Check Me Out on RunningTimes.Com Yo…And Some Vicarious Running

Weekends…let’s roll out the races. Can I just say I’m afflicted by more than a little runner-envy, I wish my darn foot would cooperate and release me from elliptical purgatory…just saying. 😉
man on elliptical
Enough of that though, I’m thankful that I can at least cross-train, and maybe we can all get a vicarious speed fix from what some other awesome harriers are up to. If you’re a high-schooler and don’t live under a rock I’m sure you know that the Footlocker National Cross Country Championships were today down in San Diego, CA. I was lucky enough to go my junior year and I will say they make you feel like rockstars…for anyone who wasn’t a qualifier this year and not a senior, don’t give up and trust me, use it as a carrot for motivation to work your tail off to make it next year. 🙂

For the ‘adult’ set there were the USATF Cross Country Club Nationals up in Seattle, WA and I have to say I was really excited to see that Brie Felnagle won this year. I watched her race at the Nike Oregon/Washington Border Clash her senior year of high school and she is one of those runners who makes it looks effortless. She’s got some wheels and usually more of a 1500 meter gal on the track. In the guys’ race Jonathan Grey came out the winner but recently turned pro, Matt Centrowitz, took fourth. As I’m sure every good track nerd knows this kid is coming off of a mind-blowing track season, taking Bronze in the 1500 meters at this past World Champs. As a collegiate for the University of Oregon he was our fastest American…that has to sting, Lagat.
cross country shoes
Tomorrow I’m already putting my cheering pants on for Kara Goucher, Shalane Flanagan and Lisa Koll (Uhl) in the Miami Beach Half Marathon tomorrow. I’ll further be sending positive vibes to Simon Bairu and Tim Nelson, also members of the Nike Oregon Track Club. Of course anyone and everyone who’s racing good luck, I’m not playing favorites. 🙂

Speaking of races, I know it is really common for people who finish a race that they’ve been shooting for and thinking of for months and months and to react as such: excitement…and then coming off of the high feeling as if, “okay, now what?” It’s called post-race anti-climacticism (okay, guilty, I made that up), but sometimes people express feeling even a little depressed or like they have nothing else to shoot for or motivate them to run.

Well, if you want my two cents, I’ve written it all up here online at Running Times: ‘Stuck in Waiting: Staying motivated through the lull between season’ so you can wander on over there if you’d like. To tide you over I’ll say this:

*if you need a race to motivate you to run, that’s okay, just find one and sign up for it.
*if you just did, say, a marathon and feel like, “been there, done that” challenge yourself with a totally different goal. Maybe work on speed and try to get a fast 5k out of yourself…and vica versa.
*everyone has dips in motivation, so don’t feel like a ‘bad runner’ because of it…in the article there are tips to get you through that
girl runner
That’s it for this runnerchick tonight! Congrats to any and all racers of today and GOOD LUCK to those of tomorrow…remember, I’m vicariously getting my miles from your feet…just saying. 😉

1) Did you do and cross country races recently or in the past? Do you prefer cross country or trail courses, track races, or road races?

2) What’s a tip you have for getting yourself through a lapse in motivation?

3) Did you race this weekend or have one tomorrow?

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16 thoughts on “Check Me Out on RunningTimes.Com Yo…And Some Vicarious Running

  1. Cross country to my high school self was simply a synonym for torture! I was most definitely not part of that club and I am sorry that I missed such a brilliant opportunity but so glad that I have discovered a love for running now.
    Great article on Running Times Cait! I am in the stage of setting my running goals for next year and I am getting a bit excited about hitting the training plan again 🙂

  2. I wish I had the opportunity to go to regionals or even nationals… to bad my high school career just ended! I still like to keep up with the results though. I’m so happy that Cheserek won! I’ve had the opportunity to watch him race a couple of times since we’re from the same state and it is simply awe-inspiring. From his whole story to his determination to his super speed, there is not one thing I don’t like about him. As hard as it is to not be out there racing, it’s nice to be able to cheer fellow runners on. We know how it feels to race, and we know we’d be thrilled if they were cheering for us!

    Love the article by the way!

    • keep ur head up about the premature season ender…u still have PLENTY of years of running ahead of u! 🙂 i got injured for my senior year of xc and it motivated me to really want to come back and kick some tush for track. 🙂 and yea, cheserek is one awesome story! 🙂

  3. So excited to have read your article! Totally awesome and now I can go around saying I know someone famous, so thanks.
    I’m with you on being ready to run – one more day on the bike and I may cry. What’s the diagnosis for you, how long till you’re back up and running?

    • i’m STILL riding that vicarious wave of excitement for YOU and that first run!!! hopefully i’ll be back at it soon, i’ll let u kno of that i can tell u for certain…hehe.

      and u’re so cute, but i hardly would say i’m pulling celebrdom status as of yet…hmmm, maybe when i invent the next iphone we can talk again. 😉

    • hahaha..i’ll def agree trails have some awesome scenery!! thanks for stopping by and leaving the comment, i still want to eat ur science cookies. 😉

  4. AAH YOU ARE EVEN MORE FAMOUS! I just read your article and I loved it! 😀

    I am cross-countrying at the moment, and it is definitely way harder than road races in my opinion, but more fun I think! I can’t wait for track season though, cos I think I’m gonna enjoy that!

    And what’s wrong with your foot?! I hope it gets better soon! <3

    • ya, hills and change of the terrain def up the ante in xc…all that hill work u’re doing tho will make u super strong and equate to speed demon come track time and u finally race on the flats. 🙂

      PS-not that u NEED any more speed demon-ness my fleet footed friend. 😛
      PSS-thanks for the positive foot vibes…i’ll take em!

  5. omg true story….JON GREY IS MY BUDDY FROM COLLEGE!!! So many good times with that kid, most of them revolve around eating food and drinking beer. His win is especially incredible because this time last year, he’d just had hip surgery and was getting his workouts in by crutching around campus to all his classes! From April 2010 – March 2011 he didn’t run a step cuz of that injury….and now he’s winning national champs. Defs an inspiration for me! And I can’t wait to check out your article, you are all up in the Running Times biznaz this week, I love it!! 😀

    • it is always so great when our friends are able to come back and kick some butt!! 🙂 i get a vicarious high when my buds do well and jon certainly has a motivational story…i’m sure he’s only got even more successes in his future! 🙂
      haha….and thanks for the kind words on the articles. 😛

  6. I ran the Imogene Pass Run in September…17.1 miles over a mountain pass. It was the hardest physical thing I have EVER done…but I will never forget it.
    When I have a lapse in motivation, I just promise myself I only have to get past the first step of the run and the rest will come easy. It is sooo true too.
    No race for me this weekend. Not planning one until January 29th.

  7. Great article! This is exactly what I needed right now. Trying to take some time, work out my IT band issues, and rest…but so difficult, especially with the post-marathon doldrums that have suddenly appeared. You’ve given me some ideas on how to address all of this in 2012.

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