Maggie Vessey: Queen of the homestretch runway

Last week may have been New York Fashion Week, but the 2014 track season was Maggie Vessey’s Fashion statement.
maggie vessey
No need to say more.

Vessey took the opportunity of being a ‘free agent’ to prove she’s got the creative talents to match her performance prowess on the track.

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Hey, Lance, you just got chicked!

Running is hard. “Thank you, Captain Obvious!” It’s hard for everyone and competing is even harder. So, I have absolutely no respect for cheaters. There, I said it, I stand by that.
lance armstrong getting passed
Now that Lance Armstrong wants to go around running and cycling clean, I dare say there are plenty of awesome runnerchicks out there ready to chick him! 😉

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Races, "Really?" Moments, Da Biebs and Capris

Just a short one tonight, and before it’s officially over, Happy Friday. 🙂 Running for me was just an easy run, worked out to be a little over 8.5 miles, followed by core and abs.

Update for anyone interested in more from the USA National Champs, (and who isn’t right?) today was Day 2 and I’d be lying if I didn’t just come out and say that it’s the distance events that interest me the most. So that was the 5k men’s and women’s finals that were the highlights. On the women’s side Molly Huddle took it in 15:10.01, Amy Hastings placed second in 15:14.31, and recent college grad Angela Bizzarri took third in 15:16.04. Watching the race on TV was nice as they had Vin Lananna announcing, he’s the coach at U of O now and has made quite a name for himself as one of the most renown coaches around. Before U of O he was there for Standford’s real juggernaut days. Anyways, it’s nice to see and hear an announcer who actually knows a lot about distance races, which isn’t always the case. No offense, because I know that they are GREAT athletes at their respective events, but hearing pole vaulters and 100 meter greats talking about 5k and 10k tactics doesn’t always ring so true. There’s been some flubs or things said that just make a distance chick laugh.

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