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  1. I have written a children’s book titled Happiness Is Being Yourself. I need an illustrator to work with me. If this book is successful, if will open the door to do other stories will moral lessons that will be entertaining. From what you have written I would enjoy working with you. Ken

  2. Cait, I am a Life Coach. I use Guided Imagery a lot in my practice and really enjoyed your post. Would you like to be a guest blogger on my blog, All the best, Paula Verbit

  3. I love your work! Everything you write is exactly how I’ve feel/felt at some given time during my running years! I enjoy your posts very much and can’t help but speak to the computer or burst out loud “that’s ME!!! She’s talking about ME!!!” Thank you! 🙂

  4. Cait,

    I love the pic of the girls wrapped in the flag. Could you do one with two little girls around 9 wrapped in a Tennessee state flag on the front that says now or something like that. And the same girls teenaged wrapped in the US flag saying future or something like that. I have pix of the girls together if youd like. They are hard workers doing Lyle Knudson’s speed interval workouts three time a week and qualifying for Junior Olympic Nationals coming next week in Houston. email me at my email addy

  5. Hi Cait,
    I am Kate’s (from Run with Kate)auntie. I know she loves your shirts, and she has really inspired me this year with her marathon effort. I am thinking about doing a half marathon next year, and wondered if you could design me a shirt? I am also 50 next year – so something along the lines of half a century / half a marathon. And – I MIGHT go for a marathon too – any suggestions for a shirt?

  6. Hi Caitlin,
    Just discovered your website via Active.Com, seeing your name associated with fun gifts for runners. So I followed a few links to see some of what you have been up to. I love your ideas and your webpage. I love knowing that you have created a business for yourself that melds your artistic abilities, passion for running, and writing skills into one. You were always a brilliant and creative student. This suits you so beautifully. Just really good to know you have some great things going on. Mrs. Wersky (Elaine)

    • hey!! thanks so much for the kind comment and i hope that you are still rocking in all areas of life…music, running, and those cute kiddies of ur’s! 🙂

  7. Dear Caitlin, thanks for your email, the small shirt is for my trainer. So, thanks for the update. 5 weeks ago I started with the a trainer, and she is an avid runner. And know I’m getting it as we’ll, she has me doing the a Couch to 5 k, I’m on week 3. I’m really enjoying it. So, the medium is for me. When I saw the thirst, I thought of my trainer. So, thanks, love all your art work. Hope to hear from you soon. Sandy!

  8. I love your work so much!! I was wondering if I could hrie you to sketch some personal artwork for my team members. I am still not 100% sure what I want, However I want to develop posters for them before I move to Arizona this summer. Also one runner is graduating and I want to send him off with something to remember our club team.


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