Bye-bye Uni!!

The title of this post is a nice farewell to the unibrow that I FINALLY got to pluck! Okay, so in my haphazard, typical fly by the seat of my pants move/pack decision I pretty much just hucked everything into boxes, taped and got er done. Now, as any methodical organized type person will tell you, doing this really doesn’t make finding anything all that easy. Thank you for your input organized person but I will roll my own way.

Now I obviously chucked my tweezers into some obscure box separate from my toothbrush and other bathroom things, how/why, I don’t know. Don’t ask questions. I did this way too many days ago and my tweezers have been lost for oh too long, giving my hairy brows plenty of time to continue their quest to take over my face. Why not just buy a new pair? Justified question…well, you see my tweezers are awesome. They pluck the best, and I like them, okay? But all is water under the bridge, I’m not rocking the uni so I’m happy I found those little buggers that were hiding! FYI they were in the same box as I had some CD’s (who even has these any more?) and some towels. Nice job to me.

On a slightly random tangent here, are there ever times you wish you could just wear a sign? I thought about this during my embarrassment over my brows (another reason I just didn’t care enough to REALLY get a new pair of tweezers was that for the most part it was just me in a sweaty U-Haul…oh and my cat.) when I wished I could ware a sign that said, “I know I’ve got things getting crazy over my eyes, in normal life I keep the hedges spruced up.” so that when I did stop at gas stations and places people would know I’m aware that my eyes are looking crazy and I’m normally a plucker. Then again in some of those gas ‘n sip pit stops maybe with the brows I fit in better.

Same sort of goes when I’m working out sometimes or running. I’d like to wear a sign on the days where I’m really draggin butt, one that reads, “My legs are really pissed off at me for my tempo yesterday so they are paying me back by making my easy pace appear to be a crawl. My booty lock has also been a lasting reminder, but I promise I’m a runner and not a jolly jogger!” Maybe another sign that says, “I see you so obviously looking over my shoulder to see my miles/pace/grade/etc stats on my treadmill and I notice you trying to one-up me, Annoying Dude Who Thinks You’re All Macho.” but in those instances justice is usually swift and the dude gets owned by his treadmill.

Another sign for when you’re doing fartlecks on the bike path, “I’m not a psycho my workout is to go fast for a minute that slow for a minute.” Now other ‘real’ runners will get why you’re going along all fast and then suddenly slow to a crawly-recovery-jog then spontaneously burst into a sprint a minute later. It’s made infinity worse when there is another runner who you then keep passing, get passed by, then passing again for miles…like a sick game of leap frog. You wish that you could get enough distance between you two so that the game would stop but fate has other plans and is getting a kick out of it.

Look how I’ve digressed. I’ve got lots of things swirling in my brain that I want to get down here but wanted to see if anyone has any preferences. In my little hiatus I’ve now gotta fill in some details and holes while still attempting to make this thing semi-entertaining. Here are some post topics I’ve got in mind and what would you like to see first?

*Recap of my U-Haul expedition. Highlights include an unplanned layover in Ashland where I had some good people watching at the local YMCA…also my first run on a treadmill with a personal TV. The bad? The place was seriously lacking in any fanage. Also, my front tire nearly flew off.

*I have finished the whole Yogurtopia story! It turned out pretty long and will go up in a few installments, I’m thinking there are about three posts worth. There are some new characters too. Now, I have one picture already done and ready but have yet to finish more because of the move thing, so I’m not sure if I should just hold off on that until some more graphics are done.

*I could do a post on my working out when on trips, on vacation, at hotels, etc. Some people ditch their workouts, not this chick.

*Does anyone have any interest in a quick upperbody arm weight routine? I have one that hits all the spots that I do after my runs and doesn’t need any more equipment than some dumbbells. I know lots of people combine their cardio/weight workouts which is an awesome way to do it and will keep that heart rate high the whole time, but because my fav thing to do is run I would rather bust out the miles and do a quickie weight thing afterwards. I get my tone, it helps keep me strong, I’m happy.

So I’m still in the throes of unpacking, got a lot of headway done today but going to have to sign off for now! I’m still in quasi-back blogging mode so bear with me…I’m going to get back to all comments as I love your replies, will be doing my best to return the comment love myself, make these posts much more fun/arty to read (PS- to my credit Blogger is deciding to suck at the moment and refuse me the ability to upload any images…what is that about?!), and I’ve got some emails too! Hope the rest of your weekend is going great!

1) Odd things that have a special spot in your heart and not some lame knock-off will do?

My tweezers and my favorite brand of blueberry english muffins are just two examples. 😛

2) Is there a time you wish you could wear a sign?

3) Races peeps, let’s have some bragging on your fine selves! Or, what fun things did you do this weekend?

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5 thoughts on “Bye-bye Uni!!

  1. The brand of butter my Mum buys. That is weird, considering I don't use that much butter really but whenever I am baking I want the butter that I have always grown up with and nothing else will do.
    I wish I could wear a sign when I am doing my long runs on the treadmill and some person (hmm 15 y.o. I am looking at you!) will look at me and roll their eyes because they think I am dying after 15 mins of running, not realising that it's actually been like 75min and I still have another 5km to go.
    Bragging, well I think I did enough of that the other day. Thank you so much for your encouragement before the race and the congratulations afterwards. I'm thinking of doing another half in October!

  2. Ummm I could never go without my tweezers! I have really sharp pink ones from Sephora that I'm obsessed with!

  3. My old Garmin is sentimental to me for some reason. Dave got me a new one, but the old one works fine and has been through a lot of runs with me over the years. I felt like I was cheating on it when I wore my new one in a race this weekend. A race that went crappy. Coincidence? I think not.

    About the race… I ran about the same time I ran last year. Last year I probably averaged 30-35 mpw and didn't do speed work. Now I'm running 50ish mpw and doing speed work, plus I have a marathon under my belt. What gives?

    Another kind of annoying thing about this race is that it's short. Don't call it a 5K if it's only 3 miles. There's a difference in that .1 extra. The conspiracy theorist in me thinks they did this on purpose to make people come back next year.

    I ended up winning my new "old lady" age group (25-29), although the overall chick (Kenyan ringer) was in it but they didn't count her. I was 6th female and 12th overall. It was interesting that the top 7 or so males and female finished close together. I ran most of the race by myself, which probably contributed to my slowness.

  4. I feel like I want to wear a sign so many times! One day I will tell you with what, but I can't even face it right now. That's why I've been MIA- just in need of a break!
    So WHAT are you doing in Cali??? New job? Details, woman!

  5. oh amy u SHOULD be braggin on urself and if u didn't i was gonna call u out! no joke on that actually. 🙂 and of course u'll kick butt on that next 1/2 too. and ya, how about we both take turns sharing that sign cuz i'd like one too?!

    haha…why do pink tweezers not surprise me, pink runner? 😉

    ummm, ya, disregard the kenyan winner on that and good job at the race! okay, now lemme say this: 1) i freaking HATE races that are mismarked or not the right distance, we pay flipping enough to run the be ACCURATE!! 2) don't be so hard on urself about the time, sometimes with higher mileage u 'lose' a bit of that speed and in the 5k u might not improve as much but if u were to run another marathon i'll bet 100 bucks u'd be faster/stronger. also the extra mileage just makes those legs more tired and so the taper/race timing this is a little trickier. u're still my fav tx runner girl ever…ps- us old runner age groupers gotta stick together. 😉

    WHOA WHOA WHOA…hold the presses…wat the heck is going on with my katy girl?! i demand some det's! either post it on the blog or u best email me: umm, i just kicked up our friendship status to email directly…oh yes, i just did that. 😉 honestly tho, i hope everything is okay…take care over there.

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