What I’m Doing This Wednesday…

Happy Wednesday everyone! So I’ve noticed that tons of people take part in some kind of ‘What I…’ themed post on Wednesdays. (Why all the love to Wednesday, is there a reason this day of the week seems to get so much more attention than the rest? Jk.)

I have yet to take part in any of them for a few reasons: 1) At first I just didn’t catch on to the whole acronym thing, I started to see it popping up everywhere, and it confused me. Yes, I’m lame, but then when I did figure out what the things stood for it again took some time for it to sink in that there was a trend and not something specific to just one blogger.

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Fear Factor Recasting – Overcoming the Fears We Battle

Cue Joe Rogan. So I am bringing you this post as a major alert: CHECK OUT DIS CHIC CHICKPEA…do it now!! Haha, now I usually try not to bust out the all caps in multi-word format that often because it is annoying, but Amy over there posted a poem she wrote that really is too amazing to ignore.

It’s about fear. It is ever-present but needs to be pushed out of our lives. She really puts it best, but it also got me thinking about fear and so now, as always, I can’t just shush-up and will ramble on with my two cents.

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Bummin on no Froyo and Training Logs are A for Awesome

Do you see it? It’s my curmudgeonly, scowly look of utter disappointment. Why? Well, for reasons that I can’t fully explain (one, because it’s a long backstory and telling it might wind me up with one of those cyber-faux pas where the thing you write about gets back to people you don’t want it to…second, because it’s sort of ridiculous to the amount you might not really believe me) I missed out on a chance for a real, live, in the flesh froyo date with Margs!!

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To Yogurtopia We Go — Part III where all things get tied up in a nice little, sugary licorice bow

*****Here is the ending to our fine fairy tale, but in case you need to be caught up, check out Part I and Part II, there are also some pictures of our lovely ladies that even if you’ve seen already are still worth a second glance at…unless of course you’re some pervy old man. 😉

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Errand Friday, Old People Lovin’, and I Seem to be Lucky!

Did you think I forgot about my blog today? Like I was going to just not post? Well, if you were hoping for a break from me then I’m sorry to disappoint…and now I’m hoping that I can barely squeak in here before midnight and thus miss Friday! Hehe.

I have a few things that I’ve got rolling around in my head that I didn’t want to forget to put down, but before that, I have to explain my tardiness. I just got back from hanging out the parental’s house, before that hit up my Costco/Winco food supply tour of duty, and prior to that I was showing my treadmill some love. I’m now uber hungry, have foodage cooking up as I type, so will need to keep this short, so here goes.

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If I Can Move From Blogger to Self-Hosted WordPress a Deaf, Blind, Mute Naked Mole Rat Can

Yes, I’ve done it, I’ve officially switched to WordPressand I’m happy about it. No lost love amongst my Blogger buddies, though, I think the tipping point was really the whole personal comment reply issues that I’ve been having with Blogger. That and I kept hearing that they were deleting some of the comments readers were trying to post…and I will have NONE of that!!

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I Knew I was Random, But Lovely Too?! Thanks! :)

So guess what?!?! I’m smiling because I have earned another blogger award! 🙂 These things can really do wonders for a girl’s self-esteem, but really now, no more because I don’t want my ego to get so big that it is weighing me down on my runs. 😉

I was awarded the One Lovely Blogger Award by two AWESOME people who have blogs of their own that I truly adore. I love reading Amy over at One Chic Chickpea because 1) I am in no way chic so I’m hoping that by reading I can somehow vicariously become a bit chic 2) she’s got mad photog skills and her pictures are stunning and 3) she’s not only got a refreshing and uplifting perspective on everything but every time I leave her blog I feel better and have a smile on my face.

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What? Me, Awesome? If You Say So…

So, imagine my surprise as I’m scrolling down one of my fav blogs and BAM!! What do I see, but this chick right here getting an Amazing Blogger Award?!?! Say what? So after doing my little happy dance…

it was my turn to answer a few questions and reciprocate the gesture. But I have to back up here first because I have my thanks to dole out. Don’t be pulling a lame Oscar move on me, I’m gonna get my time at the podium so no cuing the music.

First I want to thank the AWESOME Christina aka The Athletarian for presenting me with this award. Her blog was one of the very first I got ‘hooked’ on and she welcomed me with open (albeit crazy vegan…haha…totally jk’ing on that one!) arms and has been so encouraging. Who woulda thunk anyone would want to read my ramblings? I don’t even know if my mom reads this…haha. But honestly, Christina lives up to her Athletarian name in every way possible; she is a workout queen, but looks way too gorgeous while sweating it out, she makes all the rest of us feel like scuz-buckets! Her blog is always a blast to read and supplemented by drool-worthy pix of her top eats, hilarious shenanigans her and her hottie bf are up to, and plenty more. So if you haven’t yet, go check her out!

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