Run Better, Erase Your Doubts

Shhhh…I’ll tell you a secret. Every runner has doubts. It’s just human nature. EVERYONE has that little voice in their head that’s willing to be insecure.
doubt and branches

The thing is though, while you can’t control the presence of doubts, you CAN control if you decide to listen to them.

Don’t. You’ll run better when you tell your doubts to shut the h*ll up.

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Escape into Sanity. Run.

I run to escape. I run to be free. I run for sanity.

run to escape
Go, escape into your run!

#CoreAndCake Party!!! So it’s happening THIS Friday and you’re ALL invited. I’ll be sharing a new core routine to help you runners stay strong, build a more efficient running form and reduce injury risk. Talk of cake will follow. Get the gist?
core and cake
I’d also LOVE for any and all bloggers and social media-ites to hop on board.

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Sunday Morning Running Motivation

Go. Run. Be strong.

running motivation art

More Sunday Morning Running Motivation and traditional MOTIVATION posts.

1) What’s motivating YOU this morning?
2) Anyone race this weekend?
3) What is a mental mantra you like to think of to keep you running strong?

Sunday Morning Running Inspiration

With running, actions will ALWAYS speak louder than words. Though if we put some words to those actions…
[click to enlarge, but please contact me if you’d like prints! 🙂 ]
running to win text
In case you missed last Sunday’s Morning Running Inspiration

1) What are you grateful for this Sunday?
2) Take a minute and dedicate at least one mile of your run to a friend, person, or injured running NOT able to run today. Who are you running that mile for?
3) What is one line of text you’d add to this picture?

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Sunday Morning Running Inspiration

You’re a runner. You’re special. It’s okay to think that.
runner words[Click to enlarge, but please if you’d like prints of any work you see here contact me! 🙂 ]
PS- For all you runnerdudes just pretend that the hair isn’t there. Unless you’ve got long hair, double points if you’ve got a mullet! The words still apply, maybe the could be added on to the arms…
MENTAL head games tips HERE

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The Real Reason We Run?

The truth is the running is awesome, duh. It keeps me sane, and probably you too. But the fact of the matter is…


No, I am not dead…lol…I apologize for my sudden plummet into blog oblivion the last few weeks. I wound up with some broken arm bones that limited my typing to the hunt/peck method which left me typing at about 2 words per minute. Needless to say I had to be stringent with where I could put my time and wordage…into the paying gigs, I’m sorry, Blog. But I’m doing better and will try to not to leave you with so much [radio silence??]!

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Runner’s Strip: Racing Fart

There is an art to simultaneously running and farting. To be properly mastered, it takes an expert combination of selective muscle control and timing with your stride.
racing fart
That said, there are few things more gratifying than running and letting go of that abominable bubble of gas in your intestines. The joy of letting one rip is only exponentially rewarding when you’ve been carrying along a potential GI disaster for miles, painfully holding back, but then realize that rather than a number 2 on your hands, the mounting, monster pain-ball was only…GAS!! Pit stop averted.

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Seven Links to Runnerpeeps and Some Things Shouldn’t be Cooked

Hello writer’s block. I have no idea where this post will go, nor something funny to open with…not that I ever really am able to open up rather quippy. So let’s see where this stray brain will lead us…

girl sunk

I'm inspiration...

We’ll start with this: the running world is crazy small, I mean it’s dinky. I say this because it seems like every runner somehow, some way knows a person, who trained with so-and-so, coached so-and-so, or something like that. Forget the whole Kevin Bacon thing, I think there should be something like a seven links to Bill Squires. Don’t know who that is, Google, baby. 😉

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