Farting is NOT a Crime: Runners Freeing Ourselves of ‘Strict’ Social Etiquette Standards

Running can put you in some awkward situations. At a certain point all runners realize that control over our bodily functions can only go so far. Whomever happens to cross our paths at just the wrong time…well, that’s on them. Maybe a hazard of living within a 10 mile (maybe 20+ mile) radius of a runner. 😉

running cartoon cropdusting

The thing is, be a runner long enough and we tend to have a warped perspective on just what IS socially awkward…and how awkward it rates…the lines get blurred. Farts, spitting, talk of all that, it become just commonplace. Business as usual. Ducking into a bush to avoid an ‘in your shorts’ disaster…there’s not shame in it.

Runners united, at least WE can laugh at ourselves…the rest of the ‘normal’ world and their standards of social etiquette be da**ed! 😉

1) What’s another hazard of living within a 20 mile radius of a runner?
2) What’s been a scenario where you did get embarrassed or at least felt bad for some ‘normal person’ bystander you happened on while running?
3) Who’s racing this weekend? What are all you other runners doing??
Running…a’duh! 😉

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12 thoughts on “Farting is NOT a Crime: Runners Freeing Ourselves of ‘Strict’ Social Etiquette Standards

  1. I drove to TX (7 + hours) today so that I can watch my sister-in-law run her first marathon tomorrow morning!!! I’m hoping to get in some running while I wait since I have a 7+ hour drive home after the race.

  2. Hmmm I think the phrase “snot rocket” answers question #1 and #2 🙂 No racing for me this weekend, but next weekend kicks off three weekends in a row of racing!

  3. No racing for me until May probably 🙁
    Another hazard of living within a 10-20 mile radius of a runner is the sweat projectile, the dirty laundry pile up, the stinky shoe situation, and the hangry post run tantrum (it happens in our house all the time…). Love the cartoon Cait!

  4. Too funny on the farting…and so true! One of my running buddies is NOTORIOUS for eating Mexican food the night before our long runs. I mean seriously, I know passing gas is a natural thing, but do you really have to up the ante by eating Mexican food the night before? There is no hope of a fart-free run at that point! I have to stay out of his “danger zone”. The things we put up with from our friends that pass as “normal” as you said!!!

  5. I always feel slightly bad when I hop on the subway home after a long run. I try to wait until I’m no longer dripping, but sometimes my clothes are still a bit…moist. I try not to touch anyone, but life here is crowded, so I’m sure someone sometimes gets a brush by my sweat-soaked shirt. *Sorry, folks!*

  6. I just said,”Excuse me” and kept running when I let one fly in my half marathon on Sunday. Someone near me giggled a bit, but that didn’t bother me. It’s a natural part of loosening up, or something.
    What I feel badly about is doing the farmer’s blow (nose blowing) on a course with others around.
    It just comes naturally during training runs, but in a race, I have to be careful to warn folks, or move off to the side of the course.

    • haha…you and i are on the same page with the farting!! feel a little guilt but not enough to hold it in!! lol. i can also relate to being a little more cautious with the farmer blows and spitting…those take a little more planning with other runners around. 😉

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