also motivate myself by thinking about food. I picture myself lounging in my kitchen with a cold smoothie in hand, post-run, so that I can pick up the pace and get there faster!

    • the heat cripples me too!! it’s worth it, but yea, there have been some runs where i’m sure i was cooked!!
      and food is a constant motivator. 😉

  5. Haha! Was that inspired by one of your recent runs? 😉

    I tell myself I could walk if I wanted to – but why would I?

    Memorable moment – I ran 10km in such torrential rain that my shorts got so heavy I had to keep them up by hand – they would not stay up!

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