Errand Friday, Old People Lovin’, and I Seem to be Lucky!

Did you think I forgot about my blog today? Like I was going to just not post? Well, if you were hoping for a break from me then I’m sorry to disappoint…and now I’m hoping that I can barely squeak in here before midnight and thus miss Friday! Hehe.

I have a few things that I’ve got rolling around in my head that I didn’t want to forget to put down, but before that, I have to explain my tardiness. I just got back from hanging out the parental’s house, before that hit up my Costco/Winco food supply tour of duty, and prior to that I was showing my treadmill some love. I’m now uber hungry, have foodage cooking up as I type, so will need to keep this short, so here goes.

Happy dancing

Thanks Christina! 🙂

FIRST thing, I have to say I was more than surprised when I was greeted with a lovely Tweet from our fav fro-yo Princess Christina, saying that I won her contest!! Woot woot! I’m mostly surprised because when it comes to luck in these types of things I usually wind up with nil. So thank you very much random generator (I’ll pretend the real reason was because I’m just so cool like that) and I’m excited to be sporting my new Road ID band. 🙂 Once again, thanks to my one of my all-time fav vegans with an insane amount of energy and workout stamina!!


That's usualy my amount of luck.

Next thing, treadmill run today…wow, to coin a phrase from Katy, this one was a major gut rot day. I won’t tread the fine line between TMI and not, but I’ll just say that every mile felt much longer and I got an extra booty workout with some butt clenches.

I wanted to do another medium effort run like I did on Wednesday, and I am mostly proud that I made it all the way through the 6 miles medium without having to take a run to the loo. I HATE having to pause the treadmill, but got er did, and hopped back on to finish off the rest of the run. Came in at 9.8 miles, did arm weights, then had some dog sitting duties to fulfill.

On to Costco and Winco, nothing too enthralling to report except that for now my replacement for my beloved blueberry english muffins are going to have to be cinnamon raisin ones. Never the same, but is a Toaster Pastry sometimes all we can get in lieu of a Pop-Tart?

As for the fam, my mom and little bro came back from a trip they took up to visit my gramps. Gramps lives in Twain Harte and it’s in NorCal, there is a golf course for him and the thing to do is hang out at the lake. My little sis is still up there with a few other friends, but I got to hear some dish from the mommy-o and little Wes.

ageless woman

That's right, Mommy-O! 🙂

Funny how since everyone up there is working on 80 my mom comes back feeling about 30 years younger, nothing like a free option to a time machine and tons of plastic surgery to lift a girl’s spirits. After visiting, I keep surprising myself with new reasons to be so happy to live close to my ‘old house.’

*Being able to mooch off of their DVD supply. Before my dad got to downloading and burning nearly any and all movies and shows from the computer (FYI- he’s in some kind of select club or whatnot that he joined, it’s not the illegal stuff, so don’t send the troops in on him) they were into buying all the new releases. Cheapy me now gets to take advantage.

*I also have been able to borrow my sis’s car while she’s out of town…and since she’s staying longer I’ve got wheels for an extra day until I buy one!! No worries, I’m of course paying her for gas. Also, isn’t it fun to check out what other people listen to in their car, the CD’s they’ve got and such…you know you do it.

*I can steal stories from them and post them here. I’ve said I’m boring too many times to count so now I can just swipe from them. I could do the sketch thing and just pretend it happened to me, I mean who would really know, right, but I’m an honest girl and the guilt would eat away at me. Anyways, after a while you’d notice the sharp spike in the entertainment value and start to question any of the validity…I won’t lie, that’s how I roll. (PS-do I have a doosie one from my mom…let’s just say a dead bird, swirly girl written note, and my dad with a trash bag.)

old woman with depends

No, my grandpa doesn't actually have a walker...but I'm sure some of his friends do.

*Juicy family gossip. We all have it, who doesn’t love it? Gramps, my grandma died a few years back, is now seeing a ‘new lady friend’…how cute is love with walkers and depends?!?

*More pix to steal. I don’t take many pix of myself, everyone else in bloggyworld does, so I feel like the loser at the uncool lunch table. Now I can at least promise you’ll be seeing more pictures of the people around me…I may or may not sneak in there. I also may or may not try to pretend my sister (or heck, even my mom) is me.

Wow, okay, so much for keeping it short. Again, the blog/site is still being worked on. The internet here at my new place SUCKS and is spotty, and if it works it is uber slow…hence my less than desired amount of commenting and blog trolling. I’m working on it though. Nighty Nite!

1) Funniest knock-off brand item you’ve seen?

I think the restaurant I saw in Podunk, CO takes it with Dairy King. They even had the same DQ style headerboard…I mean who are they trying to fool here?

2) Best thing about bulk style stores?

Prices, duh, but the fact that they carry some random things too. I saw a foldable mountain bike in there today.

3) If you lived (or if you do live) close to any of your family, is there something you always swipe from them? We’ll call it borrowing just so we don’t feel too bad about it.

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