Bustin Out the ‘Would You Rathers’…

So I kicked off the day with a nice run to the cacklings of Hooda and Kathie Lee. At one point I’m almost certain Kathie Lee called Hooda fat; it came when Hooda said she celebrated the 4th at a city she used to dance at and they flashed up a picture of her. It was a weird picture but looked like a promo flier, Hooda was doing some jump in the air and she explains, “Oh, that’s an old picture from my dancing days, not obviously from last night,”and I could have sworn Kathie Lee quips, “That’s what I thought or I was going to say MAN you really filled out!”

Seriously? If I were Hooda I would be having NONE of that. The fact that that hour of the Today show was even on is a testament that there really needs to be a better selection in the am hours TV wise…even E! had failed me as there was some old movie on. Alas, alas, well those 8 plus miles rolled by regardless.

Today I thought I’d play one of my favorite little games of ‘Would You Rather.’ So here we go, and I implore you to pick a few to answer yourself, or all of them if you’re really cool beans!

1) Would you rather be cursed with stubby,wide, short feet or extremely long and skinny ones?

I’d go with short; I know that it might suck to have them fat but if they are short I know they can make little feet prosthetics to fit into a regular shoe. I know, Kristi Yamaguchi has only semi-formed feet and had to have these prosthetics inserted into her skates to help fill them out. I’d go that route; if they were too long they’d no doubt slam into the front of the treadmill.

2) In workout purgatory left to forever do Burpees or instead Sumo wrestling this guy?

Ouch…Burpees? Better that than become a pancake I think.

3) Stuck without internet for a week or the use of your phone?

Take my phone.

4) (Now we’re going to kick it up in the grossness factor, so you’ve been warned) Dunked into a pool of urine (not your own) or locked out of the gym locker room naked for five minutes?

Naked, not that I’m that body confident just that I’m THAT skeezed out by other people’s bodily fluids.

5) Wrought with explosive diarrhea on the treadmill (no bush to find relief) or projectile vomit attack?

Probably poopy…at least that way people wouldn’t think I’m just out of shape and trying to prove something on the treadmill.

6) Hold a world record in the event of your choice but you look like someone of the opposite gender (don’t worry you’re steroid free) or win Miss Universe but be a total space cadet?

I think maybe the world record…but I’m torn because I’m sure dealing with the drug accusations would be tough even if you’re clean and plus looking like a man wouldn’t be cool. On the other hand I think most of the space cases aren’t aware that they are so lacking in brains and they do say ignorance is bliss.

7) Be able to fly or hold your breath underwater forever?

I’ve always been obsessed with mermaids.

8) Be able to eat anything forever and never gain an ounce or have a limitless supply of money and never have to work for it?

Food orgie baby! 🙂

9) Trapped as Lindsay Lohan’s care taker for a year, you have to follow her everywhere regardless of what she does for the year or Charlie Sheen’s for 6 months…same rules apply?


10) Forced to give up an appendage; loss of your arm or leg?

You can have both my arms if you want but leave my legs intact!!!

11) Bonus Rando one, not really a ‘Would You Rather’. Turned into a food, what are you?

A big old hunk of cookie dough. Then again being Count Chocula would be a little fitting.

That’s all for today and I’m sorry if I wasn’t able to be more exciting with my questions. Feel free to toss up one of your own!! 🙂

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11 thoughts on “Bustin Out the ‘Would You Rathers’…

  1. hahaha. what??? these are all incredibly exciting. and creative. I could never have come up with half of these. haha! So first…the interesting thing that came to mind was that 4 years ago I would have said someone could have a leg because I was a softball player and maybe needed my arms…as long as I could find a way to hit…someone could run for me right? Okay…maybe it would still be better to have both legs. But now for SURE I would say take an arm.

    I think I would be frosting. YUM. And that one where I could eat as much and whatever I want would be ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. haha!

    and i think i would stick with long skinny feet. otherwise i may look awkward with a tall body and tiny feet.

    okayyyyy. this was fun. have a good day!

  2. The things you think about are hilarious. Where do you come up with this stuff? hahaha! Thanks for a good laugh!

  3. ha! loved this. totally with you on the phone vs internet thing. But I have to say, I'd pick puke over poop anyday.

  4. Haha this made me laugh SO much!! As do all your posts! 😀 I LOVE Would You Rathers! My friend actually asked me one yesterday that almost killed me: Would you rather never be able to run again or never be able to eat again (be fed through an IV or something). Um, I'd rather DIE! 😛

  5. haha…thanks u all for playing along and humoring me!! AND for not thinking i'm a total dork or grossy person!

    julia…very interesting how ur choice of arm vs. leg has changed…u're a runner convert now! lol.

    glad i could give u some haha's nikki. 🙂

    tricia, ya i'd die without internet!! it went out for 5 days last year and i honestly thought i would go insane.

    oh emma, HAHAHA!!!! ya, i'd have to go with ur options!! gosh, u always make me laugh, u're the best! 🙂

  6. Good questions! Ha ha.

    Well, I can answer the big foot question (I wear size 11) and I'd still go with big feet. However, I'm 5'10. Little feet will cause me to tip over.

    Oh, and I'd definitely big the water too — mermaids are AWESOME.

  7. I LOVED this so much! I would totally choose eating whatever I wanted without gaining an ounce. Holy my diet would consist of the three c's: chips, chocolate, and candy. YUM.

  8. haha you are hilarious. If I were turned into food….I want to be a stuffed pepper. Haha I dunno why…I just always joked that a stuffed vegetable (like a chile relleno) is the highest status a vegetable can achieve :).

    And I don't even want to choose on the treadmill one. I think the same one you did hahaha .

  9. 1. Long, skinny feet seem more useful.
    2. Sumo wrestle! All I'd have to do is run around him until he gets tired and falls over.
    3. I hardly use my phone anyway. Must have internets!
    4. Any excuse to be naked is the obvious choice.
    5. Diarrhea…my gym has a bathroom.
    6. World record.
    7. As much as I want to be a mermaid, I've always wanted to fly.
    8. Money! Work sucks.
    9. Lindsay. Charlie Sheen scares me.
    10. This one is tough, but I need my arms more than my legs. I could always get peg legs.
    11. Cheesecake because I'm cheesy and sweet.

  10. Hehe! Your questions are super funny! 😀
    1. Long skinny feet. (I have short stubby ones and they make holes in my shoes, seriously)
    3. Without my phone. I don't know where it is half the time anyways!
    4. Naked. (Because a pool of urine would mean a few hours of bathing a a few liters of soap later on, I'm not too proud of my birthday suit though)
    6. Miss universe and space cadet! 😀 COOL
    7. FLY. I've always always always dreamt I could fly!
    8. Eat and never gain an ounce. At least I'll be happy. Money is good but it may also mean many other problems too.
    9. Lindsay. I used to love her!(Mum did not approve at all)
    10. JEEZZZ. Can I have both?!
    11. I'll be a sticky bun. And probably eat myself. Oops.

  11. HAHAA…i LUV reading all of ur answers…this random type trivia and game could honestly entertain me for hours. obviously i've not grown up since grammar school. 🙂

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