Do I Still Look Like a High Schooler?

So last night I got to visit with one of my all time favorite people from high school!! Okay, I’m not sure about you, but for me high school was not all that stellar. I’m not into the whole clique thing and I’m also the kind of girl who gets along much easier with guys. I’m not into the whole drama-rama scene that can sometimes run rampant among girlfriends/frenemy type situations.

I just would rather say something like it is, if I’ve got a beef then let’s just put it out there and move on. Not the ‘oh I love you to your face/hate you the second you turn around’ kinda thing. Now, that’s not to say there aren’t totally awesome girls that I AM friends with, but just that sometimes avoiding the whole catty backstabbing thing can be tough. I don’t think I’m going to take this ramble any further because I’m pretty sure any other female reading this out there knows exactly what I’m talking about. Why all the hate? Why do many women want to tear the others apart or rip on any other female that seems to be doing well?

(Does my cartoon of a warthog passing noxious gas really relate here at all? Let’s see, well I guess we could say high school was a gas of smellyness?? Eh, I just like the picture, okay! hehe)

So but anyways, high school was a tricky time, but again I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person for whom that holds true. Ummm, all I’m gonna say right now is ‘Freaks and Geeks’ for anyone who happens to have any pull whatsoever, PLEASE resurrect this show. I also want the original cast back, I don’t care that they are way older now. And am I the only loser who could have a crush on Sam Weir? I’ve got issues. Don’t worry though, James Franco is also hot in my book.

Back on track, last night I got to hang out with one of my fav peeps from back in the day, and it was one of those things where I think it’s been about nine years since I’ve seen him (he is a few years older than me) but after about 10 minutes we were able to catch each other back up to speed and it was like no time had passed. Me: “Moved to Oregon, hit by a car, that was crazy…I’m back now, I need to make friends and do stuff…I’m relegating you in charge of my social life.” Him: “College at UCLA, bartended on the side, I blew fire, threw some people out of the bar, moved back up to Sacto, now feel like an old fart and am I wearing a suit?” Loved it.

Also ironic how we were at the same little Starbucks shopping center that everyone frequented back in the day. In fact we were about two stops down from the Baskin Robbins we’d all hit up on Dollar Scoop Night on Tuesdays. (PS-Baskin is not even close to the best ice cream place, sorry Mr. Robbins, but who can turn down dollar scoops? More correctly it was a $3 three scooper for me.) There were of course now plenty of today’s high school aged kids swarming the place, it’s crazy because in my head I know for darn sure I haven’t matured much since then but I’m old anyways.

Now, I had full intentions of actually taking pictures, I even had my camera in my purse, but did I take a single one? No. Man I’m a blogging failure, so I’m sorry. I even changed my hair from the standard single pony in the back? Did you feel the earth quake a bit last night? Alas, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

So today I woke up way too late, but got rolling with my thankfully uninterrupted by the reset 9.2 miler run. Then core and abs. Now, I’m going to ask you kind readers, the TV that is in the gym doesn’t get actual live TV…yes that’s crazy. So I hooked up my DVD player to it and have been running movies and shows. I’m sort of embarrassed to admit the last couple of shows I’ve been watching…it may or may not be the first season of a show starting with H and ending with annah Montana.

I’ve burned through some DVD’s fast…those half hour ‘real time’ shows get cut down to just about 20 min’s sans commercials and go by quickly! So I need suggestions…movies to see, shows that I can get into and watch the episodes back to back while I’m my little hamster on the wheel. So watcha got?

(Smile…the sun is out!! Another random Cait cartoon, but monkeys are cool so, wateves.)

Well, the sun is shining and I think it’s calling my name out there. Oh, and also, last night I swung by Winco after my little friend catch-up/meet-up and saw a guy getting busted for shoplifting. Classy. Also, if you were going to steal from a place, would you pick Winco of all places? It’s almost like you sympathize with the poor dude, if you’re that hard up it’s almost like, “Eh, toss the guy a bone, give him that free can of beans, it’s like, what, 68 cents?”

1) High school…what was your experience? It seems like people either loved it or hated it…where do you fall on the spectrum?

2) I implore you for movie and show recommendations! Um, double points if you actually buy and send them to me. 😉

3) Hypothetically now, if you were ever going to shoplift from a place, where would it be?

A really jacked exercise emporium place with not only the treads and equipment but a plethora of shoes, clothes, and the works.

4) Favorite thing to do in the sun?

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10 thoughts on “Do I Still Look Like a High Schooler?

  1. yeahhhhhh whatever happened to $1 scoop nights??? seriously those were the best. then every summer they used to have 31 cent night. seriously miss that.

    high school = blah. it started out okay…then all my friends went a little nutso and now I do not talk to many of them. it was also all girls. there may be a correlation or some sort of other statistical relationship there.

    Soo cool though that you met up with an old friend. I would have to say that friends I meet up with after many years…I always seem to get along with better NOW than before.

    hope you are doing well on this fine wednesday evening!

  2. I have good memories of high school and had some good crazy fun, but I'm not hangout friends with anyone I went to school with. I'm better hangout friends with my husbands high school buddies and their wives! It works for me!

    Favorite thing to do in the sun? Sit in the shade!! Ha!

  3. Umm highschool. Well, I was in the nerdy all chick group and whilst our interaction with other groups in the school was not always the best we certainly had a lot of fun when it was just us 🙂
    TV shows to workout to? I'm really loving Rizzoli and Isles at the moment and it goes for an hour. Other than that how about action movies? My exercise favourites would have to be Die Hard (anyone except no.3), The Day After Tomorrow or Inception.
    Inspired by your amazing run today to keep getting back into training! Thanks!

  4. 31 cent scoop night could be dangerous…has there ever been death by ice cream? well, it sounds like at least a fun theory to test out. 😉 julia, i hope ur wed eventing is going great too! and ya, mean girls stink…lol.

    nikki, i'm glad u had an awesome time in hs! u'll always have the memories even if our friends of today are different. and ya, gimmie a nice slab of shade baby! 🙂

  5. and amy…oh man i JUST got hooked on R&I but it was from OnDemand up in p-town and how it happened is i saw they had the first three episodes on so i started blowing thru those then of course the blasted cable never put up the next ones!! so it looks like i'm gonna need to get me some DVD's of the first season and then get crackin on this second one. 😉 oh and action movies are awesome…thanks for the tips! and u will rock that training…keep it up and of course i look forward to reading all about it! 🙂

  6. I (like Julia) went to an all girls high school. Don't ask why. It was alright, I guess. I honestly don't have any amazing memories from high school, which is kind of sad. It just came and went.

    My BF got me into Shameless a while back. He downloaded all of the episodes and we watched them back to back for about three days. It is crude and dirty but so so so addictive. I don't know if that's the best workout show but it was really the only show I followed (and GLEE, obvs).

    I would never shoplift but if I was forced to, it would be from Niketown! All the Frees I want!!

    I love bike riding, running, and eating fro-yo in the sun 🙂

  7. I had a love/hate relationship in high school! I loved so many aspects of it- meeting new people, parties, sports, I actually like school- but like you, HATED the girl crap- girls making other girls' lives miserable. Girl, I <3 you, and that's no lie!!!
    I'm shameless when it comes to shows and movies. I have zero taste.
    The Bachelorette
    Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition
    Modern Family
    Cougar Town
    Anything on E! Channel… I apologize

    Okay, I'll stop. As for movies… my last blog post has me loving Ace Ventura and loving push ups. Not sure I'm your gal to listen to for advice… allllllrighty then 🙂

  8. I think we are the same person… I was totally good friends with the guys, and a total tomboy who didn't really fit into the cliques! I loved my girlfriends, playing sports and school itself but hated all the politics, popularity quests, and girls being meeeean to each other!

    Gossip Girl (the clothes! the drama! my favorite television character Blair!), Glee, Modern Family, Locked Up Abroad (addicting), Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother!

    Please don't judge me for saying I would run out of Lululemon with as much as my hands could carry!

    I love to lay out and read and relax in the sun! Under SPF of course!

    GREAT post, I loved it!

  9. Just found your blog and am a new follower! High School was only OK for me. Did not love it. I, also, find it much easier to be friends with guys for the same reasons you stated. However, through the blogging world, I'm starting to see there are a lot of amazing women who – at least on cyber paper – aren't hung up on all the drama. I read your story, and let me say you are just awesome! It is so inspiring how you didn't let that tragic incident ruin what you love.

  10. aww, thanks u guys for all the awesome suggestions!!! trust me, i'm so excited to start getting hooked on so many fab shows/catch up on movies!! 🙂

    girl crap is just that…crap. but i also agree that since entering bloggy world i've found a ton of like-minded drama-free folks and i just am mad i'm finding all these besties that live so far away!

    and jen, thank u so much for checking out my blog and the kind comment! u my friend are one admirable chica urself!

    PS-oh moral, christina, it's only a hypothetical…u won't be turning into LiLo…hehe 🙂

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