Carpe the Run

Run every interval like it’s your last.

Run every mile like it’s your last…and be grateful for it, even if in the moment it feels like he##.
carpe the f***ing diem
Step to the line of every race like you are among friends…well, the friends that you still want to kick the @$$es off of. Competition IS your best friend because it makes you run faster.

Take every day and decide if you’re going to be a runner or a lazy bum.

Remember there is more to being a runner than just running…do the core, stretching, weights, drills, and all the ‘boring extras’ because in the end it will make you a better runner.

Cherish the miles spent with your training partners. Even the silent miles because the irony is you can sometimes learn more about a person in those silent footfalls than in most other ways.

Slog through the bad runs because they are tests to makes sure you deserve the good runs.

Being a runner is a state of mind; we do the action because it reaffirms who we know we are inside.

1) What is one way that you remember to be grateful for your runs?
Umm, injuries have a sick way of giving people perspective, in that regard they can sometimes be blessings in disguise. Remember that next time you want to burn that elliptical into the ground.

2) When is the last time you had a kick butt run with a training parter/friend? Was it a long run, regular run, or an interval session you ground each other to the ground in that sickly, good way?

3) What is one day you will carpe the diem today? In running or otherwise?

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22 thoughts on “Carpe the Run

  1. I love your two choices…. Runner or Lazy Bum. I sure as hell don’t want to be the Lazy Bum!

    Ohhhh I haven’t run with someone in ages (except for the little guy!). I’m a little bit interested in doing some track training for this reason but don’t know where and when I could possibly fit it!!!

    I am grateful for my runs whenever I see the baby stir on the monitor and think he is going to wake. Every minute I get out is a bonus and I am always grateful if I get to finish my whole run as planned.

  2. Absolutely love this! I especially love the part about there being more to being a runner than just running- so true and so important.
    I’ve definitely had my share of injuries over the last couple years that make me enjoy every single run I go on, whether it’s easy or hard, warm or cold.

  3. You are so true on the injury front – it totally makes you appreciate being able to run more. I’m usually a solo runner (treadmill) unless my SIL is in town or I go see her – we always run together.
    The drawing on this post might be my favorite one so far!!!

  4. Carpe the F****ing Diem – that is great! I love the drawing too. I try to remember to be grateful for runs when I think about a friend who had a recent battle with non-Hodgekins lymphoma. She is cancer-free, but I can still remember days when she was in too much pain to walk, let alone work out. During her recovery from her last surgery, she asked me to go for a walk with her and pointed out that she can’t run, but wants to try to move slowly. That made me feel incredibly guilty for any time that I took a run for granted.

  5. I can definitely sense your competitive spirit in this post!
    gahhh I love competition!!
    Every day I’m reminded by my patients to be thankful for my miles…they would give anything to be able to run pain-free. And so I tell them I will run a mile for each of them 🙂
    I hope you’ve been having a wonderful week!!

  6. You are about the fifth person who has told me to go run. In your own way. 🙂 So guess I should do it. Right!

    FYI…the “boring” stuff is my favorite part.

  7. This makes me miss running so much! I cannot wait for spring! I am going to cherish every pain free moment in the warm weather! I wish I had a training partner. I may go to some meet-ups and Join a running club, but the running scene isn’t too big here.

    • i’d def try to look into the local running scene, try even just going to a running shoe store and asking them if they know of anyone who meets, chances are they do.

  8. Just come to Oz already – I need my personal coach! I am excited about doing some personal training wit a friend next year – hopefully a bit of competition will spice things up.

    I am going to be grateful for sweat. The sweatier, the better. I’m getting stronger 😛

    I carped the diem in a virtual half this morning (no-one should have to run before 6!)and then I’m going to carols … at a church… to make nice with my business’s new home. And I’m going to try my best to enjoy it! Carpe the diem Cait – hope you’re rocking those intervals.

    Oh my goodness I love Dead Poet’s Society! Or is this a different reference?

    • hahaha…i guess i do need to just make my way to OZ! 🙂 way to kick some butt in that half…and i AGREE that running in the 6am range is heinous!! but suck is the life of us neurotic distance runners, right?! 😉 actually, should we have mr. the rake come in and weigh in on this? jk

    • getting back into the swing of things can be tough, but after forcing urself to get out there after about two weeks, you get right back into the (awesome) routine of things. 🙂

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