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When Life Throws junk Your Way…

“Live for the unexpected.” Whoever said that I’m sure wasn’t rolling along the freeway and BAM had their tire blow out…if that had been the case I think their choice of word may have been more along the lines of, … Continue reading


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Running Skirts — Crossing a Thin, Frilly Line?

Happy Saturfarts to all! I hope you are having a great weekend thus far, and for those that raced do feel free to brag on your fine selves, I want to hear all about it! Today, I think I finally … Continue reading


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Mary Decker Slaney’s Birthday and Bringing ‘it’ to the Track

So today I think I need to start with a little tribute to one of the most amazing female runners…it’s Mary Decker Slaney’s birthday today and I was reminded of this by a FB friend who posted this AMAZINGLY inspiring … Continue reading


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Grunting on the Backswing and Pictures of the Snot Queen

Yesterday I met a woman and got to talking, it came up that I was a runner, “So I hear you’re a crazy, crazy runner. Like you run a crazy lot.” I laughed and told her that, “Yes, I’m crazy … Continue reading


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