Escape into Sanity. Run.

I run to escape. I run to be free. I run for sanity.

run to escape
Go, escape into your run!

#CoreAndCake Party!!! So it’s happening THIS Friday and you’re ALL invited. I’ll be sharing a new core routine to help you runners stay strong, build a more efficient running form and reduce injury risk. Talk of cake will follow. Get the gist?
core and cake
I’d also LOVE for any and all bloggers and social media-ites to hop on board.

1) Blog: Get creative and share anything core and/or cake related. Fitness folk that could mean sharing some of your favorite core moves, all foodies you could make us all drool over your favorite cake recipes! Heck, so long as any mention of core and cake makes it’s way in there I’m sold!

2) Social: Snap a pic of you doing a #coreandcake related celebration and Tweet/FB/Instagram it!

3) Link: If you’d like to be included in some blogger link-up partying, email me at: with your link!

Looking forward to our runner part. 🙂

1) Finishing the sentence…”I run to/for…”
2) Share a time when going for a run lead you to figure out a problem, get through a tough situation, or acted as your escape?
3) Favorite dessert?

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7 thoughts on “Escape into Sanity. Run.

  1. This is so cute!! I try and keep strong with a diversity of exercises, not just with running. But I run to stay sane and to feel that runner’s high. Ever since I’ve become a runner, I’ve been a significantly happier human being. 🙂

  2. Since I will be baking cakes for a job on Friday (over here in Aus) I will need some core on Saturday to work them off!
    I run to – keep sane, stay creative, and work off all.those.cookies.
    Running is at least a four times a week escape for me where I can just zone out and work through any issues that pop up during the day. It is also a time to think about what I would like to work on creatively and what yummy reward I am going to give myself at the end 🙂
    My favourite fancy dessert would have to be creme brulee – all that cream and sugar! My favourite homemade dessert is warm chocolate chip cookies 🙂

    • i completely relate to feeling like you get your creative inspirations on the run, there’s gotta be something about those endorphins! 🙂
      YES for cake baking over there!! i can’t wait to see *drool* over the wicked awesome creation you make over there…hey, gotta reward ourselves up RIGHT for all that core and running we do! #workedforit #irunforcake 😉

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