People Who Need to Shut-up And Our Next Running Superhero!

Can’t sleep at 3am, what’s a girl to do? Blog of course! Oh, me and sleep have such a fickle relationship. At any rate, I was able to wrangle up our newest addition to the Supa’ Runnas and have our fourth comic to present.

I’ll give you a little backstory about TexasGirl and why we’ve chosen Flagpole Willy to be her first order of business. In life, there are always those people who just seem to know everything about anything. (I’ve got one in my own family, no joke last Christmas this person held a conversation with my cousin and told her that HE knew the right best brand of tampons.) The person who always has to have the last say and the person who just won’t shut up sometimes.

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Powdered Donuts, Pre Meet And Our Third Super Hero Runner

Couple things to cover for today. First on the list is a question I have for anyone who is actually reading this: when you run in hot conditions do you get lots of that satly white stuff all over you afterwards? I get it, and I know it’s just the dried up salt from my sweat (and I’m convinced I’ve got overactive sweat glands…I’m a drippy mess) but I seem to be the only person I know besides my mom who comes out looking like a pretzel after running when it’s hot.

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One Hungry Boston Terrier and Caving to Peer Pressure

Whoa baby…I’ve gotten a little headachy thanks to working with that blasted Sharpie. No, I wasn’t trying to be the ‘cool’ kid in 4th grade who thinks that the awesome thing to do in arts and crafts is to attempt to get a contact high from the markers. Just been inking out some sketches and I always hate that smell of the pens, but all in the name of art, right?!? Hehe…just kidding.

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Our Second Superhero and It’s Friday, Baby!

Yay it’s Friday! AND the sun is shining. I must say it’s nice to wake up and see some rays of light poking out through those blinds. I’m also really stoked that with the warmer weather I can really stick it to PG and stop paying them out the wazoo on my utilities bill! Huurah!

It’s my fault, there are some things that I just refuse to suffer through and one of those is being cold, so even though I of course don the long sleeves and pants in the house I refuse to be uncomfortably chilly. I think part of this goes back to when I was growing up and my dad was a bit of a temperature control freak. He barely let us use the AC during the summers and then was skimpy on the heater in the winters. I’ve already established how much I dislike being too hot or too cold so now that I’m ‘all growed up’ it’s one of my sticking points.

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Canes, Winco, and The Kankled Avenger

Happy Wednesday! Okay, I have a couple random thoughts to share for today, so here goes. The fist thing I’ve been informed of is that the new hot fashion trend is a cane. Alright, don’t fault me for not becoming aware of this news when it firs premiered on Kourtney and Kim because I really only catch the reruns of that one every now and again. I’ve kind of decided that the they are the two most boring of the bunch so pairing them up for an entire show doesn’t hold much promise in my book. BUT there is the gem that is Scott Disick and usually offers up at least some entertainment value. But I think for the most part it’s wholly unintentional because he is being dead serious with what he is saying.

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The Birth of The Kankled Avenger

So I had thought that it was certainly time that us runners had a superhero all our own. I mean, okay, there is The Flash, but really he’s not really a runner runner per se. And besides, while he is out there supposedly hunting down the ‘real bad guys’ he seems to be ignoring the MANY other plagues of the runner. Wayward drivers, leashless dogs, people who don’t know that lane 1 is to run FASTER in, and all the rest of our banes. We need someone fighting on our side. Fear not fellow fleet-footed friends, our time has come…

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