Canes, Winco, and The Kankled Avenger

Happy Wednesday! Okay, I have a couple random thoughts to share for today, so here goes. The fist thing I’ve been informed of is that the new hot fashion trend is a cane. Alright, don’t fault me for not becoming aware of this news when it firs premiered on Kourtney and Kim because I really only catch the reruns of that one every now and again. I’ve kind of decided that the they are the two most boring of the bunch so pairing them up for an entire show doesn’t hold much promise in my book. BUT there is the gem that is Scott Disick and usually offers up at least some entertainment value. But I think for the most part it’s wholly unintentional because he is being dead serious with what he is saying.

Anyways, I just now saw the one where he’s decided that because he is the latest fashion icon it was high time he found a distinguishing item for himself. A cane. If I knew how hot canes were going to be, I should have tried to one-up the trend, pulled out my bedazzler, and got to work on them crutches.

Second item for today, Winco. I love Winco, actually. I know some people probably think it’s totally grungy or seedy (I mean they don’t accept credit cards and if you pay with a check they really do ask for your ID and they won’t accept any out of state checks.) but I’m a total cheapo and if I’m going to save a few bucks I really don’t care at all. In fact a Winco shopping trip is a fun experience not to be missed, take that Safeway. Here’s why I love Winco:

1) Greeting Sam the bearded homeless guy who hangs out in front of the bottle return. They actually have people on Winco staff in charge of shooing Sam and his friends away but you can’t keep a good dog down.

2) Getting evil looks from the three punk kids just hanging out in front of the shopping carts. I think they call themselves emos, the ones that are really just much cooler than any of us losers who dare crack a smile.

3) Screaming kids around every corner. Also trying not to run over one of these little brats wreaking havoc around the aisles, picking up cookies and throwing things around. Their moms never seem to care, they always travel in packs of about four or five and it kinda looks like even if you DID actually run over one of them their mom may or may not really care all that much.

4) The look of death from a person when you accidentally bump your cart into theirs. Like it’s a real moral offense, sorry, Bud, the aisles are just kind of narrow and your cart is hogging up most of it.

5) The check-out people wearing those latex type gloves. I like this because it kind of makes you wonder if they a) are afraid of picking some kind of disease up from the actual food they are scanning and you will later be eating b) are trying not to get sick from you, the people actually coming into contact with them or c) some other reason altogether which may be even scarier.

So, if you haven’t yet, hit this place up. I may sound snarky here, but I’m really not joking when I say their prices are insane…you will save a bundle. Oh, and I forgot to add that you do pack your own bags. But the BEST part of that is you get to control that little conveyor belt thing! YAY!

Last thing, in case you missed it yesterday, there is a new Runner Superhero on the block: The Kankled Avenger. I promised the first actual comic of that one so here ya go. In looking it over after I finished I realize that it kinda looks like the guy in the picture gets hit by this wayward driver. That wasn’t my intention, but rather it was a close call that caused him to dodge out of the way but in doing so he winded up in a face plant. I know all of us have had more than enough close calls so that is what I was going for. (I’m also kind of annoyed because with Blogger I can only make it so big without having the image quality look junky, but if you want a better look to read things better just click on the actual comic and it’ll pop up bigger.)

That’s it for today, hope your Wednesday is shaping up well. And if there is anyone reading this, I’ll ask you a few questions:

1) Do you watch any of the Kardashian shows?

2) Where do you do your grocery shopping?

3) Have you ever hit one of those big concrete pillars in a parking garage?

Yes, I have it was at a downtown Safeway, the pillar was bright yellow and it left a big yellow streak along the side of my car. Nice.

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3 thoughts on “Canes, Winco, and The Kankled Avenger

  1. I am so guilty of watching the Kardashian shows. I foam roll to E! channel and somehow they're always on.
    I shop at ALDI sometimes, so cheap and you have to pack your own stuff and no credit cards either!

  2. Haha…yes, I have to admit that all that E! stuff is strangely addicting. 🙂
    And always nice to have company in the fellow cheap-o club…hey, I'd rather spend my money elsewhere. hehe

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