Crumbled to the Stomach Bug…I Will Get Revenge

Where was I yesterday/early this morning? Half-dead, or at least sort of wishing I was…ugh, this runnerchick got sick.

girl kicking

The sick-bug...a suckerpunch to the face.

Remember how I was JUST saying how much I HATE being sick and do all I can to avoid it? Thanks karma.

Sunday night I got my nom nom on and went to bed…three hours earlier my stomach had ‘that’ feeling and I just felt gross. It took a few ‘oh, I think it’s coming’ moments but then…oh, there’s that nom nom. After that the rest of Monday passed in a haze of uncomfort and really random cartoons. The line-up has certainly changed since I was a kid. Good-bye Gumbi and PeeWee, hello Half Naked Animals…what? And has anyone seen the commercial for the game that the whole point is to get the dog to poop?!

Anyways, I clearly was not moving, hence the lack of moving to grab the remote. But by late last night I was able to at least stomach some food, and this morning had a little more than sacked out. I woke up around 11 and felt a world better. I’m knocking on wood I’m over the hump and it was some gross 24 hour thing.

crocodile eating

Ya...Monday, stick a fork in me, I was done.

Of course I was double grouchy yesterday just because I didn’t get my endorphin fix…you know I’m sick when that doesn’t happen! But I at least was able to slog out a workout by now and am feeling better…hurrah.

Sorry for the bit of a downer opening there…so let’s turn this around. When you’re sick do you guys fall into any comfort habits? ie:
*snuggling in a blanket and staying in it like you’re in the womb.
*calling a parent and bugging them, not for any other reason than to inform them that you are, in fact, sick
*search the channels for things you watched as a kid, like old movies or cartoons? To this day every time I see ‘Coming to America’ my stomach turns because I had the flu the first time I saw it

I may or may not have done all of the above. Then, when you finally can stomach some foods, what do you guys go for? Usually I want waffles or something that is covered in syrup, I go for the breakfast foods…but alas last night it ended up being the totally over-played chicken noodle soup. But I did get a cranberry muffin for some sweetness.

In parting, while I HATE it, I do recognize forcing a workout when you’re sick is just plain not the thing to do and will only prolong the misery. Yesterday I didn’t change out of the PJ’s. When I hunkered down to sleep at around 9am this morning I figured today would be another rest day but being that when I woke up I could eat and felt human, doing something easy/light wouldn’t kill me and at least perk up my mood. Just take it day by day and roll…

1) Last time you were sick and what did you do?
2) What kind of person do you turn into when you’re sick? Are you the insta-infant, the goucho, or what?
3) Do you have any comfort sick foods?

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12 thoughts on “Crumbled to the Stomach Bug…I Will Get Revenge

  1. ahhhh! friend! so sorry to hear that you are sickly…i do hope you are feeling better and will make a full recovery soon! i pretty much do all the things you listed as well. then i go for super bland foods…which is an obvious difference from the “let me make every single food as spicy as possible” kick i am usually in! i like to complain when i am sick. haha. eeek. i kinda hate being a complainer but i HATE being sick even more!

    hope you feel better soon sweet friend! thanks for your kind comments this weekend 🙂

    • aww, thanks so much for the well wishes! i know, it’s funny how the only times i DON’T want a mondo burrito is when i’m sick! u never realize just how many food commercials are on until u feel nauseous and have to close ur eyes…lol.

      u though, keep riding that PR wave…i’m so proud of u!

  2. I can’t help but comment on your blog AGAIN today!! 😉
    Insta-infant? LOL that was epic. And that’s me. Yep. Last time I was REALLY sick (and before I was married– that would be wierd now) I called my mother who promptly came to my house, picked me up and took me to live in my old room for two days until I was a grown up again.
    Since strep is usually my illness of choice, ice cream is usually my sick comfot food. And I like it delievred to me. In bed. At my mom’s house. With a straw.

  3. Oh Cait, I’m sorry to hear that you have been sick! Wish I could have sent around something yummy to help your stomach. I’ve been in bed for the past two days with some disgusting respiratory tract thing. I couldn’t bear the thought of working out and hacking up a lung over some poor unsuspecting person on the treadmill so I took it easy. Today, while I was sent home from work for looking gross (well, actually they said it much more politely than that) I went for a little walk just to get a whiff of some endorphins. Hopefully that will set me back on track. When I get sick I’m not completely pathetic but I do need an IV of warm green tea, and something gloomy on TV like Harry Potter.
    I hope you are feeling better Cait, and back to running soon!

  4. I don’t get sick very often, but, when I do, I turn into a whiny little kid. poor husband. But, to be fair, he does the same thing! 🙂

  5. Luckily (knocking on wood as I type this) it doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, getting sick puts me out for a while. I do eventually feel better after a few days, but for some reason it takes another week to get back to a routine. Glad you’re feeling better!

    • thanks for the better feeling well-wishes!! man, i’m sure it must be MUCH harder being sick when u’ve got three little kiddies who still need taking care of! maybe i should make that four if u count the hub’s?? 😉

  6. urgh being sick. I think throwing up is like my least favorite thing in the world!! I’m glad you’re feeling better though, I bet it was just a 24 hour thing (and hopefully not food poisoning…been there, nasty stuff). I totally agree with curling up in a blanket in front of the TV. I used to make my mom go out and rent every single Mary Kate and Ashley movie in existence when I was stuck in bed hahaha…now I watch Gossip Girl on my laptop and try to eat toast and gingerale!

  7. I’m sorry you’ve been feeling off!! I think I was sick two weeks ago, but not sick enough to knock me out. Just felt awful and lethargic. After that my sister got really sick, so I’m lucky! I usually just want to sleep and I eat peanut butter because it’s the easiest way to get in calories that will stay down. I always watch gameshows and trashy TV when I’m sick. The game shows come from when I was little, but the trashy TV is a new habit.

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