Feelin The Love And When Spiders Attack

Alright, so first off thank you to all the people out there who have made me and my salt exuding pores feel better…we are not alone! I think that’s also a reason why I crave saltier things during the summer, and also why I don’t really feel all that bad about eating more sodium that I think people recommend. All that white stuff leads me to believe I’m obviously losing plenty of it, along with all those other electrolytes, so gotta make sure to replenish them.

Second thing, if you’re moseying on over to this blog by way of the awesome Athletarian, again I want to say thank you to my girl and also the traffic spike. Gotta say it’s a nice little ego boost when Blogger informs me that there have been more than say 3 or 4 visitors! hehe. 🙂

Had a slightly traumatic experience today during my workout. So there I was going about my thang on the tready…when ACK!! I look down to the front monitor and this long @$$ legged spider is crawling its way across the screen! No joke…now, he’s not doing anything malicious other than being a creeper, and I know logically he’s not going to jump into the air and attack me, and there is a fair distance between me and the screen, but still.

The little lurker scurried around in front of me for a good mile, mile and a half, and not gonna lie the whole time I’m sort of nervously looking down afraid he’ll leap at me or something. I wasn’t really in the position to take a good swat at him, and of course I’m too anal to actually stop the treadmill and remove him (umm, once I’m going it’d take hell or high water to make me stop! or a really bad gurgly stomach….haha), but thankfully he went away after some time. Here’s my question to you all: spiders, do you kill them, have someone else kill them, move them outside, or let them come and go as they please?

I’m not actually a person who usually freaks out about bugs and stuff (growing up I was a total nature girl and loved going bug, lizard, snake, etc. hunting) but this one was just too close for comfort, you know? And spiders and I have a history…back in Kindergarten my friend and I were going bug hunting in the field behind our school during recess. There were tons of dried leaves and branches, and I come across what I thought was a really cool looking dried up leaf, it looked like a normal brown leaf but it was puffed up in the middle like it had a huge air pocket in there, like a leaf version of bubble wrap. So naturally I take the thing and WHAM crush it between my hands.

Folks, it was a huge spider sack…I look down and it was like a terror movie, little baby semi-formed spiders, HUNDREDS of them are scurrying up my arms. They were amazingly fast, running in droves, and they were clear/see-through because they were still not fully mature. I was of course in shock but drop to the ground, start rolling around and swatting at them trying to get them off.

My friend comes over and was too tripped out to do anything other than stare and gawk, thanks Heather wherever you are today. I was able to get them off me well enough I guess, as I didn’t turn into Spidergirl, but still to this day I can vividly remember the little green-translucent creepers all over my arms, not pretty. So that’s me and spiders.

Back on track, the rest of my tread run went along pretty uneventful. Wrapped up with my Pedestal core routine and then abs. Showered off my salty crust and there she goes. Well, on that note, I’ll leave you all to enjoy the rest of your Friday!

1) Spiders and all things crawly, how do you handle them?

2) If you’re in the middle of your cardio, do you mind stopping if something comes up and then going back to it, or are you the kind of anal person like me who would keep on running even if the fire alarm went off?

To my credit, I KNEW it was only a drill, and I had only about 5 minutes left, so I waited as others filed out and once I was done I joined the rest of the stragglers. 😉

3) What’s going on for you this weekend?

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5 thoughts on “Feelin The Love And When Spiders Attack

  1. ahhhhhh! i would have totally freaked if a spider had crawled on the TM! haha. I get so distracted when I see a spider in the room…my attention is immediately on it and watching its every move. haha.

    And I have been craving salty stuff like CRAZY lately…I wonder if it has to do with the increase in temps and how much I sweat!?! maybe…I was wondering about that the other day so I am so glad you said that!

    yeah…I am not down with getting interrupted on my workouts. Once I stop my brain thinks finished no matter how long I have been going!

    No big plans this weekend…just cleaning, finishing up school and preparing for the fam to visit next week 🙂

  2. ya, that spider couldn't get off fast enough! as for the salt, i've been told that i probably should make a little extra effort to make sure i'm getting some more in my diet during these times and also to drink more electrolytes…esp. that potassium. so that's my two cents, or maybe just an excuse to dive into all that salty stuff i'm craving! 😉

  3. OH. MY. GOD. I will have a pit in my stomach for the rest of the day- no, rest of my life- thinking about your kindergarten story!!!! EW EW EW EW. I always get someone else to kill them, because I hate the sound when they are squashed. There is always one of those beige-clear looking ones that makes a web on my sideview mirror. You know how you usually leave your windows open a crack in the summer? I will never again. I was driving when a MASSIVE stripy one crawled down my shoulder. I cannot believe I wasn't killed. I shrieked and threw the wheel into the next lane and frantically pounded the daylights out of this spider. Ughhhhhhh.
    Glad to hear I'm not the only one who gets crazy cravings. Have you tried edamame with salt on it? Healthy version-ish 🙂

  4. URGH that is HORRIBLE!! I'm with Katy- your kindergarten story has scarred me for LIFE!! 😛

    Hi by the way!! I'm on of those thousands who hopped over from the Athletarian, and I'm so happy I found you!! Your art is AMAZING by the way!!

    I really struggle to replace my salts actually so I've started taking Nuun tablets every day, and now my muscle cramps have stopped, wooo!!

    And haha I love that you carried on running through the fire drill! I probably would've done the same thing! 😛

  5. OMG!!! katy, can you imagine, "i'm sorry to all of katy's loved ones but it appears that the accident was caused by an enormous spider that went on the attack, causing her to veer into oncoming traffic. but know that we will do all within our power to make that spider pay!!" as for food cravings, oh i'm a weirdo! i'll have to try that salted edemame! it got bad in the past, i used to salt everything!!

    thanks so much for stopping by sweettoothrunner i really appreciate it!! oh, the fire drill thing was kinda funny. luckily i worked at the gym and knew all the staff, i was yelling at one of my friends working, "i promise, i'll get off…i've got like two minutes!!" lol

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