Running Cards Against Humanity

My roommates and I were playing a game, Cards Against Humanity, so naturally my brain wandered to how this could work for runners. Here’s the gist, everyone gets 10 cards with words of phrases on them, these are the answer cards. One person then draws from another stack of cards with a question or phrase as it, this is the prompter card. Everyone then looks through their deck of answers and puts down one of their words they think best fits.

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Running Rocks Your Life and Runners Going Global

Running, life, games, and puzzles. We all know where things should fit in. 😉

game of life with running

world running puzzle

More running motivation HERE!!

Laughs? Cartoons and Comics HERE!


1) What was your favorite game as a child?
Hungry Hungry Hippos anyone?
2) What is one way you’ve seen runners or running impact the world and do good?
Quite a few. The Hall’s Steps Foundation, the Love Mercy Foundation, and California Runners!! Love all this!!

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Gettin Your Fight Club On – We Play by My Rules Though

Happy Friday!! I hope you all are ready to kick off a fun weekend. Things around here have felt a little too ‘seriousy’ for me, so we obviously need to inject some kind of immaturity.

I’m also sitting on the verge of a minor/not-so-minor Hulk style flip out. Why? My computer and this slow butt internet has been working my last nerve!!!!! That whole Office Space scene of them just kicking the shiznit out of that piece of equipment, I wish I could do just that.

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Bustin Out the ‘Would You Rathers’…

So I kicked off the day with a nice run to the cacklings of Hooda and Kathie Lee. At one point I’m almost certain Kathie Lee called Hooda fat; it came when Hooda said she celebrated the 4th at a city she used to dance at and they flashed up a picture of her. It was a weird picture but looked like a promo flier, Hooda was doing some jump in the air and she explains, “Oh, that’s an old picture from my dancing days, not obviously from last night,”and I could have sworn Kathie Lee quips, “That’s what I thought or I was going to say MAN you really filled out!”

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